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Diversity Management Assignment Help

You notice that several employees from the former Soviet Union speak Russian together in the workplace. They sit together on break and at lunch and do not attempt to include their co-workers. Sometimes, they ask each other for work-related advice. Does it make you uncomfortable? Should you try to make them change their behavior? Why or why not? How? 

At the annual Post Corp. holiday lunch, a non-Christian employee does not want to participate in the festive daytime event, but goes reluctantly. Everybody is there and having fun. She tries to stay in the background, but is brought over to a very merry Santa who insists on giving her a present. She leaves immediately. As her manager, how do you address the situation? Explain.

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Scenario-1: Soviet Union Russians

In this case scenario, it is mentioned that several employees from the former Soviet Union are speaking Russian and they even sit work together at the workplace. They even take lunch break together and do not involve employees from other work culture in a given environment (Alewell&Hauff, 2013). 

They even take advice from one another but they never consult anyone who is belonging from another culture. It would thereby result into cultural issues at the workplace and could possibly lead to conflicting situations in the organization. It is the responsibility of the Human Resources (HR) department to first train the workforce on the principles of diversity. 

They need to overcome cultural diversity in a given environment and simultaneously also ensure overcoming the problems of discrimination and bias (Alewell&Hauff, 2013). It will thereby allow them to open up with other employees of the organization. Also, it will make sure of following group-based working approach at the respective workplace wherein all the employees from different work cultures and background will be working together. 

There is a need to change this behavior by implementing change management techniques as well as diversity management in a given working environment (Alewell&Hauff, 2013). Further, even employees of other cultures need to be trained so that they can collaborate with these Russian staff. They will thereby take advice from each other and also help one another in their allocated tasks in the organization. 

They will even take lunch breaks together thereby resulting into united behavior of all the staff in the organization (Deshpande, 2013). It will thereby allow the employees to overcome their personal bias and other forms of discrimination. Instead, it will make them work together on the different projects and thereby complete the allocated tasks in a given working environment. The HR department can monitor their individual performances and determine the gaps, if any. The HR team can thereby provide recommendations to improve the given situation.

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