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Non-Profit Organization Corporate Governance Assignment Help

Read Ostrower''s 2007 article, "Nonprofit Governance in the United States: Findings on Performance and Accountability from the First National Representative Study," from the Urban Institute Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy. 

White Paper 

The purpose of a white paper is to advocate or advance a particular position. In this case, your goal is to write a paper that can convince or persuade the various stakeholders of the importance and viability of your NPO. 

Public Policy Initiatives: Your paper should demonstrate the applicability and relevance of your NPO to current public policy initiatives. 

Marketing: You should be able to articulate your marketing messages and explain your marketing strategy. How will you market your NPO to both organizational stakeholders and to the community?

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Corporate governance can be identified as a designated system of rules, practices and various kinds of other activities that makes sure that an organisation is able to achieve a certain amount of remarkability for the productivity and the profitability range of an organisation. The application of this governance style allows an organisation to balance the interests of their key stakeholders and ensure their engagement for a certain period of time. The application of the ideology of corporate governance allows the non-profit organisation to generate substantial amount of unitary to occupy the attention of the stakeholders and maintain the consistency of their association with the organisation. Non-profit organisations are accountable for the range of legitimacy of their stakeholders. The discussion intends to focus on the essence of corporate governance in the non-profit organisations with special attention on the organisation named Australian Conservation Foundation.

The community of ACF tis highly integrated towards the idea of protecting the environment and making sure that viable initiatives have been undertaken for the protection of the environment. Also, this community comprises of more than 400,000 people entitled for the protection of the environment and integrated towards the idea of advocacy, policy, research and community ongoing. This discussion would focus on the stakeholder engagement of the organisation and make sure that they have been able to achieve the designated remarks of prosperity and have initiated appropriate marketing strategies to attract the attention of the people towards the burning issues. This discussion would also focus on the organisation's current public policy initiatives to demonstrates their relevance.


Key Stakeholders of the NPO

The stakeholders play an integral role in making sure that an organisation is able to understand the significance of boards and a certain amount of variety that would allow them to maintain a certain level of convenience in their daily operations. Here, both the internal and external stakeholders of ACF plays an essential role in citing the importance of corporate governance for their better and effective performance. According to How We Govern (2019), the organisational structure of ACF is conducted in such a manner that it ends up acquiring the attention of the stakeholders in a deliberate manner. The key stakeholders of the organisation comprises of their council, board, members and their volunteers. All of them have significant amount of virtues that allows them to persevere and determine their designated target for the best practice of corporate governance. ACF has a tendency to maintain a certain level of communication with their key stakeholders, with the help of an appropriate communication strategy the organisation is provided with the opportunity to present their ideas and visionary programs for the organisation.

According to How We Govern (2019), ACF communicates with their stakeholders with the help of the following:

• ACFs annual general meeting and the other member meetings
• Campaign events and other fundraising programs
• Their action community emails
• Habitat Magazine
• With the help of their social media outlet

In the recent years, non-profit sector plays a vital role in securing the idea of those who are extremely interested in non-profit accountability and the level of transparency used by the organisation (Garsten & Bruce, 2018). Here, the key stakeholders of ACF maintain a sense of presumptuous attribute about the coherence of the organisation and their governing style to make sure that enough attention has been paid concerning the adversities incurred by the society and the environment. The aspect of the good governance practices would eventually allow the people to maintain an authentic relationship with the stakeholders and would permit them to undertake viable measures for the society.

Persuading the Different Stakeholders

The persuasion of the different stakeholders can be done by maintaining an appropriate communication strategy. As it has been identified earlier, it is evident that the use of various generalised meetings, magazines and, vital events would allow the organisation to retain the attention of their key stakeholders and make sure that they have the inherent knowledge maintaining their engagement. According to How We Govern (2019), ACF has the intentions of seeking out to achieve the highest standards of corporate governance essentials and undertake endeavours to maintain a certain level of transparency in their daily works. So far, with the help of their volunteers, councils, boards and members the organisation has been able to initiate significant amount of changes and have investigated various kinds of infidelities occurring around the corporate giants. It indicates that they are able to maintain their work ethics and work in accordance with their ACF's constitution, regulations and other vital guidelines that allows them to persevere and cultivate the ideology of good governance behaviours.

According to Ostrower (2007), there are certain provisions that must be initiated by the non-profit organisations to deal with the kind of ordeals they are being presented with each day. One such key aspect is to make sure that the organisation retains their knowledge of charitable mission and vision, and there is an existence of viable relationship among the senior management and the board members. In the situation of ACF, both the boards and the staff maintain a generous amount of mutual respect that allows them to maintain the consistency of their relationship and eventually allows them to foster good governance in their organisation. There is also a necessity of maintaining a financial transparency and the members of the ACF continue to support the organisation on a constant manner after initiating a consultation process with the board and the council. It is the transparency from the members and the approval from the council and the board allows the organisation to maintain their good governance policies and perform effectively as an NPO.

Current Public Policy Initiatives

According to Peregrine (2004), there have been multiple instances when the NPOs went on to be a part of bigger and financial scandals, thus, leading up to the reasoning of mandatory transparency in their financial operations. It has made compulsory that the non-profit organisations maintain a certain sense of discourse and make sure that the people generate adequate amount of knowledge on the occurrence of transaction processes with both qualified and disqualified members. The current public policy initiatives of ACF allows them to maintain a certain level of compliance with the ones initiated by the government of Western Australia, and their own constitutional framework allows them to maintain a sense of transparency and visibility with the key stakeholders and permits them to establish their relevance at the same time. Initially, as identified in Conservation Council of Western Australia (2019), the organisation maintains a designated amount of compliance and promotes the use of renewable energy and strategies of energy efficiency as induced by the government.

In terms of their corporate governance strategies, it is evident that the organisation does the same. The key consideration of their governing body is being determined by their board and their council. Every decision is being enunciated and approved with the joint decision of the board and the council. The legislative reforms suggest that all of the non-profit organisations maintain the sense of transparency in their annual reports (Ostrower, 2007). Each year ACF presents with separate financial performance report and an annual report, thus, complying with the nature of legislation makers. The financial performance reports not only represent the corporate governance standards of conflicts of interest, performance and delegations but maintains their compliance with the Authority Condition 7(3) that had been issued by the Minister under Section 19 of NSW Charitable Fundraising Act 1991 (Annual Reports, 2019). The organisation prepares their financial report in accordance with the Division 60 of Australian Charities and Not-For-Profits Commission Act 2012 (Annual Reports, 2019). However, in the case of their financial accountability they maintain a sense of compliance with the APES 110 Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants for the ethical activities and virtues (Annual Reports, 2019). The organisation also maintains a sense of the privacy standards by not providing details of their donor and makes sure that the access and the information is limited with the names of the Board and the council members.

Marketing Strategies

The proper utilisation of the marketing strategies is extremely vital for any organisation. Especially, for an NPO it is essential that they are able to attract the attention of maximum amount of donors to benefit their perspective of proper maintenance and communication to raise awareness on the burning issues (Feng, Du & Ling, 2017). The organisation already makes proper utilisation of the social media to provide messages and spread awareness of an event or the reliability of the issues that are prevailing in the recent scenario causing extreme amount of harm to the environment. For engagement with the volunteers and the other members, the organisation maintains proper duration of the meetings and sets details about them in their annual and financial report every year. The biggest marketing appeal that non-profit organisations have is the ability to make sure that they can start a campaign. For instance, ACF was able to disclose the scandal of the Adani Scandal with the help of thorough investigation, protests and the ability to initiate the association of number of people to stop the atrocities that the MNC had been putting for an organisation (Stop Adani, 2019).

There are multiple NPOs who have undertaken similar marketing strategies as the profit oriented organisations to make sure that they are able to maintain a certain amount of delegation and engage the population with the situation that the environment is going through (Gálvez-Rodríguez, Caba-Perez & López-Godoy, 2016). Apart from the use of social media and private meetings, ACF can make proper utilisation of advertisement, face-to-face recruitment and many others. However, the key concern lies here with the idea of making sure that the organisation has the ability to be innovation from time to time to maintain the attention of the stakeholders and to draw their concern for the burning issues.


Every organisation needs to utilise a subsequent amount of resources that would allow them to make sure that they have the capacity to facilitate the environment and at the same time make sure that they have the ability to endure each situation with their strategies and their coherent formation. The key resources available with the organisation allows them to foster a sense of security and instigates their best instincts to perform effectively for whatever causes they are supporting (Garsten & Bruce, 2018). ACF considers their community as one of their key resources apart from their staff and the members who showcase their support financially. The organisation believes in bringing the community together to make sure that they have the ability stop any kind of obstacles or discrepancy prevailing in the environment (Resources, 2019).

ACF considers their online movement, community toolkits, their preference towards the protection of the nature as one of the key aspects that allows them to understand the significant stance on the various kinds of considerations that allows them to perform effectively as an organisation together. It holds them to the point of proper utilisation (Resources, 2019). Thus, it can be evidently stated that the organisation has adequate amount of capability in initiating a movement of whatever resources they have. At the same time, the countless support from their board and council also allows them to gain a significant understanding of the situation that would allow them to perform far more effectively for the required situation.


The discussion provided above presented with substantial amount of potential with the idea of NPOs and their best practices of corporate governance. The organisation ACF (Australian Conservation Foundation) was being chosen to gain substantial amount of knowledge on the kind of initiatives that had been undertaken by the government and if the NPOs have been successful in maintaining a certain level of compliance with them. At the same time, it has been said that the people might act as one of the key resources of ACF as they are the key individuals who form the community and make sure that the organisation is able to flourish in fulfilling their charitable vision and mission. The discussion also presented with the kind of transparency that the organisation maintains in terms of financial regards and ethical practices. It is also evident to consider that the proper utilisation of the marketing strategies would further strengthen their position in the industry. Thus, it is evident that ACF can be counted as a good practitioner of the corporate governance strategies.

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