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Mental Health Business Assignment Help

What consultation process is the most effective for mental health consultations? What does the research say? What are some of the ethical considerations inherent in mental health consultation?

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Various methods of mental health consultation practice

The differentiation for types of mental health consultation is associated with technical demands (Gillies, Buykx, Parker & Hetrick, 2015). Some common example include :

(i) Client-centered consultation - Here the primary objective is to find immediate effective treatment by understanding the problem deals by consultee. The focus will be on communication and exchange of knowledge, and the objective is to make effective treatment with proper diagnosis. The consultees problem will be handled by the specific client and the process goes in the one-to-one procedure.

(ii) Program Central administrative consultants - This refers to group service, which is more similar to the rehabilitation center. ‏ This requires qualified professionals, effective training, and genuine utilization of personnel for the consolidation process. In particular, the problem of the client is the initiating point for diagnosis and further treatment was provided through a program.

(iii) Consultee-centered consultation - This refers to the provision of offering services which are based on the type of consultation (Gillies et al., 2015). Variance included are psychiatric, emotional trauma, chronic illness, palliative care, and situational support. These services are mainly provided in major mental healthcare institute, which affiliates various specialist.

Mental health consulting business

In the preceding section, the discussion will be based on a business plan which describes client-centered consultation practice. The business requirement includes a clinical setup, supporting nurse, computer with internet service, and associated equipment for basic physical assessment.

The mental health support will be given by a specialist in the field of mental health, trauma management, emotional consultancy, and other adjunct services (Orlowski et al., 2016). In addition to this, the collaboration will be made with partner clinical setups, healthcare institutions, and local mental healthcare centers. Collaboration with other agencies will be helpful in creating referrals and supporting services in cases where specialists are not available. In addition to this, allied healthcare professionals such as social workers, ambulatory services, and pharmacist will also be included within the scope of partnership, for managing the community mental healthcare support (Yeh, McCabe, Ahmed, Trang & Ganger, 2016).

Business plan

The business plan for client-centered consultancy service requires outreaching the message of service availability to the local community members. Addition to this, collaborative and partnership with the local healthcare settings are also required to be established.


Marketing for this consultancy services will be preceded by two major approaches. First, referral services from adjunct healthcare centers will be useful for attracting clients. Second, advertisement using the media service will be effective in outreaching the availability of mental care support service to the community members (Pennel et al., 2016). Furthermore, it is also important to note that the efficiency in gear support will be acting as a growth opportunity, which can attract clients and promised them for satisfactory care service.

Return on investment

Investment in the present consultancy process requires a gain of revenue in conjunction with the investment made for the establishment of this service. Waiting for the return of investment in terms of reducing depression, disorders conduct, the anti-bullying program, social services, and suicidal awareness (Slade, 2017). Likewise, promoting health benefits among teenagers against substance abuse including nicotine alcohol and drugs are also considered as potential areas for the return of investment.

Business law

Licensing agreement and intellectual property right protection is the first requirement in this consultancy business. Additionally, regulatory Dimensions including medical practices, specialized knowledge and transactions related to mergers and acquisition is also included within the context of business law. Every consultancy process must include agreement, in conjunction with the experience gained by Consulting are farts made by the mental healthcare professional, and engagement of employment at the consultancy business (Cheung, 2017). Other than this, the business support must include non-competition agreement, non-disclosure agreement, technology and service agreement, healthcare e-commerce and internet issues, and commercial lease agreement. The purpose of this agreement is to maintain continuity in the business and support service to the community members.

Ethical issues inherent in a mental health consultation practice

The concerned ethical issues in the mental health consultation process include the scope of decision-making, the model associated with the decision process, and "specifics" of ethics in conjunction to the mental care support given to the consultee (Slade, 2017). In the preceding section, the discussion for ethical issues will be based on the underlined business plan, marketing, and business law related issues.

Business plan issues

In the client-centered consultancy approach, it is important that professionals must take care of the consideration required by the clients. The commitments made must be in conjunction with effective diagnosis, using evidence-based practices, giving an appropriate referral when required, and denial of service if the specialization is beyond the competency of consulting professional. The requirement and need of client must be given more preference than the conduct of business.

Marketing issues

The ethical considerations which are important in marketing for mental health consultancy business include consideration, such as no offerings of payment, incentives or any kind of discount should be considered for referrals from partner healthcare institute or clinical settings. This is included in the ACA code of ethics, "unacceptable business practices" (Kaplan et al., 2017). Misrepresentation of experience, licensure, or academy qualifications should we make in order to enhance the appeal to the public for getting the credentials related to mental care service. This is included in NASW code of ethics, "Referral for services" (Willis & Molina, 2018). Also, careful consideration is required for using testimonials for marketing mental care services. This is included in AAMFT Code of Ethics, "Financial integrity" (Arthur, 2018).

Issues related to business law

In accordance with the HIPAA act, the patient information must not be shared with third-party or inappropriate agencies without the consent of the patient (Hoffman & Koocher, 2018). Likewise, the risk to confidentiality and client rights must be regarded during the consultancy process. The engaged a healthcare professional must not take advantage of personal information and should not be engaged in sexual relations during the conduct of practice. accepts instant and short deadlines order for Mental Health Business Assignment Help solution – order today for excellence!

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