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Marketing Plan for Public Transportation Application Assignment Help



The Australian government is experiencing the issue of increasing traffic congestion and air pollution that is causing a number of health hazards among the citizens of the country. In this context, it is analysed that the Public Transport Victoria is assisting the government by introducing a mobile application that will facilitate the consumers in booking their tickets for public transportations in a hassle-free manner. The company is planning to make use of digital advertising platforms in order to reach out to the majority of consumers. In addition, the organisation is offering a number of attractive offers and discounts in order to grab the attention of their consumers. In this report, the issue of the consumer with the public transportation system has been discussed so that PTV can eliminate the problem and enhance the experience of their consumers.


Public Transport Victoria is the popular trading name of the statutory authority that is responsible for promoting, coordinating and providing public transport in the state of Victoria in Australia. The transportation offered by them includes Bus services, Trains, Trams and more. It is evident that due to the increasing issue of congestion and pollution the government and majority of Transport Company are coming together and promoting the use of public transport among the public. This assignment evaluates the marketing plan for PTV’s public transportation application that will allow the citizens to enjoy a number of benefits on their public transportation. The primary issue and problems associated with the transportation system will be highlighted in this report. This assignment will evaluate the marketing plan that will help the PTV in attracting the majority of the public towards public transportation.

Current issues and problems: It is evident that public transportation is no longer considered as the primary means of transportation. Due to the increased use of the personal vehicle the traffic congestion and pollution level in Australia are growing in a significant manner (Gong, Deng & Sinnott, 2015). The increasing air pollution is causing a number of environmental damages and is also affecting the health of the public causing diseases such as cardiovascular issue and breathing problems.



The primary objective of PTV application is to 

• Provide the local public with comfortable and safe transportation system

• To provide them new features and offers in order to enhance their travelling experience

• To increase their consumer base by 10%

Marketing Plan

Business review

Public Transport Victoria was created under the legislation passed by the Parliament of Victoria in the year 2011. The business is responsible for marketing public transport in Victoria along with managing the myki ticketing system. The organisation manages light and massive rail systems including trams and trains, road systems and vehicles including trucks, bicycle, cars, waterways, and ports including recreational vessels and commercial ships (, 2019). PTV authorised officers are observed to be the subject of concern that is arising from the complaints of their excessive use of force. It is analysed that the firm is strategically operating in order to improve the public service transportation in Melbourne.

Segmentation: In order to promote their public transport application the organisation will be segmentation their consumer group with the help of geographic and demographic segmentation (Camilleri, 2018). With the help of demographic segmentation they will be targeting the citizens of Melbourne and Victoria. As per demographic segmentation they will target office persons, school kids and more for their services.


It is analysed that due to low service quality and high pricing strategy the most of the consumers are inclined towards personal transportation system. Consumers are travelling in public transport experience the issues of a long queue for ticketing. It is often observed that public transport is not cleaned and maintained in an appropriate manner. In addition, the prices of the tickets are quite high, and so the consumers are not satisfied with the service and are more inclined towards their vehicles. Therefore, in order to increase the consumer base for the new mobile application, the company will be offering their consumers with many exciting features such as comfortable seating, easy online seat booking options, two free rides for new consumers, one free ride for referral and more special discounts.

Marketing channel analysis

The distribution channels that will be used by the PTV organisation in order to promote their application among the public are:

E-commerce website: the company will provide details about their application on their official website so that users can gain details and make effective use of the application in order to book their tickets.

Social media promotion: the company will generate creative advertisement videos to be broadcasted on different social media platform so that they are able to create awareness among the consumers regarding the application and the benefits provided by them on their latest application (Sajid, 2016).

Referral codes: existing con summers will have the opportunity of referring their friends the application and if their friend joins they will get one free ride.

Television commercials: the organisation will make use of the most successful advertising platform in order to reach out to and influence majority of consumers towards their product.

PESTLE analysis

Political: There are a number of political factors that affects the functioning of PTV. Certain laws regarding online business taxation, intellectual property, legal validity of transaction, policies and regulations that have significant impact on the performance of the organisation that are require to be maintained by the management of the firm (Haldane, 2016). It is observed that as the political condition of Australia is stable and PTV operates under the government of the country they will be able to maintain a stable relation with their consumers and serve them with quality services.

Economical: It is evident that the economical condition of Australia is well balanced. However in 2018 it was observed that the Australian economy slowed down in September quarter. Household consumption growth was reported weak consecutively. The economy experienced a growth of 2.8% over the year (, 2019). These statistics indicates that if individuals of the country are more inclined towards public transport they will be able to save money and contribute towards the economy of the country in an efficient manner.

Social: It is observed that the literacy rate in Australia is high. People are well aware of the issue of the country and take the proper initiative in order to assist the government in resolving the problems. The effect of air pollution is an area of growing concern, and the increasing number of personal vehicle is one of the major problems. Therefore, it is analysed that most of the citizens are coming forward and are making use of public services in order to save the congestion and pollution issues of the nation. 

Technological: Australia is technologically advanced nation and this is one of the most beneficial aspect that can be used by PTV organisation in order to promote their application on large scale (Fitzgerald et al., 2017). The organisation can advertise about their application on digital Medias with the help of internet.

Legal: There are certain environmental and privacy laws that are required to be followed by the public organisations operating in Australia.

Environmental: There are a number of environmental act formulated by the government of Australia in order to protect the environmental condition of the country. It is analysed that promoting public transportation is one of the most important step that can help in controlling the congestion and pollution level of the country. 

Market research: Conducting market research is one of the most significant aspects of a marketing plan. Marketing managers conduct market research in order to gain detailed information regarding the business in the market and the requirements of the consumers (Brace, 2018). Market research allows managers to explore the external business environment of the industry. In this context, the mangers of PTV are required to conduct market research in order to interact with the consumers and understand the issues that are being experienced by them in public transportation. These feedbacks will help the organisation in understanding the problems, and the requirements of the consumers and they will be able to offer satisfactory services to the consumers. The management must explore the market and gain information regarding the ways they can inform their consumers about the new application and the offers that are being offered with the help of the application in the public sector context.

Email interviews: The management can conduct email mail interviews in order to understand the issues of their consumers and address the issues.

Surveys: The management of the PTV organisation can conduct surveys by distributing questionnaire and gain information regarding the requirements of the consumers and the changes they want to experience in the public transportation system.

Marketing strategy

The marketing strategy involves analysing the present market in detailed manner and determining the offers and services as per the range of the consumers. PTV organisation will be adopting a campaign in order to attract consumers towards their services and promote the use of their application among their consumers. The campaign will consist of Radio and television advertisements on regular intervals, advertisements on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and more, email advertisements and more. 

Marketing mix

Marketing mix is a tool that is used by markets in order to influence their consumers in purchasing their services or products.

Product: PTV organisation offers their consumers with a wide range of public transport services such as rail, tram, bus, ships and more. In this marketing plan the company is focused on promoting their mobile application that will help the consumer in booking their tickets from the comfort of their home and avail special introductory offers and discounts.

Price: It is evident that one of the reasons for which consumers were avoiding public transportation was the high charges of the tickets for short distance. In this campaign the company will be making use of competitive pricing strategy and in addition the new mobile application will offer the consumers free ride for first time users (Nagle & Müller, 2017). In addition users can earn more free tickets by referring more fronds to the application. The company will also provide their consumers certain loyalty discounts after availing the services for a month or so.

Place: The consumers can easily download the application from the official website of the company. The consumers can avail public services of the firm from the destinations that are listed on the official websites. The routes that are covered by the transportation system will be mentioned in the application.

Promotion: The application will be promoted with the help of digital media such as online social platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. The company will advertise on television and make use of radio advertisements for promoting their application. In addition, consumers will refer the application to their family and friends in order to earn more free services this will also assist in promoting the application.






This assignment evaluates regarding the significance of public transportation. It is evident that due to the increasing number of personal vehicle the traffic congestion in Australia is increasing. In addition, to traffic congestion, the country is also experiencing the issue of air pollution and environmental damage. It is essential that public organisation such as Public Transport Victoria should try to encourage and motivate the local citizens in availing public transport that will help in reducing the congestions and the pollution level an at the same time enhance the economy of the country. The company is introducing a new mobile application that will help the consumers in booking their tickets for any public service offered by the firm. The consumers are being offered enormous discounts for availing public service through the application. A marketing plan in order to promote and create awareness about the application has been evaluated in this report.


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