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Concept of Project Management Assignment Help

1. Briefly describe the 5 pieces of project management. 

2. Which step in the process are you least familiar with? 

3. What do you need to do to improve upon this area?

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5 pieces of project management

The understanding of the concept of project management is necessary in order to carry on any kind of project in an efficient and successful manner. The concept is the employment of skills, techniques, tools, and knowledge to varied activities so that they are able to meet all the requirements that are part of a specific project (Garwood & Poole, 2018). The project management has a distinctive five stages:

1. Project initiation and conception: This step initiates the project in a broad sense and with an appropriate business case. The feasibility of the project is checked through various tests and the stakeholders of the project supervise it. The project initiation document also known as PID or the project charter shows the necessary details (Garwood & Poole, 2018).

2. Project planning and definition: This is a lengthy phase where the goals of the project are planned using proper tools such as C.L.E.A.R. and S.M.A.R.T. Development of the plan for project management including, cost, performance, resources, quality, and timetable is done. The roles to be played are defined and time is measured through documents such as scope statement, milestones, Gantt chart, communication plan, work breakdown structure (WBS), and risk management plan (Andersen, 2016).

3. Project execution or launch: Development and completion of the deliverable are done here. Meetings, updates, and reports are presented for tasks involving:

• Develop team
• Procure management

• Tracking system set-up

• Assign resources

• Executing task assignments

• Project management plan execution

• Project modification

4. Project control and performance: The measurement of the performance and progression of the project according to the plan is done here (Andersen, 2016). The managers to measure the standards use key performance indicator or KPI and these include:

• Project objectives

• Cost and effort tracking

• Project performance

• Quality deliverables

5. Project closure: The completed project is presented here. The post mortem meeting is conducted for the identification of profit and failures of the project. A punch list is created to check on the things that have not been accomplished and a final report, as well as the budget of the project, is presented (Andersen, 2016).

Least familiar steps

While all the phases of the project management are complicated, it is the second phase, which is the phase of project planning and definition that requires a lot of attention and effort. The goals of the project are vital for the success of a specific project and the budget needs to be set according to the goals that have to be achieved. These goals give way for the development of the scope of the project that represents the needs, objectives, milestones, and deliverables that are part of the whole project (González-Marcos, Alba-Elías, Navaridas-Nalda & Ordieres-Meré, 2016). The goals are again responsible for the preparation of the proper work breakdown structure to distinguish the responsibilities to be performed by each member. The risk management and communication plan are set-up based on the schedule, cost estimates, budget cuts, cycle of customer review, etc., that can manage the total work. The significant issues lie in the setting of the goals that can be a complex process.

Improvement required

In order to create proper goals, the manager can do the following:

• The S.M.A.R.T. process of setting goals can be utilized to prepare specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely goals for the employees (González-Marcos et al., 2016).

• The C.L.E.A.R. goals method can be applied too so that the environment of the project is collaborative, limited, emotional, appreciable and refinable for better motivation and effort.

• The WBS has to be very specific about the time allotted for each part and the responsibility of every member involved.

• The communication has to be strong within the project to avoid conflicts that can lead to mismanagement (González-Marcos et al., 2016).
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