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Integrated Marketing Communication Assignment Help

Analyze a company's approach to the integrated marketing communications concept by assessing its activities associated with earned, owned, and paid media by doing the following:

- Research and define the marketing terms: earned, owned, and paid media (see attached graphic below)

- Choose a brand or product sold by this company.  Analyze the company&#39;s approach to each of the three types of media used to promote this brand or product

- Synthesize your findings and describe the company&#39;s overall approach to this brand and describe the brand's/product's target audience, pricing strategy, and distribution strategy

- Wrap up your paper with a strong, one-paragraph conclusion that summarizes your key findings vis-à-vis the three types of media and how they fit into the company's overall brand/product strategy



Integrated marketing communication is a procedure that involves coordinating all marketing activities. It focuses on integrating all the promotional tools in order to work in the sound marketing environment. It is, used by the companies to make the customers aware of their products and to run in the long run. IMC also helps to outshine the competitors. It is a procedure of brand promotion, which will help to promote a particular series or product among the target customers (Luxton et al, 2015). All elements of communication are, used for maximising cost-effectiveness and increasing the sales of the company. IMC encompasses many advertising and marketing theories and concepts. Across the entire marketing communication channel, the IMC procedure is, used. It comprises both digital media and traditional media. Digital media such as, magazines, billboards, television, radio, search engine optimisation.


There are many advantages of integrated marketing communication, such as – 

1.Increase in the sale of services and products

2.Customer satisfaction

3.Increase in the communication between the agencies and department

4.Cost containment

A well-structured IMC plan aims in integrating communications, distribution, finance, and production that work towards the attainment of the common objective of business (Blakeman, 2018). The online-integrated marketing activities include pay per click, e-marketing campaigns, banner ads, email advertising, podcasts and microblogging.



There are new media types too such as, sold and hijacked.Hijacked Media is mostly, associated with revenues and costs and sold media is revenue related.Dove is a product of Unilever. It was, established in the year 1930. It is, considered an Anglo-Dutch multinational consumer merchandise business organisation (Fahy & Jobber, 2015).Its Product Mix consists – Personal Care – Dove, Ponds, Vaseline, Lux, Lifebuoy, Axe, Clear, Sunsilk, Close up. Home Care – Omo, Comfort, Domestos, Sunlight, CIF, Surf, Home Care. Drink and Food – Lipton, Ben & Jerry, Knorr, Unilever, Food Solutions, Becel, Bertolli, Hellmann’s Amora, Blue Band. Before going into Doves media strategy, let us understand the introduction of Dove:



The concept based on which the Dove’s marketing strategy was the societal marketing concept. Here they targeted to educate women and girls. The two main elements of the Dove market summary are, self-esteem and healthy perception (Valos et al, 2016).

Dove’s Paid Media Strategy – includes TV commercial or advertisement.

Dove’s Owned Media Strategy includes advertisement of Dove in their official website page.

Target Market – The demographic - Target market for Dove consisted of female and male whose age ranged between 18-34 years old. They targeted the high-income earners and upper-middle-class individuals (Keller, 2016). Behaviour – Individuals who are outgoing and friendly. Individuals who are aware of their health emotionally and physically. The market requirements of Dove are:

1.Easy availability

2.Affordable price range

3.It is a moisturising product that cleanses the skin gently and leaves it gently, soft, smooth and plump

4.It is considered to be a product that improves the wellbeing and health

5.The quality of the product is high and unique

Success and overlap of these media’s – 

All the media categories offer in determining and establishing the reputation of a brand, which is continuously overlapping in various ways. The earned media is, considered to paid and owned (Kitchen & Burgmann, 2015).Dove uses the official website and social media accounts at act as owned media. To connect with a broader audience, it also engages in a TV commercial. To engage the audience and make them aware of their activities, Dove religiously uses social media accounts.The product offerings of Dove are lotion, cream, shampoo, deodorant, body wash and soap bar. Dove always aims to increase its social presence through Twitter engagement. It has positioned itself in the mind of consumers as a product that offers flawless and beautiful skin. Dove has earned media strategy in YouTube. Dove has redistribution stockist that cover retail outlets (Fill & Turnbull, 2016). Its general business encompasses grocery stores, general stores, kiosks, wholesale, and chemists. It also offers customised service to its clients or channel partners


Integrated marketing concept requires to be, aligned with the marketing communication activities. Marketing communication activities mean how a company wants to communicate with its target audience regarding its products presence. Both traditional and digital methods are, used but in today world, the use of social media is more. It aims to engage the customers with the product. To retain the old customers, the business organisations must try to tell inspirational stories regarding the product usage that can be, connected with the mindset of the customers.


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