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1. Clearly, women and minorities were held back from employment opportunities in the past. So shouldn''t we give them special consideration today (like giving them jobs when they are qualified even though there are better qualified white males)? Should we be increasing or decreasing affirmative action programs?

2. Do you feel comfortable being around people with disabilities? Should organizations make special efforts to hire individuals who are disabled? Are organizations that hire workers with disabilities just being socially responsible, or are the workers productive?

3. Do you agree that people who work together can date? How might dating lead to sexual harassment? Should organizations have policies about employee dating? If they have policies, what should the policies include?

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Answer to question 1

Affirmative action programs are to be increased to a certain extent since still there are aspects where women and minorities are marginalised in terms of employment, thereby implying discriminatory treatment being meted out towards them. However, the misuse of an affirmative program also needs to be considered since an abundance of programs related to affirmative action could lead to reverse discrimination accordingly (Skrentny, 2018). As a result, providing jobs as per qualifications would lead to the prevention of discrimination on the part of the entities providing jobs as far as humanitarianism, liberalism and egalitarianism are concerned. It would also help in the growth of the economy.

Answer to question 2

People with disabilities are not to be marginalised or be treated in a derogatory manner. As a result, it is imperative that emancipation of people with limited or restricted mobility is to be taken into consideration in order to imply equality and fairness in society. Special efforts are to be made by organisations in order to employ such kind of people so as to ensure that they are not left behind in opportunities in terms of employment. Productivity would not be hampered merely on the grounds of certain disabilities.

Answer to question 3

Dating amongst employees should be outside the premises of the organisation in question. If physical contact is unwanted or non-consensual, it would lead to sexual harassment, which is to be dealt with in a stringent manner irrespective of the gender of the offender or victim. It would help in the maintenance of safety and security at the workplace (Burke, 2018). As a result, there should be norms and regulations with regard to the dating at the workplace so that the decorum of the organisation is maintained accordingly as far as the policies to be formulated and implemented are concerned. accepts instant and short deadlines order for Communication Skills Assignment Help solution - order today for excellence!

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