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Louis Armstrong’s Role in The Development of Jazz Music Assignment

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The report will discuss in detail about Louis Armstrong and his contribution in jazz music. Louis Armstrong is one person who actually highlighted the jazz music on world platform. He passed away almost forty-seven years ago and as mentioned above was considered as one of the famous jazz musicians. Also, along with his hundreds of songs and recordings, his work is remembered because of the most humorous role which can be seen in so many movies of Hollywood as well as on so many TV shows that is now available on internet. People now identify him with so many heart-warming ballad and songs like "What a wonderful world" and many more. However, the history of world as well as American music will remember him as a pivotal character in Jazz music.


The most important question to ask here is what is exact meaning of Jazz. Some people perceive it as a genre of music that was propounded or invented in New Orleans. There are also some beliefs that says that Jazz comes from rhythms that comes straight from the heart. At the same time, Louis Armstrong has explained the word jazz in a different manner during an interview where he was questioned about it. He defined it as something which each and every person has to find out on his own by feeling the music and not asking the exact meaning of it. Songs like "What a Wonderful World", "We have All the Time in the World" and many more has highlighted the same discussion and also shared a common kind of theme which was love and world. Movies like Midnight in Paris was directed by the popular director called Woody Allen. It was a romantic comedy based on a novelist as well as a screenwriter whose name was Gil Pender. He was once travelling to Paris, where one day, he meets a different group of people who finally took him to the time of 1920s for a night with some kind of Jazz.

Louis Armstrong was born in the year 1901 at a place called New Orleans. He was born in a poor family. As per the research, Louis faced rough time during his childhood since his father use to work in factory and later abandoned the family right after the birth of Louis. Louis was always interested in music and his mentor was Joe "King" Oliver who was an American Jazz cornet Player. As per the articles written on him, he was a perfect definition of jazz and has represented different shades of music. He impacted the direction of music in jazz and also earned the overall reputation as the finest Jazz Player of his time. During 1920s was when the performance of Louis has completely revolutionised the world of Jazz. It happened because of the introduction of the extended solo as it was played with so many other kinds of musical groups. The article further explained that even the rich history of Jazz was completely filled with so many innovative kinds of musicians. Nobody else could make this intense level of impact in the world of Jazz as Louis Armstrong did. His work actually was able to change the world of Jazz in a dramatic manner.

Moreover, as a performer, Armstrong was also considered as a composer also. As pert the studies, he managed to write more than 50 songs and many were set as a standard for jazz. The songs composed and intertwine by him usually share a common type of theme mostly based on love and world. Like in "What a Wonderful World", which is based on enjoying the life as well as also enjoying what is around people since nothing is permanent and everything has an expiry date however, the tone of the song was highly poetic as well as optimistic. The overall mood of the song was serene, cheerful and calm and the main reason of this is how Louis explained the world as a beautiful place. The song of Louis Armstrong exhibit that even at the time of hate and violence, the world is considered beautiful to live as well as enjoy. Also, there is a chance for some kind of pain that can be ceased and make the world more peaceful. He used so many metaphors like Colours of the rainbow is so beautiful in the sky and are also on the face of the people looking at it or passing by. The overall comparison explains that people are highly cheerful as they decide to walk. In songs like La Vie en Rose, the tone was also very optimistic. The title of the song was literally translating into a song like "life in Pink". The section of the song that can be mentioned as "When you Kiss me, Heaven Sighs" is based on personalized effect that exhibits the love as the most wonderful thing which makes some people feel highly optimistic towards life.

Louis Armstrong got popular in the early time of 20's. The mentor had been Joe King Oliver, a popular cornetist of the years, which left Armstrong in the year 1918 in order to play in a city like Chicago. Right after moving towards and also playing in other kind of brands, Armstrong's skill towards music which started to develop in an immense manner and started to become extremely popular. When these words actually hit Oliver, he within no time provided Armstrong a place as the second place of trumpet in the band. Oliver as his Mentor was unable to keep up with talent of Armstrong as a solo singer. His abilities towards Jazz has inspired so many enthusiasts and he quickly become very popular. Working with Oliver was for a brief period of time when Armstrong married Lil Hardin, who motivated and encouraged him to pay in New York with Fletcher Henderson. It not just the band as a step up for Louis, it was initiated as a new time in Jazz. Therefore, many researchers claim that it was the beginning as well as the end of the music in USA. In other words, Louis ended one era of Jazz and initiated another one.

Fletcher Henderson who was considered as a leader of one of the most prestigious dance halls in New York, taught Louis Armstrong language and terminology of music as well as different compositions. By playing as a part of the band alongside Henderson, Louis was able to directly impact the sophisticated music pieces and give it something additional with rhythm as well as upbeat .


Louis Armstrong was able to manage a very long as well as successful career. He impacted the way of jazz music and process of improvisation. Louis Armstrong was first to claimed the fame as a super star of Jazz music . The overall reputation as the best artist in jazz of his time was taken as Armstrong formation of different kind of swing as well as melodic form of innovation that opened as well as transformed the band of Henderson and jazz completely. He included the style of Jazz of his hometown with very popular jazz of Broadway to incorporate a new as well as improved version of jazz.

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