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Concept of Antisocial Behavior Assignment

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Antisocial behavior refers to the actions which are not accepted social as they violate the rights of others. The objective of such study is to identify factors responsible for triggering such behavior, identify if such behavior is inherent in people that can harm themselves as well as others, and if it can be cured. Based on the study, it is learned that antisocial behavior can arise with overt as well as covert behavioral forms. For example, hidden actions of destructiveness is covert behavior (Antisocial behavior, 2019). On the other hand, physical and verbal aggression, fighting, cruelty, rejection, and bullying are overt actions.

The prevalence of antisocial behavior is common during the adolescent phase of life. The triggering factors include family disputes, mental disorder, as well as social rejection or loneliness. Other than this, poverty and lack of rejection are also known to be causative factors. However, these behavioral traits persist throughout live. In order to facilitate treatment for the antisocial behavior, it is important to identify the cause and develop mitigation strategies. Importantly, it is argues that if the antisocial behavior is inherent or arises due to social immaturity, they must be stopped with possible action to avoid any harm in community. Intervention for the benefit of such individual include social engagement as well as counselling-based treatments.

Overall, it is learned that the studies for antisocial behavior aims to identify possible causes and possible options to control them. However, progress in identification of the factors have been achieved, least progress is made in resolving the issue (Patterson, DeBaryshe & Ramsey, 2017).

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