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Job Description of Organizations Assignment Help

Select two similar organizations of your liking and a unit in each organization, and analyze their mission and strategic goals.

Compare and contrast two similar job descriptions from the organizations you selected (one from each organization).

Based on similar job titles, analyze the differences in knowledge, skills, and abilities that are presented in each job description, along with the rationale that would cause these job descriptions to be different.

Assess whether the job description (especially the duties and KSAs) align with the mission and strategic goals of each organization.

Specifically choose two examples where they do align with either the mission or strategic goals, and two examples where they do not.

Then propose how the two duties/KSAs can be rewritten so they better support the organization's mission/goals.

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The job description is termed as an essential document which comprises of scope, mission, responsibilities, and duties of an organization. It is essential in order to provide the details of the particular domain such as skills and qualification in order to apply in a job. Tesco and Marks & Spencer's are categorized under the largest retailing company of United Kingdom. In this study, the job description of both companies is analyzed and also their mission and vision along with the differences between their knowledge, skills, and abilities are discussed. The main purpose of this study is to examine whether the features mentioned in description align with the objectives of the company.

Mission and goals of two organization

In order to depict the mission and strategic goals of the chosen organization, a similar unit is taken that is the human resource department. The below-mentioned table illustrated the mission of Tesco and M&S which are retailing companies of the UK; it is used to determine the job responsibilities of the HR department.

Untitled picture.png

Table 1: Differences in mission and goals of two companies


The mission of Tesco and M&S is to provide quality services and products to the customers in order to enhance the productivity of the company. Tesco, on one hand, was concentrating towards delivering value to the customers and aims at enhancing the experience of shopping for the customers.  However, Marks and Spencer provide are innovating aspiration products to raise the effectiveness. This organization is aiming towards delivering products for both upper and middle-class families. The mission and strategic goals of the company help to describe the properties and advantages it offers to customers. 

Compare and contrast the job description of two organization

Human resource department of Tesco

In Tesco, the human resource department is responsible for recruiting suitable staff members according to the job vacancies. As commented by Nyame-Asiamah & Ghulam (2019), the HR department used to handle all the crucial functions such as training and hiring effective candidates on the basis of job roles. It has been examined that HRM of the company aims to provide employment to the appropriate employees on eth basis of their experience. However, the HR department of this company varies in the recruitment process that the M&S; due to some variation in their strategic goals. 

Human resource department of M&S

This company aims at providing job to the potential candidates who are familiar with the operations of the retail sector. As per the views of Yu et al. (2019), in this company, it is essential to gain knowledge about analytical skills. Human resource department of Marks and Spencer’s comprises of similar job roles as Tesco. However, there is some variation in the qualifications and needed skills of candidates.  

Examine the difference in KSAs

In M&S analytical skills and knowledge of the retailing operations are required in order to recruit potential candidate in Human resource department. As commented by Zhu et al. (2018), it is important for that candidate to learn the qualities of leadership and proper managerial skills are essential for this job role. In M&S it is crucial to understand the theoretical concepts and skills defined as the capabilities which a person should have in order to gain effective knowledge. 

On the hand, in order to get recruited in Tesco, it is crucial to strengthen the knowledge on human resource department. In this organization proper financial and monitoring skills are essential along with communication skills in order to enhance the productivity of the company. Budgeting skills and decision-making skills are essential to maintain the job roles of the human resource manager. 

Is job description align with the objective of the organization

The skills, knowledge, and abilities of candidates are aligning with the objectives of the Tesco and Marks and Spencers. As stated by Möller (2019), the mission of M&S aids to provide financial services for the benefits of customers and this company is providing opportunities to both upper and lower classes. On the other hand, in Tesco communication skills are important to increase the productivity of the business. This job description of HR is satisfying the goals and objective of the business venture. To raise the quality shopping experience it is mandatory to establish effective communication skills within an organization. 

Examples of similarity

Marks & Spencer’s and Tesco are two different organizations with a similar domain that is both belong to the retail sector. As they belong to same sector this organization are providing quality services to the customers. This depicts that both organization has a similar mission that is they are aiming at a single motive of providing better products and services to their customers.  

Examples of dissimilarity

It has been examined from the job description, that their strategic goals of Tesco and M&S are different. As per the views of Walker, Gowland, & Points (2018), Marks and Spencer’s aim to provide effective service for both upper and middle-class families and are satisfying the needs of customers. It provides an opportunity for both upper and lower class families to gain shopping experiences. Its budget is affordable for every community however Tesco’s budget was much higher than that of the M&S. It can be stated that there is a variation between the cost price of products and services on a large scale. 

Propose a new method to support the mission of Tesco and Marks & Spencer’s

In order to support the mission of Tesco, it is important for the human resource department to organize training of the staff members. It will help the staff members to gain knowledge about the effective skills, abilities, and knowledge essential for accomplishing the objectives of the company. Leadership skills are of utmost importance to improve the relationship with the staff members; it will help to establish the motto of the organization. As per the views of Jackson et al. (2019), the mission can be accomplished by adopting training and communication skills in Tesco. 

The mission of Marks and Spencer’s can be improved by providing training to the staff members on the basis of financial accounting. In order to provide aspiration products and services to the customers, it is important for the company to adopt modern technological trends; it will help the company to increase the growth of the company. 


It can be concluded that the job description of a company is important to recruit an effective candidate for a particular job role. Skills, knowledge, and abilities of a candidate define the qualities of the person of getting recruited in a particular department. Tesco and M&S are chosen to examine the job description of the organization

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