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Strategic Human Resource Management Assignment Help

From you work place, or from your extensive reading, discuss any problem occurs related to SHRM activities, strategies and policies.

What is the problem?

Why does the problem exist?

What are causing the problem, and who are affected by them?

When did the problem first occur, or when did it become significant?

How much, or to what extent, is this problem occurring?

In your opinion, what are the alternative solutions? By Providing evidences?

In your opinion, what is the best solution and why? By Providing evidences?

How will this solution be implemented? (Describe your plan)?

Explain the purpose and functions of SHRM, applicable to workforce planning and resourcing an organization?

Analyze the important of SHRM in respect to influencing organizational decision-making?

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The report will discuss in detail about the strategic human resource management. The concept of SHRM is based on proactive level of management of public. It needs a strategy to think ahead as well as plan methods for an organization to ideally meet the requirement of the workforces and encourage them to meet the targets set by the company. This can impact the things that are part of the main function of company, improvement at all level from recruiting practices as well as training of the employees-based programs in the direction of assessment methods as well as discipline. The report is highly descriptive by nature and based on the overall collection along with analysis of outcome related to research to evaluate the association between SHRM on company's performance (Akhtar & Asif, 2017).

The report will evaluate the topic with the help of a company called as Saudi Arabia Basic Industries Corporation also called as SABIC. The motive of the report is to explain the concept of SHRM along with discussion on company's performance, the association between SHRM and SABIC. The report will also discuss how the company will increase the performance of the company via HR strategy.

Company's background

The company SABIC is an international company that is considered as fast developing petrochemical as well as producer of steel. The headquarter of the company is located in Riyadh which is situated in Saudi Arabia. The company is considered as one of the top petrochemical organizations and it is also the biggest non-oil-based company in many Middle East places (Albassam, 2015).
The Saudi Basic Industries or SABIC is also termed as one of the biggest and leading producers of plastics, metals, chemicals and fertilizers. The company is producing a lot of products and provides the products to other organizations, who utilise them in order to make an important international product. The company is biggest and must trusted profit making public organization in Middle East region along with sound relations of investor (Aldosari& Atkins, 2015). The overall success is the outcome of the attention on three important things like investment in local or domestic level partnerships, focusing more on best kind of research as well as technology programs and the ambition for international development strategy.

The company is mainly composed of 4 strategic business parts which are Specialties, Petrochemicals, Agri-Nutrients and Metals. Every element is headed by Executive Vice President. The company help consumers by recognizing and creating options in important markets like medical machineries, construction, packaging, electrical, Agri nutrients and transportation and many more.

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Describe the exist problem

What is the problem?

According the surveys conducted on the employees of the company, they claimed that from the time, the company went into Plastic business, it went into crucial cost cutting mode where they had to freeze internal as well as external recruitment and selection procedure. There is absolutely no room for any kind of career growth for the workforce working in SABIC. In addition to it there is high turnover as well as overall morale of the company is currently low because of this problem. There is no kind of responsibility taken up by the authority and people sitting in position get all the kind of blames if there is any form of legacy issue. There is also lack of diversity as far as corporate management is concerned. In addition, employees also claim that American way of living and culture is given no respect which create problems in introducing diversity in the company(Burton, 2016).

Why does the problem exist?

The important thing to understand is that SABIC is a big organization with so many offers. It is very unfortunate, that the company had go through process of reorganization after every eighteen to twenty-four month of time period. This results in re-assignments of a lot of workforce. There is time when this process can work in best way possible especially in situations when the employees get to operate in so many roles and improve their skill set, however many times the employees are placed in same kind of work or job description which comes with less accountability and no pay rise(Eltahir et al, 2019). It is important for SABIC will have to advance to a diverse role that exist between the process of reorganization.

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What are causing the problem, and who are affected by them?

In other word, there is a high level of dissatisfaction based on promotion opportunity and career growth for the employees, particularly the global workforce constantly struggles to grow in this company since there is less opportunity for them. There are over eighty three percent of people that comes from developed countries working in the SABIC and have shown their dissatisfaction as compared to the workforce which came from developing country. The main reason behind it was that people from developing nations usually have less expectation from any promotion or career growth (Al-Janadi et al, 2016).

The company prefer local people more when it comes to promotion and appraisal beside qualities like high qualification and experience. But there are surveys which claims that even citizen of the country working for SABIC are dissatisfied because of issues in HR system and company's promotion and appraisal strategies. It is surprising that, there are very few people working in the company that claimed to satisfied with company's HR policies. The fact is that any organization, workforce from minority group get less preference over the majority group working for the company. SABIC also follows a very complexed process of promotion and prefer people with high experience and better skill set along with a preference to local citizen. This leave a very little room for the so many people working in the organization to actually aspire to reach for top position. This kind of culture create a lot of dissatisfaction among the workforce of the company (Alolayan& Richards, 2015).

When did the problem first occur, or when did it become significant?

The issue of testing the personal ability is another crucial element that leads to dissatisfaction in SABIC. People who get to reach at senior position are much younger and many people working in company with high skill set have to wait longer for an exciting promotional strategy. The training and development department of the company is very strong and every employee had to go through there high intensity training program, however with high skill set, employees expect to grow faster in the company but they get disappointed when they see no advantage as far as their career growth is concerned even if they meet all the prerequired needs(Fotiadis, 2016). On the contrary, in company like the Arabian American Oil Company also called as ARAMCO get more career opportunities and comfortably reach high level of advancement. Different studies and researches show that there are so less people that are less significant in ARAMCO and the overall percentage is less than one percent that are part of workforce in the Emirate situated in Riyadh and employees of the company in Riyadh in their opinion are part of the plan which based on efficiency while planning for HR policies. The question arises when the methods that restrict any kind of limitation can be removed as well as how to accomplish job safety for employee in the company on the basis of HR planning (Alshehri et al, 2016).

In the end, in SABIC, HRM policies are considered as the largest and single most issue and the challenging to face during the early time of operations because their shortage of skilled workers in the country and skilled immigrants are not encouraged or given more career opportunities in the company. Therefore, to meet the issue of growing and developing a national level skilled staff that can take over the management and technical part in the coming future, the company started programmes for the growth of human resource aiming to meet all kind of aspiration. Moreover, for the sake of major concerns for consumers, the company had shown a strong level of dedication and commitment towards the growth of large number of workforces.

How much, or to what extent, is this problem occurring?

However, the cost cutting policy is coming into the way of any kind of growth in the opportunities for the workforce working in the organization. The company presently hire more than thirty-three thousand people operating in more than hundred nations on over six or more continent (Djavanroodi& Salman, 2017).

There was a time when SABIC was considered as a very good place to work since the working conditions were relaxed by nature and there were many opportunities for the everyone in the company. Even if, the operations were challenging and the organization made a name in the market. However, slowly and slowly, good and effective people at high position left the organization since they got better job opportunity and there was major change in the work culture of the company. The people who stayed were not very efficient since they were unable to make any kind of rational decision.

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Discuss the alternative solutions

In your opinion, what are the alternative solutions? By Providing evidences?

The principle of competitive gain was formed by many eminent researchers like Michael Porter who focused on developing value for the sake of consumers. The company must give priority to employees as the highly valued assets to accomplish competitive gain in all spheres. The company's international staff is the most crucial resource in the development of competitive gain. The objective of the company must be to encourage those leaders and co-workers that can foster an inclusive kind of culture, permitting every workforce to be part of their maximum level of potential (JAIN, 2015). This will further ensurethat the company get to have advantage from so many diverse thought process and anticipation and bringing the best answers to market, at the same time helping towards the durability of current talent-based pipeline.

The prosperous people, international diversity of the background of workforce, experiences and their interest are seeming as an immensely attractive element to the future candidates that seek for an encouragement and career that are meaningful by nature. This concept may look easy, as an international organization that people are facing the issues of the complicated world, with diverse cultures, anticipation, mindset as well as the time zones.

In your opinion, what is the best solution and why? By Providing evidences?

The best solution as per the research, shows that the company must select different kinds of business strategies like development, improvement of quality, developing product, market growth and innovation so the overall alignment existing between SHRM and SABIC business work as well as strategies need the important HRM work in the company to accomplish SABIC strategy in right manner via HR based practices (Khorsheed, 2015). Choosing selection structure employee selection is based on the procedure of keeping the right men on right kind of job. It is the process that matches organizational needs with the skill set as well as people qualifications. Selection of employee can vary from a simple procedure to immensely complexed procedure based on the recruitment process of firm and their position.

The overall mismatch that exist between the individual and the work can impact the performance level, at the same time a highly sophisticated selection structure can make sure a better kind between the ability of an individual and the requirement of a company. Also, hiring process can be found immensely positive based on the performance of the company. The SABIC must focus on accomplishing the balance that exist between the description of job ad specification of an individual in all spheres (Meyer et al, 2016). The company has been based on set of categories to choose the right kind of candidates based on skills, capacities and other particular skills related to vacancies not their background.

How will this solution be implemented?

The planning needs to be done to focus on the development of training programs and development structure where company can design and increase the overall quality of present workforce by giving a comprehensive kind of training as well as development program. It is true that research shows that investment in training of the employees can solve problem, increase teamwork as well as develop an interpersonal association as an outcome the firm will have more beneficial results. The company can develop a training and development unit which is dedicated to the growth of every employee of the company via suitable training programs (Nalband&Alankari, 2015). It can be successfully training a complete generation of citizen of people in so many disciplines like production, finance, marketing, R&D, administration and many more.

Explain the purpose and functions of SHRM, applicable to workforceplanning and resourcing an organization?

SHRM is important for the organization as it can focus on hiring both conventional and non-conventional which means to gain attention of so many talented people from all over the world, to make sure their reputation as a completely international organization (Park &Alenezi, 2018). The company HRM focus on so many elements like training, development of workforces and deployment. The company actually take a lot of pride in its global staff, the number of nationals from Saudi in company and it can affiliate has raised over the number of years as a part of spirit of giving works to eligible nationals of Saudi. Following are some of the important recommendations for the company: -

• The importance to discuss the requirement of so many departments of employees in mind when performing HR based planning (Salman &Djavanroodi, 2018).

• Decreasing the duplicate and overlapping in some of the activities of HR management of planning with other units.

• To motivate different officials that can be granted number of units of HR based planning for right kind of power to develop a right kind of environment for right kind of planning (Presley & Westaway, 2017).

Participation of employees

Analyze the important of SHRM in respect to influencing organizationaldecision-making?

The definition of employee's treatment as the most crucial asset of the company is considered as underlying point of assumption of human resource management. This way, increasing and facilitate great workforce impact and participating is very based for any successful HR work in companies. Reports have proved that participation of employees in positive manner towards performance, overall productivity and highly satisfied of a workforce. As per the report of the company, SABIC has performed it second level of international workforce survey (Seznec, 2017). It can further be repeated every 3 years and is a crucial option to motivate the workforce to share their opinions as well as perspectives on spheres that are important for most of the people and for the company as well. It is also important to note, the research provides as a technique to compare all kind of trends and development over a period of time and as a benchmark of performance of SABIC against industry people, high performance companies and international standards.


Strategic HRM is developed to assist the organizations best meet the requirement of the employees at the time of promoting the goals of organization. Human Resource Management addresses with any features of an organization that impact the workforce, like recruitment and firing, advantages, training and development. Human resource department can also give work-based incentives, safety process data and vacations or sick time (Werner et al, 2016). The research is highly descriptive by nature related to gathering and analysing of outcomes of different researches and studies to test the association that exist between Strategic Human Resources Management on performance of the company as per the Saudi Arabia Basic Industries Corporation or SABIC. The report studies and show some kind of meaning of strategic human resource management which is based on the meaning related to performance of company with advanced level of studies based on performance, the association that exist between the SHR on performance of company the SABIC and how the organization increases the performance of organization via their HR strategy (Wilson & Graham, 2016).

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