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BUS 201 Principles of Management :- The course, BUS 201 Principles of Management, develops a vast idea about the multiple different functions of management, such as organize, control, staffing, direction, and finance. The learner could gain knowledge on various technical tools of management, which is very much effective for their social, as well as psychological implications in decision-making function. The successful accomplishment of BUS 201 Principles of Management course will help students through developing few skills in managing a business, such as discussed below:

  • They will be able to define multiple functions of management as well as entrepreneurship. They could judge the usefulness of managing organizational changes. 
  • They will be able to gather knowledge and educate others about the values of different important ethics of business, motivations, as well as teamwork and how it impacts the performance.
  • A mature understanding will be developed about the different styles of leadership, its traits, the behavior of leaders, besides learning the strategies and limitations of the utilization of the power of leaders. 

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