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Implementing Strategic Plan for Health Information Technology Assignment Help

Discuss how you would go about implementing a health information technology (HIT) strategic plan for data security, privacy, and quality management for your organization. 

Discuss why the steering committee is very important for the success of the HIT strategic plan, and explain who should be included on the steering committee and why. 

There are seven major elements that must be included in a strategic plan for it to be successful. 

Discuss how you would incorporate three of the seven elements if you were to develop a plan, and discuss which departments would be included on the steering committee and why.


Health care information systems management is very vital for meeting the overall objectives of the organization. It is very important for the organization to have proper procedures and protocols that meet the basic criteria to keep up information technology divisional functionality in the organization. Typical objectives of the process include data security, data privacy, and quality management. It is very much needed for CTU Health care information systems department to develop a strategic plan that comprehensively meets the objectives and will fulfill the obligations. The following part of the discussion emphasizes several aspects of the strategic plan and its execution procedure.

Data security, Privacy and quality management – HIT managerial approach:

Data security, privacy and quality management are essential for the organization and as IT manager of the organization it is very much required to devise proper implementable plans to ensure each of the above objectives. For sake of data security, it is required to devise a proper access plan to the data. Typical elements include developing user access control strategic plans (Shirley, 2016), Developing authenticity levels for accessing the data, storing the data and retrieval makes up important elements of the plan. Further security control of the data based used for storing the data. Protocols regarding updating the security of the database. Application controls are some of the aspects that do ensure the privacy of database security management. Other important aspects like quality standards prevailing in the organization, the protocols and standards for documenting, IT management etc need to be strictly followed to make sure that the overall quality of the IT operations are intact (Abdelhak et al., 2014).

Steering Committee and its necessity:

HIT strategic plan can meet the objectives of the organization, only when it is developed comprehensively to meet the goals of the division as well when aligned with the mission and vision of the organization. Also, the strategic plan of the organization is expected to be approved and should be provided with all the necessary resources for getting implemented in the organization. The complete execution procedures, the inherent privileges and controls for the users and authenticity to access confidential data and operational aspects need to be implemented only when the top management approves the draft plan for the same. The steering committee will work on to do liaison between the actual project management and the top management or the board of the directors. The higher level delegation of the authority to approve and provide direction will be given to the steering committee by the board or the top management and they do provide immediate supervision of the activities at the project management level. The steering committee will reduce time delays in the decision-making process. They will provide quick direction to the action teams to carry out the plan execution procedures. Also from time to time, they do check the alignment of the actual strategic plan execution and its alignment with the broad goals of the division and the organization. In case of any dilemmas, they will provide the necessary advice and suggestions for the correction of the complications. Also, the steering committee can do liaison with the top management, on need basis for taking up any radical changes in the approach or the procedures if there any need to do so. Further, the strategic committee will play an instrumental role in preparing and finalizing the strategic plan in accordance with the included elements of the same. The steering committee will include representatives of the concerned department to take care of the particular elements of the strategic plan(Ginter et al.,2018).

Seven elements of the strategic plan: 

The seven elements of the strategic plan are as follows, 

-Statement of the corporate goals and objectives

-Statement of the HIT goals and the objectives

-Priorities for the application 

-Portfolio specifications of overall HIT architecture and infrastructure

-Software development plan

-HIT management and staffing

-Statement of resources requirement

(i) Each of the above seven elements does have their own domain of operations and each of them needs to be tackled differently. For example, if the statement of the corporate goals and objectives need to be incorporated in the plan, then obviously there is a need to have a clear plan and strategy in this regard. At the outset, it is required to have an insight into the mission and the vision of the organization. For this, Board level involvement of CTU is required. The board of directors, chairman and other key personnel will decide these goals and objectives. Normally the shareholders of the organization in the corporate general body meeting will decide and finalize these goals. They will become part of the organization's SOP. Hence a representative of the board of the organization will be included in the steering committee or CEO himself will become part of the Steering committee and will play a key role in aligning the strategic plan of HIT to include these aspects of the organization. Alternatively, an expert in corporate affairs or any other competent professional can be nominated for this part of executing the strategic plan for the organization.

(ii) The software development plan is another element of the strategic plan of HIT. Software development plan does include a variety of aspects like the time available for the implementation of the software development plan, the resources needed, the testing and quality checkup plans. Also, typical elements like the platforms to be used, guidelines regarding the level of the efficiency of the coding etc will be included in this part of the software development plan. So for this purpose, obviously an IT project manager and one or more IT experts will become part of the steering committee. Also to provide inputs regarding the software specifications and application requirements, medical professionals or health care professionals will become part of the team(Nelson & staggers,2016). They do provide the necessary inputs for devising the strategic plan and also will provide the details of the constraints and any other information related to the implementation of the HIT software development plan.

(iii) HIT management and staffing is another important element to realize CTU HIT strategic plan. HIT management and staffing related inputs and the requirements will be provided by the HIT project manager and the approval and giving them the necessary guidelines in employment and clarifying the employee contractual obligations and other terms and conditions will be done by HR managers or the HR teams. Hence HIT project manager along with HR managers can accomplish the incorporation of this part of the HIT management and staffing in the overall strategic plan of the HIT.


Corporate affairs, IT project management and the HR management will provide the input for accomplishing the elements provided above as part of the strategic plan of the HIT. However still for comprehensive coverage of all other elements, there is a need for incorporating diverse stakeholders in the steering committee. For example, it is required to include HIT goals after consulting the HIT division-wide objectives. Also, it is required to include priorities of the application only after consulting with the top management and other stakeholders of the organization. IT project experts can confirm the specifications of the architecture and infrastructure requirements. Procurement division of the organization will provide inventory details and will enable PR development for the strategic requirements. Hence they need to be included accordingly.


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