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Please use your critical thinking skills when addressing this assignment. Think about the depth and the weight behind the motives and decisions that were made. Should you find yourself working with a family faced with making surgical decisions such as these, think about what you would say, and how impactful and influential a person can be on another person’s life.

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Sexual orientation and Gender Identity is the core theme of discussion in the following part of the write-up. When the gender of the person got aligned with the actual sex of the individual at the time of birth, there won't be any problems, however when it has not happened so, then obviously it will result in numerous social and emotional problems to the individual. A critical evaluation is done on the specific selected cases in the following part of the write-up, where the individual emotional and cognitive problems are introspected and critical thinking is performed on some of the related aspects of the situation and the individual. The report is presented in two parts each for a different article.


1. Self-concept is something what people think about themselves or perceives what she or he really is. As long as there is no friction between biological appearance and what it is believed about self, either by themselves or from external means, there won't be any problem, However if there is conflict between either biological appearance and self-conception or alternatively between the environmental perception and the real inside, then it is suicidal to the individual. In any case, the biological appearance has a key role in self-conception. There are several instances, wherein an intersex individual got totally confused about their self-concept. As long as there is no realization of their true biological identity, individual depends more on the external influences and the interactions. This is the case particularly during the age of schooling and pre-teens, people will not be much aware of their biological differences and just imitate their peer group behavior and practices. In such cases, self-concept will be generally associated with Group conception. However, with the growth of age, people develop friction when their biological conception is different from what people in the surroundings perceive about them. If there is friction, it can cause serious emotional problems to the individuals.

2. Self Esteem/Self-worth (Jacoby, 2016) is related to the actual self of a person and the relation to environmental interactions. When the individual is growing health, there won't be any implications to his self-esteem and subsequent self-worth feelings. However like in the Bruce/Brenda case, when he understood that he is not comfortable with the group where he is being brought up, his feelings of self-worth and self-esteem came down drastically (Durwood et al., 2017). Self-esteem has much to do with the sexual characteristics of the individual as well. When there is no sexual disorder and if the individual is growing healthy, there won't be any type of emotional disturbance, and the individual develops self-esteem properly. However, if there is any type of lacking in sexual maturity or if there is any disorder, it impacts the individual very seriously. The first implication of the crisis is the fall of self-esteem. If the individual is sensitive and if does not receive any moral support, it is more likely that they can commit suicide. John/Joan case is a typical example where Bruce or Brenda lost his self-esteem once identified her peculiar sexual condition. He went into isolation and experienced deep emotional disturbance and finally committed suicide.

3. No not at all, Nurturing cannot change the inner self totally. As it is failed in the Bruce case, Nurturing can be useful to some extent, but when there is a conflict between the self- concept and the perception from the surrounding to an unmanageable level, it is of no use. Hence, I cannot Accept the Dr.Money's perspective, and in fact, it is proved to be useless. Rather than coax and nurture someone into identifying with a gender, he can be treated to deal with the disorder by giving necessary psychological assistance to gain the necessary strength and energy to cope with his disability. If Bruce/Brenda (Gauteno, 2017) was given the psychological training to cope up his case then the results might be more useful and would have contributed to upgrading the self-esteem and self-worth better. In any case nurturing only can help the individual to start creating a particular type of perception of self and image, however, if the actual self-inside is not meeting the perception, then nurturing will become useless. Further nurturing is something related to the psychological feelings of the individual and its impact is only limited. Biological disturbances cannot be cured with nurturing; a more important requirement is to let the people get the necessary moral strength to face the challenge.

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