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Identifying the Types of Needs Assignment Help

Post a brief description of the homeless population in your community or the community you selected. Then, explain the normative, expressed, perceived, and relative needs of this population. Finally, explain which type of need you think is the most important to address in a human services program for the homeless. Justify your response with references to the Learning Resources.

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In this assignment, Pittsburgh located in the USA has been selected as the main community where a majority of the citizens and people are experiencing homelessness. The main reasons behind their homelessness are financial difficulties, accommodation problems, domestic violence, severe health issues and many more including lack of support and discriminative behaviour. In the community, majority of the homeless people are females compared to males and it is obvious for them to have some specific requirements.


It can be said that homelessness can be the result of various economic, social and health-associated factors (, 2019). Normative need is defined as the need that arises when a specific individual fails to address the established norms and guidelines and the normative need of the homeless population is food and temporary accommodation facilities. An expressed need is defined as the need that the concerned individual conveys or demonstrates to transform into action. The expressed needs of the Pittsburgh homeless population is safe and affordable housing, employment according to talent skills, domestic violence support initiatives and schemes. A perceived need is defined as the need that is perceived or felt by the individual in times of requirement and the most perceived needs of the selected homeless population are support for women suffering from pregnancy and domestic violence, deployment of peer outreach programs. A relative need is present when two or more groups with similar features do not gain or receive a same service. The relative needs of the homeless population is extensive support for LGBTQ homeless and appropriate health services in terms of affordability (, 2019).  


In this case, one of the most important and crucial need that needs to be addressed in a human services program for the selected homeless population is the normative need and the main reason behind this is that it demonstrates the basic needs of the concerned community that should be addressed immediately. The issue of homelessness comes at a high economic and social price to the society and this is why its elimination is so important. 

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