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HUMN 4001 Creating Community Resources Assignment Help

Case Study 1: Group Case 


Robert and Adam were living in a car with their mother, Victoria, before DSS took the boys from her care. Victoria, a young mother with a severe addiction to drugs, has since disappeared and has not tried to obtain any visitation rights to see the boys. Robert and Adam were unable to live with their father, Jacob, due to Jacob?s diagnosed schizophrenia. Jacob currently lives in an assisted facility, with little to no contact with the family. Jacob and Victoria had a very volatile relationship while together, much of which the boys saw first-hand. 

Abigail, their grandmother and closest relative, took custody of the boys and admits that she is finding it hard to care for them. Abigail welcomes the therapy provided by DSS and hopes that it will help them discuss issues that have plagued their family for years. Abigail always attends the mandatory family counseling sessions, as well as a single-parent group offered for DSS custody cases. 

During one emotional group session, Abigail revealed that she blames herself for the cause of her family?s problems. Her husband beat Adam and Robert?s father, when he was a little boy. Doctors believed that these frequent acts of violence were what caused Jacob?s schizophrenia. Abigail also suspected that her only daughter, Jenny, was sexually abused by her husband. Abigail, also a product of family incest from her own grandfather, admitted that the warning signs were all there, but she was too afraid to follow through with her suspicion. Abigail disclosed that though Jenny had worked hard to make a good life for herself, she spiraled into a severe depression after her husband divorced her for a transgendered lifestyle. Jenny now has trouble living outside the fantasies that she finds in her soap operas. Abigail believes that both Jenny and Jacob could have lived a better life if she could have stopped her husband from the physical, verbal, and sexual abuse. 

Case Study 2: Individual Case 


Charlene?s new and at-risk behavior prompted Kate, the high school guidance counselor, to talk with Charlene. As Charlene walked into Kate?s office, Kate was surprised to see that it wasn?t just Charlene?s school behavior that had changed. Charlene, once known for pulling her long, beautiful hair neatly back into a bun, now let it lay limp in front of her face. Her color-coordinated slacks and blouse were also exchanged for a big jacket and Windbreaker pants. Kate also noted how Charlene seemed to wrap herself inside the jacket—an odd behavior considering how warm the weather was outside. 

In talking with Charlene, Kate learned that she felt unsafe at home. Her father, a local handy-man with a high school education, had a history of coming home from work drunk and belligerent. Over the past year, these actions had transformed into physical and verbal abuse toward Charlene specifically. Charlene had never been on a date with a boy, yet her father constantly accused her of ?sleeping around? and dressing like a tramp. Charlene said that she felt her mother was too terrified of her father to protect her from his vitriolic language, rage, and drunken rants that centered on her worthlessness. Charlene confided to Kate that she wanted to safely separate from her father and her current home life. Charlene had not attempted to run away because she did not want to abandon her 11-year-old brother Matthew . Though Matthew did not receive any physical or verbal abuse, Charlene was afraid that her father?s temper would be transferred to him if she were to leave. 

Kate called the department of social services , which found bruises on Charlene?s arms and back. Charlene and her brother Matthew were immediately placed into a foster home until further evaluation and home visits have been conducted with her mother and father. 

Case Study 3: Individual Case 


Jason was picked up by the police for stealing and riding a horse into the middle of town. The police documented Jason as being disoriented and panicked. He had been passionate about his need to go across the river where his troops were waiting. When asked his name, Jason had replied ?George Washington.? The police brought Jason to the local hospital, where he was diagnosed as having a schizophrenic break. A urine sample also revealed traces of drugs in Jason?s system. 

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Case study 1: Group case

As is evident from the case study, Abigail has been struggling to take care of her two grandchildren, Robert and Adam, after they had been abandoned by their drug-addict mother. The possible resource that could perhaps help them stick together and become a functional family as time progressed, would be that of encouraging the formation of a social network among the members who cared about each other and wanted to make things work.

For instance, Abigail's daughter, Jenny, was severely depressed, a condition that was prevalent in Adam as well. Encouraging Jenny to come out of her comfort zone of soap operas to interact with her family members could be good for her. As supported by the Baltimore ECA study (Maulik, Eaton, & Bradshaw, 2009), there seems to be a clear relationship between the number of functional relatives and the use of psychiatric services. In other words, interacting regularly with family members to form social bonds and networks can make it easier for the patients to give up the external support that specialized caregivers, such as the DSS would otherwise be providing. Moreover, patience and gentleness would be the key to dealing with the younger grandson Robert, since he is at a tender age and therefore requires special attention.

Case study 2: Individual case

Charlene's issues lay at the bottom of the abusive relationship that she shared with her father, and her mother's inability to care for or protect her from his violent outbursts. As Perron (2002) suggests, the internet is a treasure-house of self-help groups and services, which can be effectively utilized by almost anyone attempting to recover from episodes of mental illness. He also suggests, that such online groups could become an important tool for providing services to people and families who need such help.

In order to gain Charlene's trust, the method of disclosure could be used, as keeping her updated on another person's life could help encourage her to share her own personal experiences and developments, thereby making it possible to keep track of her progress. Moreover, she can also look forward to utilizing a self-help group online to help her regain the confidence she has lost because of her abusive parents. She would also realize that she is not alone in her struggle, which would give her the courage she needs to recover. This regime of care must be coordinated with her foster family members so that she and her brother can lead a life away from danger.

Case study 2: Individual case

The possibility of relapse in case of a patient suffering from schizophrenia such as Jason is not only scary but also detrimental to his own health. In the given case study, the client has developed the illness mostly due to the absence of a parental figure, as his mother had been extremely detached from him and sisters while growing up. The following action plan can be suggested for his recovery and mental health management, which will possibly help him get better and avoid an episode of relapse -

i. Medication: Jason has been diligently following his routine medication to deal with his schizophrenia for the past eight months. Going easy on the dosage of antipsychotics will help lessen the positive symptoms.

ii. Diet: He should improve his diet by improving his blood sugar balance and increasing the consumption of omega 3 fats and antioxidants. A healthy diet is an extremely essential part of the recovery plan for anyone suffering from schizophrenia as it has the potential to affect the functioning of the brain.

iii. Physical activity: It is one of the important tenets of recovery from mental illness. Staying indoors cooped up for long hours will only make one feel worse and increase the chances of relapse. Moreover, Jason seemed to feel better and even appeared more friendly when he was playing with the basketball. Thus, he seemed to enjoy the sport and engaging in such activities regularly with other would do him good.

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