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Understand the Human Experience across the Health-Illness Continuum Assignment Help

The benchmark assesses the following competency:

Benchmark: 5.1. Understand the human experience across the health-illness continuum.

Research the health-illness continuum and its relevance to patient care. In a 750-1,000 word paper, discuss the relevance of the continuum to patient care and present a perspective of your current state of health in relation to the wellness spectrum. Include the following:

  1. Examine the health-illness continuum and discuss why this perspective is important to consider in relation to health and the human experience when caring for patients.
  2. Reflect on your overall state of health. Discuss what behaviors support or detract from your health and well-being. Explain where you currently fall on the health-illness continuum.
  3. Discuss the options and resources available to you to help you move toward wellness on the health-illness spectrum. Describe how these would assist in moving you toward wellness (managing a chronic disease, recovering from an illness, self-actualization, etc.)

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1. Experience of humankind through health-illness:

The health-illness continuum is a graphical illustration based on the concept of human wellbeing as a whole mental and emotional (Falvo and Holland, 2017). At times, people might not show any physical symptoms of the disease but still be depressed, anxious, and unhappy and continuously complain of not feeling well and can affect the wellness of the person.

The concept of the health-illness continuum:

The definition of wellness varies from person to person. Some think wellness to be the opposite of illness. To them, if they don't have any physical illness, they are well. Some are always motivated to be active for a healthy lifestyle. The rest consists of some person who is either satisfied or dissatisfied with their current condition.

Untitled picture.png

Figure: 1- graphical representation of the health-illness continuum.

The right side shows the degrees or levels of wellness, and the left side shows the degrees of illness.
The continuum states that wellness or wellbeing is dynamic and not static. It must move the patient to greater health and welfare. A person's outlook also contributes to the state of wellness. The positive vision of a person having any disability or disease would face the right side of the continuum in contrast to a fit person who is unhappy in life and is always complaining, depressed, and anxious. This outlook is negative, and it hinders the growth of mental and emotional wellbeing whereas the positive outlook influences mental and emotional wellness to growth, awareness, and knowledge.

Importance of the perspective in caring for the patients:

This perfective is important in treating patients with hope as it contributes to the mental and emotional development of the person. With this view, the patients can be motivated to have better health and prevent any physical and emotional disease by measuring in which scale the patient lies in the continuum. It also estimates the development made by them.

2. A personal reflection on health and illness

Healthy eating, workout, exercises and our activities contribute to the wellness of our daily lifestyle. What I eat and what my actions are, together joins in the development of my physical, emotional and mental development. I am a 26years old, 5' with a BMI of 28. I am overweight and obese. I have PCOS that is contributing more to my health issues. Due to being overweight, I have constant pain in the bones of my heel and can't stand for a longer time. A person who experiences PCOD has a lot of difficulty in losing weight. I consume Australian cuisine, mainly having nuts, milk and protein, and some vegetables. I walk for 45mins every day and go to the gym thrice a week. There are no current changes in my weight. Sometimes it reduces a little and again hits back.

I believe my condition can only be improved with proper knowledge and hence, after doing my graduation, I have allotted myself in a Degree Nurse Program. This would provide me with all the clinical measures that can be taken to improve my condition and help to improve.

With proper knowledge, effort and hope of being a better version of myself, I believe nothing is impossible to achieve in my career and lifestyle. I am motivated to improve my condition for two reasons. Firstly my health issues would no longer persist and would help me get a better and healthier lifestyle. Secondly, I want to motivate my family and the people around me that with hard work, nothing is incurable or impossible.

Future goal:

My ultimate goal is to improve health and move towards the eventual mental and emotional development and make it stable. My educators in the Grand Canyon University is helping a lot by providing proper knowledge and information for being a better nurse and a better thinker, and my nurse educator of the Pioneer Healthcare Services guides me in being a professional nurse in clinical settings from a nursing student (Kaakinen et al. 2018).

Reflection of each person on the health-illness continuum is different depending upon their personal experience. Understanding where a person lies in the continuum will ultimately make him aware of his condition and push him towards better wellness.

3.  Options and resources available to improve wellness:

I am overweight and obese that has to lead to several physical conditions. I experience intense pain in my heel if I stand for a long time. I have PCOD which contributes to the state of being overweight (Dean, 2016). Earlier I was unaware and didn't have the proper knowledge to contribute in my improvement but now having knowledge from the educators of my university and clinic, I have adapted several ways like appropriate diet and exercises, that now is improving my condition. I am sure with the changes made; I will move forward in the development scale of health-illness continuum.

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