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Health Exercises Assignment Help

We have been discussing the numerous health benefits of exercise for the middle aged population in particular. The Department of Health and Human Services guidelines for physical activity for Americans of all ages.  What do you think of the suggestions? Why?

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Exercises should be done not only during the middle age but also be followed in all the course of life. It should be made mandatory to remain physically fit and eat healthy food. As per the website, the stress is given on the physical activity, but I would recommend an individual should also take care of mental activeness so should also include meditation and yoga activities.

The medical publications focus on the health benefits derived to the individual related to brain health, additional cancer sites along with the episodes of the fall-related injuries. It also tends to focus on the immediate and the long term benefits which can help the people how they feel, function and can even sleep. This tends to further focus on the benefits derived among the older adults along with the people having an additional chronic condition (Posted on Mar 11, 2. (n.d.). There is also a risk of the sedentary behavior which can be overcome through the physical activity. Such guidance needs to be provided form the age of the preschool children (ages 3 till 5 years);

I agree with the key suggestions provided by the website, which focuses on the physical activities to adhere form the age group of 3-5 years and should be sustained until lifelong. Not only it helps in fighting with some of the life-threatening conditions and diseases, but it tends to also help in overcoming some of the mental ailments and create mental alertness.

For a patient who is currently sedentary, what kinds of activity would you recommend as a starting point? Why? 

The patient with the sedentary life, needs to be encouraged with the physical activeness, educate them and provide activities in the form of the strength based activities which can provide an overall individual alertness and strength. Cardiovascular exercise, moderate walking and taking some form of the physical form sports such as swimming or running, would be encouraged.

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