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HUMN402 Zero-Based Budgeting Assignment Help

Review Chapter 1 of your course text, The Basics of Public Budgeting and Financial Management, and focus on common characteristics in budgets. Pay particular attention to revenue and expenditures. 

Review the article Techniques for Governance.&quot; Consider the advantages of using zero- based budgeting in public agencies. 

Consider zero-based budgeting as a technique for creating budgets. Think about how expenditures are justified using zero-based budgeting. 

Review the list of expenditures on the budget sheet provided in the Learning Resources. 

Think about how you might prioritize the expenditures you reviewed from highest to lowest. 

Consider the two expenditures with the highest priority and justify them according to your prioritized list of line-item expenditures.

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Budgeting and financial management are one of the established economic and public sector reform programs that are part of most nations. It is important to note how they are growing with tremendous pressures that have developed on to service delivery along with obliging with the challenges of budgetary crises (Menifield, 2017). The budgeting and financial management help to evaluate a deep fiscal shock and also improves an enhanced outlook for the improved budget processes along with the key focus on the innovative financial management technique. It is a milestone to develop and emerge with the given economies. The emphasis is more on the skills required to have a reformed budget system along with abilities to work on the strengthening public financial management globally (Anderson, 1998).

As per the “techniques of Governance”, the Zero-Based Budgeting is defined as more to the reverse process of traditional planning along with following the decision making outlined with the budgeting. As per the traditional budgeting, often the managers would be contemplated to review and oblige to review the budget that relates to the previous year along with making the desired corrections (in terms of revenue and expenditures) that helps to determine the performance expectations. With the budget outlined in terms of the given baseline (starting point), it is important for the Zero-Based Budgeting to include all the managers that can also justify and improve on the budgeted expenses. It would not be changed as per the budget not highlighted per the last year (Nelson, 2005). The technique such as the if one is hiring a recruit, one has to increase the budget and then hire, the concept of the zero-based budgeting does not work by the traditional approach. It is more like to start from scratch and even build on the period of strategizing that can explain the expense cut.

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