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Preparing For International Employment Assignment Help

Identify a culture to study for an international job assignment as a communication consultant.

Explain why you have selected this culture and/or country.

Describe your personal culture and how it compares to the culture of your international job assignment.

Describe your prior knowledge of the culture you have selected to study and why you selected this culture.

Explain what you hope to learn or achieve by studying this culture in this manner.

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Competence is fundamentally a social judgement regarding the manner in which an individual is able to communicate with the others. This also implies that the intercultural competence is the concept that one perceives to be (Lustig & Koester, 2018). The following discussion shall focus on understanding the significance of the selection of deaf culture as international employment competence and compare the same with respect to American deaf culture and Australian deaf culture. 

Culture of Study as Communication Consultant

The deaf individuals are linguistic minority and have a common experience of life, and as a result of the same, manifests itself as deaf culture. This comprises of beliefs, history, attitudes, values, art, literary traditions and norms that are shared by the deaf individuals. Deaf culture is present at the heart of the deaf communities across the world and each of the deaf community is fundamentally a cultural group that shares a common heritage, along with a sign language. The members of the global deaf community identify themselves as members of linguistic group and culture (The Outreach Center for Deafness and Blindness, 2019). Culture and language fundamentally intertwine, thereby forming the system whereby the characteristics of culture is reflected with language (Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center, 2015). With respect to the case of deaf community of America, the individuals use American Sign Language (ASL) (Minnesota Hands & Voices, 2019). On the other hand, the sign language that is used by the deaf community of Australia is Auslan (Australian Sign Language) (Aussie Deaf Kids, 2015).

Selection of the Country and Culture

Deaf culture remains the same for all the individuals of the of the global deaf community. However, the language that is used by the different deaf communities, may vary as per their region or practice. For the international job competence, I have selected the Deaf culture and particularly Australian Deaf Culture. I have selected the Australian Deaf Culture because the culture remains constant through the world. Moreover, as my international job assignment would require me to relocate to Australia, therefore, learning and developing the skills of Australian Deaf Culture would facilitate my processes associated with my job role. Anyone who does not value the Auslan is highly unlikely to feel comfortable with the Australian Deaf Culture nor would they be accepted by it (Aussie Deaf Kids, 2015). However, the Australian Deaf Culture varies highly with the American Deaf culture that I am more experienced with. 

Personal Culture and Compared it to Culture of International Job Assignment

American Deaf Culture employs the use of American Sign Language (ASL) that enables them in connected with others belonging to the deaf community. It also serves as a membership card with respect to the linguistic subculture of the American Society (Clason, 2017). ASL is also considered as the backbone of the American Deaf culture. Signing varies based on regions and countries, very similar to that of the spoken words that exists in different regions and countries. Preservation of the ASLrequires educating individuals within the deaf community, of the language and the culture (Cripps, & Small, 2017). 

Deaf community in Australia is diverse in nature, with respect to linguistic and cultural minority group, which comprises of a vast network of political, social, artistic, sporting and religious groups. A viable accredited Auslan requires interpretation and captioning of the service sector, which is vital (Deafness Forum, 2018). Since I shall be positioned in Australia, therefore, I would e needed to improve my knowledge regarding Auslan and identify the difference between ASL and Auslan so that I am able to perform better. 

Prior Knowledge of the Culture

I have the knowledge of Australian Deaf Culture as well as Auslan to a certain extent. I have been able to gain experience and knowledge of the Australian deaf culture from various literatures as well as different YouTube videos that are dedicated for this purpose. Moreover, I have also consulted some individuals associated with the Australian Deaf culture and possess knowledge of Auslan, so as to gain more perspective regarding the culture and language. Australian culture is considered to be most open minded and the culture is more similar to that of the European culture. Therefore, I need to develop and enhance my knowledge of the Australian deaf culture and Auslan to the extent that I am able to perform efficiently with my international job. 

Learn or Achieve by Studying the Culture

As the Australian Deaf culture is different from the American Deaf culture, with the languages also been different, it is important for me to gain sufficient knowledge of the Australian deaf culture and Auslan and compare the same with the existing American deaf culture and ASL. By comparing the two languages and cultures, I shall be able to gain more idea and knowledge regarding the differences and thereby improve my knowledge accordingly. By studying the Auslan and Australian deaf culture, I hope I shall be able to expand the horizons of my expertise and further develop my international competence. Moreover, as the Australian culture is similar to that of the European culture, therefore, by enhancing my knowledge of the Australian deaf culture, I hope it will be easier for me to learn the European deaf culture as well and would be helpful if I am ever relocated to European region. 


As per the discussion that has been presented above, it can be determined that the American deaf culture is different from that of Australian deaf culture, which is more similar to that of the European culture. Therefore, to enhance international competence, it is important to improve the Australian deaf culture and Auslan so as to be able to perform more efficiently in that location. 

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