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Motivation and Performance Management Assignment Help

1. Compare the difference between job satisfaction and organizational commitment. Determine which is more strongly related to performance for your selected company.

2. Apply motivational theory and performance management principles to evaluate the company as a potential employer.

3. Use at least three (3) quality references. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not quality as academic resources.



Within any organization job satisfaction is one of the foremost crisis that ultimately is responsible for the overall success of an organization. Irrespective of the organization being in private or public sector, the job satisfaction of an employee is directly proportional to the contribution made for the achievement of the organizational objective. According to Hockenberry (2016), job satisfaction uses a metric to determined how smooth is the organizational behavior, is the working condition and the resources available are motivating for the employees, the scope of bringing innovation, opportunities of maintaining competencies by employees, and quality-wise as well as timely completion of the projects. Furthermore, this factor is directly linked to the commitments made by the employees for the achievement of objectives, and it determines the overall success or failure in the market.

Scope of the report

The present report is an analysis of performance management and motivation system in conjunction to the job satisfaction and the framed organizational commitment. The analysis present here in is based on the case study of LeBonheur Children’s Hospital. This institution is known for having multi-speciality professionals, delivering care facilities to more than 14,000 patients per year, and was recognized as one of the best children's care unit in United States by World Report and US News. In addition to this the analysis of the Performance Management theories and motivational strategies that are being implemented at the hospital to evaluate their potential employment is also discussed in this report.

Standards of organizational commitment implemented as framework in the organization

LeBonheur Children’s Hospital is known for its commitment of maintaining and environment that values, gives respect, acknowledge the unique contribution made by the stakeholders, and embraces the values with respect to the individual differences. The hospital believes in faith-based Mission and it works as a partnership with patient, families, health Care professionals including physicians and nurses, business partners, and the communities that are being served (Armour, 2019).

The organization was also recognized for complaint with the federal and state legislation in conjunction to avoid the Discrimination among the employees with respect to age, color, cast, creed, national, disability, and genetic characteristics. With this commitment, the company offers equal opportunities to all the employees and also acknowledge their contribution into the strategy framework as well as the clinical services provided to the community. Notably, the maintenance of the commitments by virtue of monitoring and review process are being managed by the human resource department. They are also responsible for witnessing any deviation from the practices and taking appropriate measures the following the organizational commitment.

Other important practices that are being followed at this hospital with respect to their employees include following points (Gallan, 2018; Kimura, 2016):

• Equal pay and equal opportunity are provided according to the skills and performance of employees.

• They offer opportunities such as training education, scientific events, learning sessions that can help employees to advance their competencies.

• In order to maintain the clinical outcomes with appropriate standard, they also take care about the job responsibilities and work burden on their employees.

• The offer opportunities of internship, visitors training, industrial session for the students, and short-term courses for nursing professionals.  This helps in giving experiences as well as attracting young professionals towards the organization.

• At workplace, the organization take care of individual differences, their reviews, diversity, and interpersonal communication skills that in turn helps in maintaining positive workplace environment.

• In order to retain qualified and experienced professionals, the hospital organization uses motivational strategies such as to acknowledges as well as rewards their contribution.

• They offer competitive salaries, employment benefits according to the federal regulations, and perks in conjunction to the efforts made by the employees for achieving organisational objectives. 

Evaluation of the job satisfaction criteria

According to the report of Fortune 100 best companies to work (2018), LeBonheur Children’s Hospital Is considered as one of the best place to work. The statistics in conjunction to employee experience that suggests the organization to offer maximum job satisfaction is mainly based on 87% positive words. The employees also gives vote for self-satisfaction about the contribution to the community (95%), Proper orientation, training, and education provided to match with the organizational standards (92%), workplace environment offers opportunity of learning and make use of knowledge for the benefit of society (91%), and returning a proud feeling for being a part of the organization (91%). Other than this, the organization is also known are offering clinical services to more than 170 paediatric diverse cases, I'm delivering more than 10,000 surgeries per year. These statistics, not only gives an overview that employees are provided optimum satisfaction opportunities to contribute effectively towards the clinical expectancy framed by the organization; but also implies that the organization maintains a diverse pool of employees to achieve their objectives.

Motivational theories and performance management principles implemented at the organization

The foremost theory that is being implemented at the organization is Herzberg’s two-factor principle, which suggests improvement of the motivational factor is directly proportional to the job satisfaction. This factor can be witnessed at the hospital with respect to maintaining the working condition, co-workers’ relationship, supervising quality, competitive salaries and benefits, as well as giving flexibility do the employees (Sanjeev & Surya, 2016). in addition to this the employees that are also motivated by recognizing their contribution and offering opportunities for self-enlightenment.

Organization also follows Adams Equity Theory, in which the performance of employees are calibrated with respect to, flexibility, reliability, interpersonal skills, tolerance, and ability of using evidence based practices for the benefits of patients. In return of this, the employees were acknowledged but their contribution, offer competitive prices and promotions, provided for the opportunities of development and working in the areas of their interest, and given the recognition of being in the healthcare sector (Ryan, 2016). With this, the organization believes that offering the equal return to the employees are the key factor to motivate them for their contribution as well as a factor to retain qualified professionals for longer period. This performance management principle is also linked with the expectancy theory, which suggest that that employees will be contributing to the organizational success, when they will be returned with the motivational elements that they require (Purvis, 2015).


Overall, with these motivational theories that are reflecting the current organizational practices, it can be assumed that they are the sole factor responsible for offering the employees appropriate satisfaction with respect to their job. Furthermore, these motivations are responsible for retaining the market standard of the organization, as the contribution of the employees are directed with the performance management principles to achieve the organizational objectives.


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