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The Slave Trade in Colonial America Assignment Help

The Slave Trade in Colonial America. and the role slavery played in shaping the history and economy of colonial America. Minimum of two academically credible sources.

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The Slave Trade in Colonial America 

The slave trade was a brutal triangle shaped trading system where human beings were exchanged or sold like other things, crops, wearing. From historical primary sources, it is fund to be present that, it was the basic culture of transatlantic areas. Slave trading was originated in the late period of the 16th century when Dutch traders carried African slaved for trading purpose. Africans were previously treated as slaves of American nationals in an individual manner from a long ago. In 1619, in a Spanish ship, Dutch traders carried some African slaves to the Jamestown of North America in trading purpose (Meyer, 2019). It is found in enormous sources that, African slaves were very reliable, trustworthy and laborious that's why Americans enslaved them from multifarious kinds of activities to continue their operational activities. Due to their natural phenomena, they had taken a crucial part in shaping the economic framework of colonial America. In this time, slaves were used from different parts of the world including Senegambia, Upper Guinea, Windward coast, Gold coast, Bight of Benin including Togo, Benin, Nigeria of Niger Delta. Slave traders have changed the economic structure of North America through taking a key part in Tobacco trading through the Mediterranean Sea and Transatlantic region in a reliable way. Slave oriented tobacco business in the region of Chesapeake region including Virginia in Jamestown and Maryland were the initial place where slave oriented agriculture originated in the sixteenth century. In this agricultural field, there was the cultivation of only some economically profitable things like Tobacco which was then channelized into others where cotton and indigo were most important. It is discussed in the previous part that, slaves have a great role in the economy of colonial America because the economic uplifting of this part of America was totally dependent on tobacco cultivation which was very much laborious in nature. After trading these saves were utilized in tobacco cultivation and trading or carrying related activities. In this period, colonial Americans bought slaves both men and women to get a tremendous level of labor in tobacco cultivation at a cheap rate. These slaves were very much expensive to buy for the white Americans but in spite of this, they used to take this amount of thing to get free labor for tobacco cultivation for the lifetime. Along with the demand for Tobacco grew tobacco has gained its name Cash crop. From this time, there was a great demand for slaves also. As a result, the slave trade became a profitable business for the Dutch business persons also who carried African men and women through exploitation (Cheng, 2019). But, it is not the true one that, entire colonial America was completely dependent on Tobacco cultivation. It is observed that there was South Carolina which was also called Rice kingdom of colonial North America. In the era of the seventeenth century, rich planters from Barbados carried a lot of African slaves to this land. In rice cultivation, landowners had the demand for lots of slaves. On the other hand, African slaves were actually apt for such cultivation because this Caroline was tropical and on the other hand, African slaves were skilled, laborious and habituated with semi-top natured land of South Carolina. After that, some of the slave traders had taken some land and had started the cultivation of rice, tobacco, cotton, indigo and many other cash crops to make a huge amount of profitability. In this period, in the trans-Atlantic zone, there were vigorous rebellions among slaves, landowners and slave traders. In the period of 1720 most of the landowners had left the land of South Carolina and gone to the Appalachian Mountains. In this period they had left their land because due to vigorous tobacco and indigo cultivation land became sterile and it had affected their rituals or profitability level. In this way, those slave traders had made their way to enhance their business in both of the agrarian and slave trading system. As after buying a slave for the entire life, his labor became the property of slave owner so it was observed that, in a very small people more than 70% of the population of colonial America is enslaved and all slaves are African. Excluding both of these parts of colonial America, there were other parts like New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey and many others. But, it is found to be present in enormous primary and secondary sources of information that, slavery was present in a huge amount mainly in South colonial America rather than its Northern part (Moore, 2019).

Not only slaves were taken for economic utilization but also they had a great role in the establishment of the historical placement of colonial America also. Slaves were the pillar of such a big world economy. African slaves had proved their efficacy in the sugar cultivation also in the region of Middle East colonial America, Iberian Peninsula land and others. From the last period of the 17th century, slave traders supplied slaves from Russia and Balkan regions also. In this way, it was a great period when most of the labors made their rebellion for a free life. In this way of rebellions in the middle period of 18th century, from most of the part of colonial America, previously known as Slave states became Free states and these slaves became the dweller of colonial America. As they were very much skilled and habituated with rules of natural resources of colonial America, they had continued all the crop cultivation, rice and other things. In this way, colonial America becomes the biggest economy and in this establishment of big empire slaves were the curtain actor with lots of roles and sacrifices.

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