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Organizational Structure, Issues and Changes Assignment Help

You are Chief Operations Officer (COO) of Watlow Electric Manufacturing Company. The company currently operates under a decentralized organizational structure; however, recent mishaps have occurred due to a perceived lack of control over manufacturing processes and marketing decisions. In response, the CEO is considering the possibility of changing the organizational structure of the company. You have been asked to consider the recent issues experienced at the company, determine if they can be reasonably attributed to the current organizational structure, consider alternative structures and their pros and cons, and then formulate a recommendation using sound arguments that are well supported, properly vetted, and logically presented. It is important that management carefully consider any potential ethical implications associated with their stated position. If there are any potential ethical concerns associated with your position, they should be identified and discussed in the final recommendation.

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At Watlow Electric Manufacturing, the organization essentially has a decentralized structure. This implies that there are vigorous and rather systematic efforts that are undertaken to ensure equal distribution of power within the hierarchy instead of concentrating it only at the topmost levels (Mueller, 2015). It does not imply delegation among two individuals but rather the delegation to all units within the company. However, this organizational structure has given rise to many problems, which can be attributed to its decentralized nature. For instance, the cooperation among the workers within the enterprise has become problematic. This has largely been the result of the absence of uniformity within the system. This inconsistency has often created problems in the face of adversities by raising the expenses of administration, such as for recruitment and training purposes.

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As is the responsibility of any Chief Operations Officer, an alternative administrative structure must be applied to ensure that the management does not suffer from a lack of control or mismanagement all over again in the near future. It is not possible to make a dramatic shift from the current organizational structure to a completely centralized one as the friction would be massive and the change too abrupt (Sperling, Hvelplund, & Mathiesen, 2011). Thus, a safer option would be to choose an administrative method that is departmental in nature. In other words, there can be separate units with specific responsibilities allotted to them, which can thereby function autonomously instead of sticking to a strict hierarchy.

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As far as the ethical concerns of the proposed method is concerned, there are no particular constraints. Moreover, such organizations are typically a lot more flexible as compared to the highly centralized ones, as the various departments still have the freedom for performing decision-making and other duties on their own. However, it is imperative that the top level of management participate in the smooth coordination of the different units.

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