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BUS 632 Advanced Logistics

The BUS 632 Advanced Logistics course focuses on logistic practices, in a solid attempt to enhance the current knowledge at their disposal. BUS 632 Advanced Logistics students are acquainted with important logistic supervision practices along with products allocation techniques, which instill deeper understanding on the numerous aspects involved in the wide section of logistics management.

Besides, the BUS 632 Advanced Logistics students get to learn imperative logistic practices that, not only stand as desirable traits but are also considered immensely valuable. Yet, the courses students still get to be examined on various dynamics that are enjoined within the collective flow of products to evaluate their understanding for reassurance. Other topics that are covered within the examination scope of this course include assignments on the following areas:

  • In-process products
  • Complexities including information on production and branding
  • Vending products to consumers

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