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BUSN111 - Working with Technology Assignment, Australian Catholic University, Australia


TASK: CREATE YOUR HYPOTHETICAL BUSINESS - Consider the Digital Innovation Report introduced in Week 1. Create a hypothetical business in one of the following sectors: Safe and Precision Healthcare, Digital Agriculture and Data-Driven Urban Management.

Answer - Creating hypothetical business

Safe and precision healthcare

The health care industry should provide an excellent aspect within which it is necessary to study the complexities of value creation within a multi-stakeholder and heterogeneous environment (Angst et al., 2017). The extent to which the capabilities of Health Information Technology are utilized is likely for significantly impacting outcomes but even further, the rate at which the usage levels enhance, individually and combined with the complementary capabilities, is likely to have crucial influences over the long-term and short-term outcomes.

On the other hand, the utilization of growth rate of Health Information Technology should serve as the proxy for radical Vs incremental change that has been shown to have several impacts on outcomes, based on the capability of stabilizing complex processes and associated learning costs. It helps to make the healthcare system safe and précised for the customers (Suciu et al., 2015). As lot of people visit healthcare organisations on a daily basis to receive treatment which not only makes the crowd management impossible but also phrases parking problems on premises. Therefore, the healthcare organisations should have appropriate security measures for handling the traffic and crowd problems which would ultimately help to maintain harmony and peace of their promises. Installation of security cameras can help monetary every corner of the facility and can easily record the mishaps. Fire incidents often take place in the medical Healthcare organisations resulting in injuries and damages caused to the patients already admitted over there. Taking active security measures can help to reduce the risks of these damages and incidents. Hence, taking the necessary actions through the effective use of information technology and other safety measures would be helpful to secure the healthcare process and obtain potential benefits from it.

Along with the web-based technologies, the mobile technologies is also effective for the health care industry. The interventions of mobile health can be able to create few significant and advantageous effects on the processes of health care delivery

(Aziz & Guled, 2016). Therefore, it is essential to conduct systematic review in regards to quality and effective communication over the controlled trials of the interventions of mobile technologies for improving the processes or systems of health care. The purpose of this study is to identify the mobile technology interventions can be utilized for facilitating data collection as well as for encouraging the consumers of health-care for self-managing chronic conditions and adopting healthy lifestyles. As the most significant outcome of this process, it can also be proven very significant for improving the processes of health-care service delivery by targeting the health-care communication or providers between these providers.


TASK: WHAT ROLE WILL THESE EMERGING TRENDS PLAY IN YOUR BUSINESS? Consider the emerging trends from the list below and identify at least 2 and at most 3 trends that you can take advantage of in your business. Explain their roles in your business and why they were chosen.

Answer - Emerging trends in business

Augment reality: The use of augmented reality has been a boon for the robot-human interaction. AR is different from the virtual reality in the sense that the latter is not related to anything real rather it is in a virtual world whereas AR is an enhanced version of the reality. AR has a mixture of both real as well as the virtual world. With the use of AR, the virtual object could be superimposed on the real world and vice versa, and there can also be an interaction between the two (Martin et al., 2015). The various feature of the augmented reality that makes it a choice for the robot-human compatibility are:

1. The AR has an ability to enhance the real world object when used in an interface.

2. There is an unlimited possibility of interaction between the real and the virtual world.

3. Ego and exocentric view are a great utility too that can merge the robots and the human collaboration.

5. Many AR now supports tangible as well as transitional interface.

The above written tangible interface can be used to change any physical object through a 3D shared devices (Benjamin et al., 2015). There have been AR implementation already in mobile various examples such as ARToolkit software and Magicbook can be analysed to know the amazing effect of robot-human collaboration through Augmented Reality.

Internet of things: The evolution Internet Of Things has open wide scope for the next generation use of smart appliances and utilisation of artificial intelligence will also help improve the technology to a great deal. This has also affected the learning system of our education system and will also enhance the ability of students to analyze and understand better. For transmission of signal through the house, Zigbee and Z wave are used as the main component because of its low energy requirement. It is used to transmit the wireless data in a close area and has high speed of propagation. Another important development has been the invention of BLE (Bluetooth low Energy). This is the successor of Bluetooth and is also known as Bluetooth 4.0. The main difference if BLE over its predecessor is the fact that it can last a long time without the need to charge the device. The issue with the Bluetooth was that it was too much power consuming and the battery needed to be charge very frequently. This defect was totally eliminated in the BLE. Due to this reason, BLE has been consistently used in smart homes to transmit the data and its technology has also improved a lot.


TASK: EMAIL COMMUNICATION - In week 5 you learned how to write an email using appropriate tone and structure. For this task, you are required to craft an email to respond to a situation in your hypothetical business.

Answer - Email Communication

An effective communication in a business is essential in competitive business world. A team member is able in taking profitable as well as productive decision for the organization. However, the knowledge of barriers in communication can be effective for employees as well as plays a significant role for human professional so that they can take multiple techniques in order to deal with communication issue (Dilek et al., 2015). Email communication is one of the effective mediums that help the employees to communicate with other employees and stakeholders involved with the project. Practicing email communication has extended to more than business among the staffs of the organisation that opens doors to several ethical as well as technological complications. With the help of email, large files can be sent. In addition, the medium of communication is safe and secured. The barriers are technical barrier, physical barrier and physical barrier.

Effective email communication has results when communication is clear and it helps to fulfil several formats such as business letters, annual and monthly meetings, notices as well as manuals and declarations. The challenges of communication are usually faced through every person within the organization. Hence, it is necessary to overcome the challenges for the organizations in order to achieve its strategic goals. Email communication can be helpful to overcome the challenges effectively.

TASK: SOCIAL MEDIA COMMUNICATION - Imagine you are running the social media for your hypothetical business. What social media platforms would be appropriate for your business?

Answer - Social Media communication

Social media communication is one of the key components of the success of any organization. Physical, cultural, linguistic, emotional, and perceptual barriers help us to understand the factors that impede the growth of an organization. Thus, helping us out in determining the future path to resolve the barriers according to the resources available to the organizations. Social media communication is one of the basic functions of management in an organization as well as its significance that can hardly be focused. It is one of the procedures of transmitting data, ideas as well as thoughts and opinions between several parts of the organization. Hence, effective social communication is important for the organization at several levels as well as aspects in business. On the other hand, social media communication is one of the primary tools for motivation that can enhance morale of the staffs (Franke & Brynielsson, 2014). Improper communication among the staffs and stakeholders is the major cause of conflict as well as low morale at work. With effective social media communication, an effective human relation in the enterprise as well as encouraging the ideas and suggestions from the staffs as well as deploying when it is possible can increase production at very low cost.

Facebook is one of the biggest as well as most powerful social networks that helps to communicate people to send message directly and share their feelings through posts. On the other hand, Twitter also helps to communicate in global aspect. In addition, with the help of Instagram and LinkedIn helps to communicate people easily and effectively. Social media has an important role in connecting people as well as developing relationships among people.


TASK: CYBER SECURITY IN YOUR BUSINESS - Identify the cyber security measures you will take in your business, explain the reason why you choose it, and discuss the importance of doing so from an ethical perspective.

Answer - Cyber Security in business

Cloud computing has changed present world of information technology. People are moving data to cloud since it is getting bigger as well as requires to be accessible from several devices. Hence, storing of data on cloud becomes a rule. On the other hand, there are several issues, which encounter data stored in cloud starting from virtual machine. Sharing resources in cloud and ending on storage of cloud be helpful for the organizations. On the other hand, cyber security has been constantly a major issue as it becomes serious

Cyber security has become a major issue in the field of information technology that impact on business of an organization. In a business environment, it is a serious concern as data is located virtually. Cyber security as well as privacy protection is the major factors and concerns for users regarding cloud technology (Kaytan & Hanbay, 2017). There are several techniques investigated to mitigate cyber security. However, cyber security and issues of privacy protection are related to hardware and software in cloud architecture. In this perspective, it is important to review different security techniques to protect data in cloud and aims to improve cyber security as well as privacy protection for trustworthy cloud environment.

On the other hand, data protection tops are in the list of cloud concerns at present days. Vendor security capabilities are considered as the key to develop strategic value, reported at Cloud Computing 2012 study. It measured trends of cloud computing among decision makers of cloud computing technology. Public, private as well as hybrid cloud solutions are considered for possibility of compromised data that creates tremendous torment. The enterprises expect that third party providers manage cloud infrastructure and uneasy regarding granting visibility into sensitive information.


TASK - USING DATA SETS TO ANSWER YOUR BUSINESS QUESTIONS - Identified at least two open datasets to help you answer important business questions. Now take one of those datasets and represent it visually such as a graph or chart that explains the answer to your question. Write a summary of what business questions this chart answers, how they are answered, and why you chose this dataset.

Answer - Using data sets for business case

The data that has been utilized for the course of our research has been taken from the database of Westfield and all its subsidiaries in Australia and around the world. The Westfield enterprises has been known as the main investor and constructor in a shopping complex business. The annual revenue and it's depreciation along the years can be a mirror for comparing these data which could be alter allow us to know the annual percentage decrease in profit of the company. Along with this, the enterprise balance sheet can also be made available so that the capital data could be compared with the previous years to get a better understanding of the financial aspect of the company.

As it has been already stated, the main objective of the project is to find out and analyze different reasons of a strategic mishap in an organisation and could be the steps taken to counter and eliminate the issues that are responsible for the low productivity of the company. The mode and effective used of various types of communication is very essential for better human resource allocation in the related sector. One of the key aspect of any communication is the involvement of the employees in the day to day decision making process of the company. This is very important for the individual contribution of the employees and sustain the parent company by boosting the morale of the employees and automatically transforms into higher productivity for the company.

The data of the more involving employees can be tracked through their appraisal report and could also be known through their individual contribution report. These types of initiatives from the management can have a lasting effect in the minds of the employees. Tags such as best employees and other could also develop a sense of healthy competition among the employees which is always good for the company. The strategic lapses and success should also be archieved by the company so that every decision that is made by the management could be used as a caution for future managerial and executive decisions.

Further, an effective organization is one that takes responsibility for every kind of drawbacks that it has. As it is are that poor communication leads to loss of business, employee turnover, customers, products, goods and services, loss of productivity, absenteeism, sabotage and so on. Thus an organization knows, that the above-mentioned problems may lead to a decrease in the success of the organization. So, if it can identify the problems then it will be easier for it to mitigate them. The more effective the mitigation process of the company, the more the chances of the company improving its overall performance. Each company has its own unique way of solving any problem. Due to the world, becoming a global village, each organization has employees, clients, and business from people of different ethnicities, cultural background, and geography. So for an organization to really be successful it's very important for it to be able to assimilate and integrate all these people and align them with the company's goal and objectives. And, this can only be possible if communication is given the most important position and interaction between the various integral parts of the organization is appreciated and encouraged.


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