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BUS 625 Data & Decision Analytics

Since the dawn of the internet, the amount of data that gets captured by various data collectors has grown unimaginably fast. Huge benefits have been obtained by businesses that have taken advantage of this data growth. Many business organizations carry out deep research and systematically model tradeoffs to make sure that the decisions they make from data are of high quality. Data is of great importance for modern businesses since it helps businesses to study market structures and further maximize their profits. Decision analytics helps the business to make good insights based on the competitive nature of businesses and the government regulations put in place for individual businesses, among other business challenges.

BUS 625 Data & Decision Analytics is carrying total 3 Credits. The Data and Decision Analytics course will offer learners with the knowledge on how to analyze and dissect data into useful information. Learners will use a variety of skills, data assembly, including data collection, & data dissemination to offer a synopsis of organizational operations. Learners will offer a comprehensive data proposal & use data to come to operational & strategic decisions. Prerequisite of this course is BUS 592.

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