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Health Risk Assessment


Introduction: Healthy life style is very much necessary for leading a comfortable and hassle free life for any human being. Health Risk assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of one's health conditions. Depending on the strategic health risk assessment one should take care of the health habits that may include food habits, traits of eating, exercising, sleep patterns and even working habits. The following part of the discussion is all about the health Risk assessment of self and subsequent there is detailed focus on the list of activities which one should follow to take care of proper health regulations.

Question: Identify your potential risk factors for diseases and identify strategies that promote healthy lifestyles.

Answer: Reflection on the results of the health risk assessment sample testing: Based on the results obtained on assessment in each of the categories discussed, the following are the findings,

Physical Activity scored 15/25

Nutrition scored 11/25

General Health 8/25

Safety 16/25

Social and environmental awareness 15/25

Emotional awareness 16/25

Mental wellness 15/25

Intellectual wellness 18/25

Occupational wellness 15/25

Values spirituality and Beliefs 14/25

In the scale from 5 to 25 the cumulative scoring in each of these categories indicates the compliance of that particular health measure in general. 5 indicate never or almost never compliance in that category and 25 indicates the complete compliance or almost positive association with that particular category of action. In this regard, the total scoring is 145/250 which means an average score in total. Since the compliance is just at about 50% of the total compliance and hence there is need for me to take up additional health precaution in total.

Discussion and analysis of the results: As a whole there is little surprise to me on the results obtained by me. I often believe that I am one of the most health conscious person and I think that there is no need for me to take up any additional health measures, however it is not true and there are several regions where there is need for me to pay additional health measures. The most positive aspect of my health concern is my attention towards intellectual wellness; however my physical health concerns are at the minimum levels. There is considerable risk there for me to upgrade the physical health standards else it can be a serious health risk for me in future. It is not very much surprising, though the level of scoring in both these categories is not like which I feel about myself, the relative scoring in each of these two categories is just like how I think about myself. 


Positive features: • I scored 4 (Very often) about the precautions which I take in the workplace to avoid accidents. It is true that I provide maximum attention towards the workplace accidents. Since my work involve dealing with very critical workplace conditions, always I take the best possible health measures in the workplace. But still there is sufficient scope to improve this trait. I can take up more supportive activities in the workplace, like I can take up some more research on the workplace tools and equipment which I work on to identify the commonly seen accidents as well I wish to take up corrective measures to keep my workplace more comfortable. Also I usually focus on personal protective equipment and other related safety appliances, but not much on the work place working habits. Fatigue mitigation, working with ergonomically designed workplace tools and equipment can help me to take up my work more conveniently. I wish to work in this direction to make my workplace experience more comfortable and safer too.

• I am good in developing positive and long lasting relationships with the people, whenever I make relations with the people; it is more likely that the relation last for long time. I always feel comfortable in making long lasting interactions with the people. I scored 80% rating in this aspect. Though it is a positive aspect there are still necessary aspects to be focused in. I am not very much good in making relationship with the people who are culturally different from me (Bleidom et al.,2016). Those people with which my cultural equations do not work well, also with those people with whom I do not know much of their cultures and a relation, my relationship making is poor and I often cannot develop relationship, I wish to develop these skills to develop in this direction further.

• Another positive aspect is the collection of the new information from diverse channels like televisions, books, newspapers, internet(Gross & Buehl,2016) etc. Exposure to these channels will provide me lot of scope to understand new information channels and providing me opportunities to grow healthy in life. However still my interactions are mostly limited with these electronic and digital media, still I believe there is much to develop by having personal interactions and visiting places etc. Such endeavor can provide me even more scope to learn new things. So I should plan myself to assign some time from my daily routines to further enhance my skills in this domain.

Negative features: • General health is very much dependent on the intake which one does take every day. Fruits and vegetables make up good diet and atleast 5 different cups are to be taken every day, however still I am not taking these intakes due to several complications. Some of them are due to the fact that I do give some negligence to the health aspects and secondly I won't be having time to take up 5 different servings every day. But there is need to develop the same by providing some focused attention in this regard (Reeves et al., 2017).

• It is correct that the liquor and alcohol are both harmful to health but I could not resist the temptation of smoking and taking smoking several times(Lancaster & Stead,2017). Tobacco smoking is part of my bad health habits from several years. I wish to reduce and totally mitigate cigarette smoking in the coming years. Alcohol, I usually take beer every day, which is not good for health, I need to stop that as early as possible. Stringent measures to be taken in this direction.

• Another bad habit is that I never focus attention to my skin while moving in the sun. I never applied any protection balms or wore sunglasses in the hot sun. I think it is the time to recognize the need to be focused on these aspects and should take up the necessary measures to protect myself.

Conclusion: On complete health risk assessment of myself, there are clear results indicating that there is need for improvement as a whole. My overall rating is only less than 50% which mean there is some health risk in my operational profiles. My performance is good in safety aspects. This may be true since I had special training in the safety certification in the workplace and it is my routine to pay little more attention to the workplace operations and safety concerns, however still there is more need for me to pay attention in the aspects like General health and nutrition aspects. It is required for me to pay additional attention in the general health practices and food habits. My physical health attention is riskier at present. I am not considering the precautions like occasional visits to the physicians, dentists and other health practitioners. Changing food habits, reducing fat and oil diet, monitoring body weight and BMI are some of the immediate concerns that I need to consider immediately. Though these are some of the immediate focus areas, there is much to do with the overall health improvement practices. My overall health risk assessment is not in the proper range, I wish to improve the same in the near future. In this regard there is going to have continuous risk assessment and based on the chronical evaluation of the performance I wish to gauge my health status improvement measures.


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