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Health and Safety System for Bakery Industry Assignment Help

You are required to present the completed WHS system to colleagues relevant to the workplace or simulated workplace as determined in assessment 1. 

Your Tasks:

1. Make a short presentation of your developed WHS system.

2. Explain to your audience the purpose of the WHS system you have developed including an overview of the legal ramifications of failing to observe WHS laws and codes of practice.

3. Communicate the individual responsibilities of staff in WHS procedures including ongoing consultation and risk assessment procedures.

4. Present the components and mechanisms of your developed system and seek feedback on:

• Completeness in terms of policies and procedures

• Provisions for communication and consultation

• Accessibility and user friendliness

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Work health and safety management system development. The development involves the following seven steps to be used in ensuring safety in the bakery industry.

STEP 1: Health and Safety governance structure.

In this step involves discussion on the stakeholders involved in ensuring health and safety for the bakery industry. The stakeholder includes health and safety committee, supervisors, safety managers, directors, auditors and the workers involved. It provides detailed information about the work and responsibilities of the stakeholders involved in ensuring safety for the bakery industry.

Under Occupational Safety and health act 1984, describes that employees have the responsibility to enhance and maintain safety environment for its workers in order to reduce risk that harm employees. The following are the responsibilities involved in the act:

Safety and health committee-it's a committee formed by the bakery company to ensure that health and safety is maintained. The committee is involved in addressing the safety and health matters to the workers. These would help in assessing, monitoring and coming up with ways and methods to curb the risks involved.

Committee also conducts accident investigations and deal with health and safety of workers.

Safety managers- have a role in ensuring that they provide adequate advice to directors and other managers of bakery industry on safety health matters to ensure that the industry comply with the rules and procedure set for health and safety for both internal and external environment.

Director in charge of health and safety of the bakery industry will provide adequate programmes for training workers on safety and health .The director also ensure culture of safety is encouraged to the workers.

Supervisors are also responsible in ensuring that they provide information about risk that is detected in the bakery industry to the workers and the entire management. They also identify the risk that arise on a daily basis such high temperature from the heat from the ovens. They also ensure that the environment used in baking process is well ventilated to reduce risk of suffocation to the workers. Supervisors also conduct regular inspection of the working environment.

Employees also have the responsibilities to ensure that they take care during the baking processes in order to reduce such as fire burn, cuts and ensure that their work place is well ventilated. The employees should ensure that they maintain high level of cleanliness during the baking process in order to ensure health safety is maintained in order to reduce exposure to diseases that comes out due to unhygienic issues such as cholera.

STEP 2: Establishment of consultation mechanism for bakery industry

Workers are consulted about health and safety in their working environment Consulting is a requirement that is legal and important part in managing health and safety for bakery industry. Consultation involves giving out information, procedure and policies. Providing effective consulting mechanisms that will align with the bakery industry will allow regular communication on health and safety.

The bakery industry consists of health management committee opens up communication channel to be used to link with the workers and the organization about health and safety.

The health and safety committee of the bakery industry provides the following communications channel to be used for consultation, these includes the following;

Bakery industry notice board where information about identified risk are recorded in order the workers could avoid them.
The health and safety team creates bakery industry emails to be used for consultation and communication on how to identify risks and ways to mitigate the risk.

The committee also provides register to be used in recording risks issues.

The management also ensures that they conduct daily health and safety meetings with all the stakeholders involved. Consultation will help to improve openness and efficiency in providing safety working environment that will reduce loss of property, damages, injuries and deaths.

STEP 3: Create health and safety policies and procedures.

These policies and procedures are essential important to the bakery industry. The workers are required by law to adhere to the policies and procedure set for ensuring safety and health for the bakery industry. A health and safety policy for bakery industry includes the following;

The workers involved in the baking should ensurethat they wear protective equipment such as gloves.

Workers should ensure that they report any accidents that occur immediately.

The workers should follow all instructions given by the management for their health purposes.

The employees should adhere to safe work practices by avoiding risks that arise during the baking process.

The bakery management should provide a safe working environment and systems of work that are safe to the employee.

Health and procedures for bakery industry .The following are procedures to be followed during the performing of daily activities of bakery industry. They include;

Procedures on how to handle different chemicals that are available in the baking industry such as gas, chlorine, ascorbic acid and bromate.

Provision of procedures on how to lift and move different machines used during the baking process in order to reduce the risk involved.
Procedures given on housekeeping in which the works are given instructions on how different tasks for housekeeping are done in order to ensure health and safety of the workers.

Safety procedures on electrical equipment's in which the workers are familiarized to the bakers that involves repair, installing and maintenance of electricity machines used in bakery industry such as gas cooker ,oven ,refrigerators, heater and other baking instruments.

STEP 4: Hazard identification and Risk management process is developed

The following are the risks that are associated with the bakery industry that should be taken into consideration by the workers involved the day to day activities of the industry;

The workers are affected by the heat related to the ovens. The management will need to conduct acclimatization process of their workers in order to manage high temperature in the baking kitchen.

The workers are exposed to diseases such as asthma that arise due to lack of proper control and exposure to allergens in the working environment.

Risk of injuries as a result of knife cuts and other sharp objects used in baking process. Leakages of gas cooker which may result to damages of equipment and cause death due to fire outbreak. Risk assessment used to calculate the Risk level of the hazard that occurs in the bakery industry. The risk level is calculated using scoring formula. It involves assessing the probability and impacts of the risk to the bakery industry. Risk = P×I where p is the probability and I is the impact of risk. An example that is not the actual figure

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Untitled picture.png

Explanation: The risk level that is very high which is the fire burn has the risk level of 4, it's more difficult to handle. And the risk level of health illness is 1.2, these means the risk can be easily handled.

Risk management process

The following are the strategies used in managing the risk in the bakery industry;
• First is accept or tolerate-it means that the risk that has occurred should be accepted itf the risk cannot be mitigated and no further action can be taken by the bakery management.

• Spreading the risk or transfer risk through taking an insurance cover for the bakery workers in case of any accidents arises. The insurance cover helps them to acquire the proper treatment without any struggles.

• Bakery industry should also take into consideration the strategy of avoiding risk that is of high level that cannot be reduced or mitigated by bakery management system.

• The bakery health and safety team should mitigate, minimize and control the risk that occurs during the production process.

The committee in charge of safety of bakery industry should enhance controls to be used in mitigating risk that are affecting the production of cakes, breads and other bakery products. These controls include preventive controls, detective controls and corrective controls that will help to mitigate risks.

Health and safety committee should implement the risk management, these involves taking actions over all the risk identified in the bakery industry. The workers should avoid risk in the bakery industry by use of respiratory protective equipment, use of skin protection equipment, use of health surveillance to identify any disease as early stage, control the dust level in the bakery industry.
Lastly, the management should monitor the risk that was identified, record it to the register system and ensure that the risk is frequently reviewed in order to avoid its occurrence again.

STEP 5: Training to the employees is conducted.

Safety and management team should conduct training to the workers on safety and health management .These involves training on how to handle machines such as bread slicer, ovens, dough shutter, refrigerators and also gas cooker.
The workers are also trained on how to conduct first aid to colleagues who are injured during the baking process. The safety representatives provide first aid kits to the workers and also there is availability of fire extinguisher in the baking room. The workers are also trained on how to identify and avoid risks that are manageable.

STEP 6: Record and document management system is established.

It involves ensuring that the bakery industry have proper record management system that should be followed by all employees .Proper record management system will help in ensuring that health and safety policies and procedure ,reviews, inspection and audits are highly recorded in a manner that is simple for retrieval.
STEP: Ensure that the workplace is well monitored for safety purposes. These is done by ensuring that policies and procedure set to be used by the bakery industry is well implemented in the industry and frequently reviewed.
The safety management system should be in a position to easily adopt methods of work ,the machines used and the process used.

2) The purpose of WHS system that I have develop including an overview of legal verification of failing to observe the WHS laws and codes of practice.

The developed work health and safety system is important in bakery industry since it provides safe working environment both internal and external safety.

Work health and safety system also helps in reducing health hazard and risk identified that affects the production process. The risk causes damages of properties and also causes injuries and death to employees. It also ensures health and safety tor the workers.

If the worker fails to comply with the laws and code of practice of health and safety system for the bakery industry, the following penalties are imposed to them,

• One may face imprisonment of a period of 2 years imposed a cash bail.
• The bakery industry may be closed if it fails to meet the health and safety regulations.

3) Individual responsibilities of staff in the work health and safety procedure including ongoing consultation and risk assessment procedure.

• Staff is responsible in ensuring that they report and record any identified risk within the bakery industry through the use of emails, bill boards, register any accidents and also attend health and safety meetings.

• During the risk assessment procedure staffs are required to provide the information on the probability of risk and its frequency of occurrence since they are exposed to the risk directly during the baking process.

• It is the responsibility of the staff to participate in the WHS procedure in order they can understand the policies and code of practice set for health and safety management.

• Participation of the staff in the WHS procedure enables them to acquire knowledge on how to avoid and mitigate emergency risks such as injuries from sharp cuts.

4) The components and mechanism of the system based on competences in terms of policies and procedure, Provision of communication and accessibility and user friendliness.

a) Competence in terms of policies and procedure.

The work health and safety system involves policies and procedure to be used in order to ensure that baking environment is safe for both internal and external stakeholders. Policies help to achieve the vision, mission, cultural values and goals of the bakery industry. It also gives instruction on decision making of the bakery industry.

b) Provision of communication- The system ensures that there is adequate communication from the top management to the workers about their health and safety during the baking process. The communication is done through conducting meetings, use of emails, billboards, use of bakery company newsletter, Register used to record accidents.

c) Accessibility and user friendliness.

System of work health and safety ensures that the workers are accessible to good working environment and which is a user friendly .These is through providing training to the workers in order to provide safety for both internal and external environment. The management provides law and regulations to be used.

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