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Assignment - Prepare a paper about Performance Management.




Performance management can be referred to as the interaction between an employer and an employee which takes place over the year for attaining predetermined organisational objectives. The communication process involves clarifying their employees with objectives, identifying goals, obtaining feedback and providing review of the results. An organisation is required to conduct performance management of its employees on a regular basis and is required to provide them with several benefits for keeping them motivated. This study will shed its light on standards of evaluating the performance of a system which includes finance, customer service, administration, production and logistics. In addition to that, various techniques will be discussed for improving the system.

System of Performance

Hardware Resource

Several multinational organisations like Morrison's make use of information technology for gaining a competitive advantage over their rivals within the market for linking their organisation to distribution channels, suppliers or customers. In accordance to Distelhorst et al. (2016), these systems use processing or information capabilities in organisation for enhancing performance of their employees. Minimising costs involved in capturing and using information has been working in collaboration with enhanced competitive pressures.

Software Resource

Performance management software tool is used by employers of an organisation to establish expectations and job profiles of their employees, creating objectives which align with organisational goals and mission, creating appraisals and performance of documents. As opined by Castka and Corbett (2015), software of performance management allows managers to enhance engagement of employees through recognition, transparency and feedback. A manager is able to evaluate how performance of its employees are aligned with organisational objectives, mission and business goals. The current market size for performance management software is not certain and it has been estimated that it currently values around $5 billion. The growth rate has been predicted approximately around 17 percent. The research conducted by Deloitte presented that, approximately 67 per cent of organisations have been adopting PMS in 2015 as a replacement of current solutions.


Human Resource

One of the major responsibilities of a Human Resource manager is to design the process of performance appraisal and ensures that the process is simple and does not takes too much time. As opined by Montabon et al. (2018), the HR manager is needed to be aware of the responsibilities which are assigned to their employees and establish a system through which their overall performance can be evaluated. It is essential for an HR manager to engage in communication with every department within an organisation so that they are aware of each and every tasks which are assigned to the employees. The performance management system for Morrison's is a tool which enables its Human Resource manager to focus on their employees as well as overall organization. The company believes that it is essential to have a world-class system of performance management and is effective when its managers encompass it.

Standards for evaluating performance of a system


Administration standards serve as a starting point for success of an organisation. These standards provide employees in understanding basic rules existing within an organisation. The Human resource department is responsible for designing these procedures and policies and enforcing them to their employees by providing a handbook to them.


A financial standard can be defined as a set of standards, procedures and principles which serves as a base for financial accounting practices and policies. These standards enhance the transparency of financial reporting in major nations in the world. In accordance to Combs et al. (2019), in the United Kingdom Accounting Principles forms a set of standards for finance which are adapted by a wide range of companies for preparing financial statements. Multinational companies like Tesco follow these standards for reporting financial standards.

Customer Service

Customer service standards are a set of guidelines and framework within an organisation which shapes and informs the relationship a customer with their business during every step of the customer experience. In accordance to Barafort et al. (2017), several multinational companies like PwC adopts these standards for empowering employees of customer service for addressing the issues, complaints and questions which faced by customers while using their services. By setting a strong customer service standards, an organisation is able to train more efficient employees who are able to provide quality experience to their customers and in turn maximising their profits.



Production standards can be referred as benchmark which are utilised by organisations for measuring their overall production. In accordance to Al-Haylay and Alnajjar (2016), Production standards are set for production process, raw materials, tools and equipment, quantity and quality of output and speed of work. These standards are generally expressed in quantitative terms that is in terms of overall output, units of time and plant capacity. A production standard provides guidance and direction to the organisational production department. This suggests that, attained production can be compared with set production standards and in turn difference can be identified and corrected. Morrison's makes use of these production standards as a point of reference for identifying whether the operations are performed in accordance to the plan.


Inspections of quality processes are an important aspect of quality control in manufacturing. Inspections within manufacturing involve examining, measuring, testing or gauging the major characteristics of a product or a procedure and then comparing the obtained results with set requirements. As highlighted by Montabon et al. (2018), an organisation like Morrison's has set standards for inspection and carries out the process on a regular basis for understanding any flaws within their operations.


As a retailer, manufacturer or provider of logistics services, it is essential for them to be aware of the location from where their goods arrive and the time when they are to arrive. It is essential for an organisation to be aware of movement of goods and creating digital business processes. As opined by Barafort et al. (2017), this will lead to enhancement of relationship organisations with stakeholders as well as creates highly sustainable, collaborative and efficient logistics environment. Morisson's has been committed towards attaining real time visibility, fully accurate throughout their entire supply chain irrespective of its mode of transport.

Why we evaluate the performance

As per raising the success of project work it is most important for having effective planning for raising the growth rate. However, evaluation of performance in Morisson's offers good scope for understanding success or failure in details. John Bernardin et al. (2016) commented that, identification of the major influence of performance based on the certain measure is essential for overcoming critical measure.

Different types of information support were established in order to the identification of major support for understanding overall planning and support of business for the establishment of work. Identification of major challenges in a highly competitive market can be one of the major supports for any organization for the formulation of effective planning in a highly competitive market. Adoption of the right strategic planning can be essential towards meeting the requirement of work. There are many indicators were utilized for the identification of performance level of Morisson's business work.


In the current changing environment, it is essential for having effective planning and coordination towards meeting the overall growth of the business. Evaluation of performance is the most important task in perspective of the generation of good strategic planning in relation to making support for the growth of the business. Identification of major challenges in a highly competitive market there is effective planning towards a level of operation.

These types of activities were effective in order to make overall growth of the organization for meeting each requirement of the project based on the analysis. Handfield et al. (2015) mention that, the advancement of work depends on the performance level of work in relation to growth and progress of business in certain activities related to the generation of advanced marketing planning as well as a way for reducing financial risk in the market. Most of the business organisations were effective for measuring performance level.

Techniques to improve a system

Initiate Project

Initiation of a project in business it is mandatory to have effective planning in perspective of work for overcoming critical challenges in order to overcome the situation in Morisson's. Marketing planning and management of business performance in current days are depending on how well strategies were applied in the corporate sector towards achieving organizational goals. Reaching the desired goal in any organization or field it is necessary for initiation of the project on time. Based on the initiation planning different types of necessary requirement were identified.

Define requirements

In relation to raising performance level based on the implication of the development of the system, it is necessary for having effective strategic planning based on the requirement of the system. According to the viewpoint of Bititci et al. (2016) benefits of these types of activities in relation to the adoption of is a better tool and tetchiness for running systems in a better way. However, proper identification of major challenges in the highly aggressive market defining requirement of the system is essential for overcoming any critical issues while initiation of the project. Handfield et al. (2015) stated that, it is essential towards meeting the demand for work related to the generation of advanced revenue as well as effective planning towards overcoming basic challenges of Morisson's.

Develop concept

According to performances evaluation process adoption, it is effective for the development of different concepts in order to the generation of higher success rate. Inkinen (2016) commented that, there are many other opportunities in an organization open up due to the implication of these types of activities towards meeting the requirement of work in a scientific process. Based on the requirement of project work different concepts has been improved or developed towards the fulfillment of work in a scientific process. However, it is necessary for the identification of major risk associated with different concepts towards reducing the failure rate in Morisson's. Lack of development of concepts in performance work is lead to a decline in operational which has a negative impact on the level of performance.


Optimize System

As per requirement of performances level, it is essential for the optimization of systems. These types of activates were effective in meeting the overall progress of business in a scientific manner. Handfield et al. (2015) commented that, there are many opportunities in a highly competitive market advanced system application were essential in order to make accurate support towards a generation of supportive activities. The performance level of business or employee increases in long term by adoptions of right systems for handling different level of operational activities. John Bernardin et al. (2016) stated that, lack of optimization of systems in the corporate sector can lead to a decline in operational work towards meeting requirement of work in the scientific process.


Various types of verification are necessary for performances evaluation for understanding the success and failure process. These types of practices implication are essential in order to make a proper understanding of the progress of work and the adoption of the strategy in Morisson's. These types of practices are most important for the further requirement of any type of work towards meeting the demand of work for changes in strategies or selection of a strategy for the long run. Richards et al. (2019) commented that, verification of these types of work were essential in perspective for a generation of support towards the success of any project by the adoption of right strategic planning.


Performance management is of excellent concept which requires attention towards meeting requirements of work based on success or failure. It is generally done for getting better results in order to reduce the burden of business and raising scope for development opportunities. Thus, evaluation of performance in terms of identifications of major issues in way of success is essential towards the management of business work. Therefore, it is mandatory for corporate or any other organizations for the adoption of right strategy related to the success of the organization towards meeting customer demand.

There are many opportunities which were crucial meeting demand of the customer as well as the development of project management work. Different types of evaluation process implementation in an organization are essential towards meeting the requirements of a business in a systematic approach.

Based on evaluation results it is essential to have appropriate actions measures to ensure higher quality performance. In perception of project work evaluation of work based on long-run performance analysis can be supported to achieve desired results of Morisson's.


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