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R02 Employee Training and Development - Ashworth College


Respond to the items below.

Part A: Needs assessment involves organization, person, and task analysis. Which one of these analyses do you believe is most important? Which is least important? Why?

The most important asset in an organization rather makes an organization is people. People are the assets of any company, association, or society itself. People make up an organization. For me, person analysis is the most important element that should be assessed. It involves recognizing the lack existing in the performances of the employees. After evaluating the results of the performance, the administrators see that who the people that require training are. The training and development help to upgrade the skill sets of the employees. The assessment can take a long time to evaluate the performance. Therefore, a systematic and sequential evaluation is discussedwith the employees or people engage with the organization (Hong-qi, 2014). The evaluation is done in a very orderly manner and customizing the employee training requirements. Individual employee training module helps in the assistance of employee's development. This helps to recognize the gaps existing in the training requirements. Expected performance and current performance of the workforce helps in developing the skill sets required to facilitate certain production requirements. To accomplish any task, the organization require abilities in doing the tasks, skills and knowledge (Migally, 2015). Business enterprises need to evaluate all three aspects initially for understanding the allocation of the financial resources. Observing the employees involve assessing the employee's work methods. Assessment is done through asking them about what they personally feel for the organizations. Based on the requirements the organization is upgraded to satisfying the working mood of the employees. Benchmarking can be done by the organization to establish the best practices of the business enterprises.


Part B: Your boss says: "Why do I need to tell you what type of learning capability I'm interested in? I just want a training program to teach employees how to give good customer service. Explain to the boss how "good customer service" can be translated into different learning outcomes.

Top management needs to recognize the lacking that is present in the employee. The areas of concern are also recognized. The administration must discuss the employee training needs with the human resource manager. This will assist them to allocate the training requirements properly. The manager needs to asses it because they are going to align the competencies with the organizational objectives (Miller, 2014). Making organizational strategy aligning them with the organizational goals is necessary for the management to consider. The top managers have also engaged themselves in recognizing what commercial purposes or elements need preparation (person analysis) and in shaping if the corporation has the information, services, and aptitudes in the staff-force that are essential to see its approach and be competitive in the open market. Organizations involve themselves in different functional activities. To accomplish these activities managers need to train the competency and knowledge of the employees. Training can involve speaking fluently any language, managing shop floor, speaking with customers or processing customers order. Training is essential for adapting to the market environment. Safety training is very common in every organization (Noor and Nasirun, 2014). Safety training provides security to employees and customers engaged with the organization. Motivational training isoffered to the workforce because happy environment is necessary for making the employees work productively. An organization strategic direction affects the training that the company is going to invest in its people. Training regarding the spreading of positive attitude is significant. The top managers must be ready to provide them with many opportunities to learn and develop themselves in the company's positive atmosphere. Training the workforce to include expertise, time and money, which must be evaluated during the organizational evaluation phase. While conducting the training, the manager must ensure the work groups are supportive of each other using their new behaviors and skills. Offering them opportunity and time to apply and practice the new skillsets sets widely. Social support from the top administration is key to success in providing training to the organizational employees.


Part C: If you were going to use online technology to identify training needs for customer service representatives for a web-based clothing company, what steps would you take to ensure that the technology was not threatening to employees?

Literacy audit is done by the organization to understand the basic competency level of the employees. The business enterprise must have sufficient expertise, time and budget to adopt the technology. It should be of superior quality and proper software installed. Interviews and observations are acceptable elements that is included in the training procedure. Enhancing the motivational levels and the urge towards learning assures the readiness phase for the training requirement. Discussing the advantages of technological literacy is helpful for the employees to know (Zafaret al, 2018). Discussing with the employees reading the contents of the online technology. Discussing with them the connection between the internet and the system's connectivity and relevance. Showing the employees how to use the online technology interface is necessary for the seamless operation of the business. Based on the capabilities of the employees to learn the manager can make the entire training interesting. The staff force are, instructed about the guidelines that they should follow while operating the technology and the systems (Cloutieret al, 2015). While giving instructions the manager must note whether the employees are imbibing the knowledge or not. If the employees are not being able to cope up then training modules are adjusted. Online technology also helps in identifying the performance of the employees. Guidance display the optimum work standard.

Part D: Customer service training involves far transfer. What design features would you include in a customer service training program to ensure that transfer of training occurred? What is a curriculum road map? Why is it important?

Transfer of training means applying the training practically in the business atmosphere. The implementation of various training programs in different areas. The transfer of learning is possible when it is time for the trainee to transfer her or his learning. It allows the trainees to manage themselves individually. While doing so they come up with the practice of utilizing their skills efficiently and effectively. This allows the trainees to utilize their knowledge in reacting to various predictable situations. Providing the employees of the customer service program the guidelines and the outline of the training program. The requirements of the training is over must be elucidated (ALEMAYEHU, 207). The organization must involve performance standards, which are measurable. Specifying the main resources encompass the chief elements of training. The content of the training must be useful and meaningful. The seniors must offer them opportunities to exercise the knowledge properly. Regular feedback are, given to the employees. Social interaction, experience and observation must be, regulated in a proper way. Proper arrangement and coordination of the training program must be, carried out. The work ambience must be positive for the transfer of training. The administrations must show them how the training connected with the strategy and goals of the business enterprise. Repeating the implementation of the ideas in various contexts will ensure the excellent delivery of the service. Offering hard copies or well-organized materials so the trainees can utilize later when they are practically implementing it.

Pre-training, learning event and post-training must be, rolled out. The curriculum roadmaps display all the programs that the learners can pass through. It also shows the paths that should be, followed in a sequential order while the training is on. It includes the reason for the training, the prerequisite competency required for the training, the learning objectives or the competencies, which are, fully covered in the training program, the course expectations from the training, and the delivery procedure that is required for the content. Low levels mean that the training has not been effectively, provided (Huppes, 2015). People's age, personalities must also be, taken into consideration while preparing the content of the training. Companies invest a huge amount in upgrading the knowledge of the employees. The outcomes are such that they should be able to meet the requirement of the organization and its values.


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