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Greek Democracy Assignment Help

A democratic form of government first developed in the ancient city-state of Athens in the fifth century BCE. Why do you believe that democracy first began in Greece? What influence did the Athenian government have on the foundation of American democracy? 

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The Greek culture has been the initiator for a lot of things. Right from philosophy to the rules of governance, the Greeks have established a school of thought which found its place all around the world.

Ones such example is of democracy. Greeks are believed to be the first ones to have chosen this form of the government where the people elected their leader. While the Greek democracy was not all-inclusive, since women, slaves and people of lower caste were not allowed to vote, it still was a start (Ramone, 2018). Democracy first developed in Athens following the reforms of Solon in 594 BC. This start has been the founding some for several other democracies of the modern world. There are various arguments in support where we can say that democracy was the brainchild of Greeks. This statement can be verified with the simple fact that Greece was the first country to have come up with a system of governing where people were directly involved in deliberations and discussion.

Democracies all around the world have pitched for the idea of maximum representation and this where the Greek culture is prominent. One such example of a democracy flourished on the Greek lines is that of America. When understood in detail, the similarities between the Greek as well as the American democracies are quite obvious (Romeo, 2016). For example, in both the countries a set of people came together to make the law. A set of people came together to implemented and execute them while another set of people came together to oversee their implementation. This is the entire federal government structure of America right now. While there are a lot of things which were not taken from the Greek democratic structure such as voting by hand, shouting, discrimination regarding who votes and much more, the crux of democracy, however, remains unchanged.


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