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BUS-1170 Introduction to Management Assignment - Lethbridge College, Canada

Task - Prepare a written research paper on CHANGE MANAGEMENT.



Every organization works according to the dominant market force as well as the changes that prevail within the market. While working on the business of certain products or services, there are occasional rise and fall of business growth. At that time, certain companies adopt several strategies like that of merger or acquisition or bringing some internal changes within the organization to deal with the challenges going on in that business organization. In this respect, change is a very important factor that needs to be incorporated into an organization. Change brings flexibility within the organization (Hayes 2018).

However, the common problem with existing employees within an organization is that they do not know how to respond to sudden changes. They cannot deal with sudden changes within their organization. Change can be in many respects. For example, if a company is entering into a merger or acquisition with some other company, then some of the employees might take from one organization and made to work with the employees of the other organization so that they can form a unit. This form of the change management process is to bring all the employees working under a common shelter and to curtail extra expenditure. In this way, both organizations can work on their already available resources quite well. However, the existing employees are not completely comfortable to work with other employees many times. They start to differentiate with other employees based on culture, gender, caste, and many other prejudices.

They should understand that this form of change is going to be a growth factor for their organization. So, they need to work well so that they can deal with such a form of change management. Apart from that Change management has to be taken quite efficiently and carefully from the side of the employees as well as the employers. This is equally applicable to every organization, health, and social care centers, other service areas like that of the hotel and hospitality-based industries. Change management can work regularly only when it can suit the goals, missions, and visions, processes and strategies of the organization on which it is going to be incorporated (Cameron & Green 2019).

For example, in certain cases, it has been seen that Change management has worked well because there has been the inflow of new talents and new strategies that were not present earlier. This has given a scope of outsourcing of talents, resources and financial availabilities. In such a case, Change management proves to be quite beneficial for the organization and employees as a whole. Change management is incorporated as a means of a systematic approach in organizations where the existing strategies are not able to work well. They are required to bring immediate change so that the company's profits can be increased and they do not have to face any major financial loss. At certain times, existing systems going on within a company do not work well and employees do not want to stay in that organization due to work pressure, low salary and other factors. As a result of this, the employee turnover increases. This creates a lot of problems and hence Change management needs to be dealt with immediately (Doppelt 2017).

Change management can help to bring a positive change within the organization. It is a process by which the employees can communicate well about job issues. This change should systematically take place. Change management is related to all the critical components of the organization. However, before carrying out Change management, the employees have to go through Audit process reports so that they can understand how much financial availability is there. Based on this, they have to frame documents based on immediate change factors and regulatory compliance (Cook 2015).

Within organizations, there several changes those work. The three main forms of organizational changes that are related to change management are developmental changes, transitional changes and transformational changes. In certain organizations, it has been seen that an organization adopts change just to improve itself and stand in the market for a long period. In developmental change, for the organization, the policy framers as well as the stakeholders, of the organization work, to expand their business. They work upon the existing procedures and processes on which the business is already working (Fernandez & Rainey 2017).

In the case of transitional change, i.e. the second form of change and the Organization starts to step into some different fields rather than on what it has been working on the present day. So it works on the present state and takes it to a new shape by completely undergoing a transition. This is mainly done when there are several issues already going on among the workforce, the management of the organization. So in such a case, the individuals might find mergers and acquisitions and automation processes so that the company decides to merge with some bigger company. It can seek help and financial support. There would be inflow of skills, individual management patterns, finances when two companies work together. However, the staff might face difficulties in adjusting under the new circumstances. The third form of change is that of transformational change. As the name suggests, it brings about a transformation to change the culture and operation of that particular organization. The main objective is outlined in this case.

The management works to bring some certain transformation out of the existing procedures and processes. However, they do not know how this change might come up. This may be a positive or negative means. It completely depends on the nature of transformation and how they are going to impact the organization in the short and long run. This kind of change is brought about when a company needs to focus much on its products and how it can be established in the market. For example, while a company launches products, they bring a certain transformational change when they find that it is no longer beneficial.


There are many models in Change management in organizations. The first model is the ADKAR model. It was propounded to work in five basic steps i.e. awareness to bring about change. They should have the desire to participate so that such a form of change can be incorporated. They should possess knowledge about how the change can be brought about. They should possess the ability to incorporate changes and behavior within the organization in incorporating such changes. In this way, they can sustain in the long run. Another important model is that of the bridge transition model. This is also a very important model which talks about anger, bargaining depression, and other areas. Another important model is that of McKinsey's 7s model or the Kotter's change model. Both the models work in significant steps and bring about the urgency to bring about change in creating a coalition for change. One has to understand and remove obstacles so that one can work for short term wins. Once this is done, they can start to build on the short term wins and finally incorporate the changes within the corporate culture. All the changes are very important for organizations. Change management can work when a person wants to change certain things by formulating change control. He should identify scopes, schedule costs, quality, human resources, risks, and other important points associated with Change management (Hickman & Silva 2018).

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