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Students were asked to answer the following question :

What are the best and worst traits of leaders you have worked with? How did these traits affect your productivity and engagement? Regarding leadership traits, what is more important for leading people: hard knowledge of the area you are running or soft people skills.Tutor will read each students response thoroughly and provided professional feedback whether you agree or disagree and or add more educational information with reference and citation included. 

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Leaders are empowered with rights since they are meant to achieve pre-determined targets. Iryna came across a leader who was result oriented but only in monetary terms. He took care of organizational as well as his own targets and achievements. He wanted to prove his capabilities on paper. He forgot to focus on the non-monetary aspects and emotional and mental aspects. He had hard knowledge of getting things done and utilizing resources in optimum manner, but he ignored the repercussions of emotional ignorance. This would be harmful to his profitability in the longer term because leadership isn't temporary. It is a long process. Real leader is one who creates a win-win situation for all i.e himself, organization as well as employees. Often the latter is ignored emotionally. When you consider employees as your strength and family, you tend to work in the best interest of all stake holders. That's how extra-ordinary leaders are born, who create history and are remembered for decades. Hence, soft skills which is utmost important was ignored in this case.


Leaders are extra ordinary people who stand out of the crowd. Since, with the designation comes a lot of responsibility, not only of self but of the entire team and in turn the organization. Leaders have super powers and capabilities, which can be fruitful as well as dangerous which depends on the leader's honesty, vision, attitude and goals. If employees fail, they guide how to pick them up, support professionally as well as emotionally, accept failures, try again with more determination and achieve success henceforth. Such are the leaders who create history, give profits to company, self-worth to employees and leave an image wherever they go. They consider employees as human resource and not just assets. I believe, soft skills create larger impact than hard knowledge. In brenda's response the leader is highly active in soft skills in a negative manner and hence there were negative results. Had he been emotionally supportive and considered them as resources and not just means to make profit and achieve targets results could have been sky touching.

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