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Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Assignment Help

Question. Can you think of a problem or scenario in your work life or academically, where it would be helpful to use VBA to expedite the solution? Describe the problem and explain why VBA would help. Describe the logical steps that would shape the VBA code. To receive credit, I am looking for an explanation of the necessary input values and/or steps required to accomplish your goal.

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Solution :

MS office applications example PowerPoint, Excel, etc. uses a programming language is called VBA. In brief, Using VBA a program is developed for controlling the Excel.

There are various task will be done by people. Some examples are given below.

- It can contain list like users names, the result of students or list of product.

- It is used for the prediction or budgeting.

- Used for data analyze.

- Using this invoice forms is created.

- It creates a graph for a databank.

This list gives an idea that VBA is used for different things. The people have a common need to automate the task using excel or PowerPoint, etc. For example, If you want to create a program that prints a sales report at the end of months. Using the VBA program you can short out your task easily. Using a single instruction you can proceed macro. It means you can perform this task automatically using excel. It saves time and money. Problem and an explanation of why VBA would help. For office and other excel program, VBA is used as a programming language.

Creation of a macro: Using VBA the task will be done automatically.

MsgBox: In excel VBA it is a dialog box and used to send information to the user.

Wordbook and worksheet object:

Range object: It shows the cell in worksheet.

Array: It keeps many variables at once.

User form: It also used to create a user from.

Macros which is used in excel and the bidding system which has been used in the system. To write the codes we need to recheck all the process and the VBA Editor, you can run in the system and let the code its magic in the spreadsheet. But in the system we have check the details as per the requirement and we will process all the methods. It's better to build the macro into the system or spreadsheet and the best tool of the system. When you press the form that we've just transformed into a button, Excel will run the macro without opening the code every time. Before we get started, there's another thing to note: save your spread sheet with Templates. By default, macros cannot be included in Excel spreadsheet documents with a.xlsx option. Instead, select the "Excel Macro-Enabled Worksheet in.xlsm template if you store your spreadsheet and attach your filename as customary. If you want your information to be relocated rather than copied, you need to cut it. Cutting is quite straightforward and follows the same logic as copying. You cannot use the ' PasteSpecial ' command when cutting. That means you can't just paste values or just presentation. Therefore, to paste your cells with VBA you need following lines:
Range("Insert where you want to paste").

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