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GERO301 Public Policy Assignment Help

Describe the changing demographic patterns of the aging population. How do these patterns vary by age, gender, race, and ethnicity? How will the demographic changes in the population in the next decade influence the type and delivery of community resources available to older adults? 

What is public policy? How is it formulated? What are some public policies that address the needs of older adults?

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The consideration is about the place where the people are living longer and are generally more active than the older times age. The amount of the older people who are living in the world in comparison to the young people has been increasing with time. According to the research, there have been three Americans who are working and are now 50 years or older. By 2030, they will be the 5 U.S. residents who will be 65 years and older. The major influence has been on the society with living as a community. It is mainly because more and more community members come with the majority of the elder communities who might or might not need more easy access to the resources. Considering the wider range of the research, the theme is about handling the financial arrangements, where there are certainly different ineffective care patterns and the guidelines which needs to be taken care of (Smit et al., 2015). 

The resource allocation for the elderly people has been unfortunate as the financial healthcare needs have to be viewed with the reallocation of the resources. There are articles which help in reviewing about the different medical care treatment which is given to the people in a proper manner with the acute care theory. There are advocacy problems and Chronic care model where the argument is about how the healthcare funding is for the elderly and has not been changing over the time. The focus is on the cost cutting practices and handling the international comparison which is done and is shown to have the disjointed review in the US, Israel and Canada (Murdock, 2018). There have been team approaches about handling the different business procedures where there are specific patterns for the home care theory. The discussions are related to the gender specific patterns and the home care mainly for the elderly disabled people. 

The treatment guidelines are for the elderly people which is not only for handling the medical standards but also designing the insurance procedures that helps in focusing on the healthcare systems. There have been different routine testing for the blood to understand about the practical guidelines for the dental treatment. There are important variables which help in predicting about the pain management in the old age times. There are considerations with the visits to more than 5 people who are facing the issues with the serious problems. There are lipid results where the risk factors are the strokes in the elderly people. 

The medical significance is based on the normal human aging factors where the knowledge is to bring the changes through the treatment process and the public sectors. The articles highlight about the planning and the sectors which lack the knowledge. Hence, the seniors are excluded from the research (Roth et al., 2015). There have been indirect patients with the complications who are excluded and then some of the seniors who have been included with certain comorbidities. The use of the aging has been a variable in the research where there is a need to determine about the age correlation and understanding about the extrapolation with the comorbidities. The description is about the incidences where the loss of the muscle mass, obesity and the elderly populations help in highlighting about the analysis with the different obesity problems which are claimed at first. 

The theoretical aging process with the biological standards help in understanding about the remote speculations where the research has been about the treatment for the alteration or the slow aging process. There have been works that are done in the laboratories of the animals. There are degradation procedures which are considered to be at the core of the process of aging and then associated to the process of Alzheimer’s, and the cataract. The process includes the clearing faulty protein which is described to handle the effects of exercise and then review about the projections for the mortality improvement. There have been elimination of the important diseases and this can now be added to 15 years of the life expectancy standards. There have ben maximum against the lifespan which is seen to be not increasing with time. Hence, there are processes which helps in highlighting about the role for the proteins and then understanding about the article review procedures as well (Bloom et al., 2015). 

The public policy is principled and guided with the different actions that include the administrative branches with regards to the class of issues. They have been considered to be the evidence-based policies where the argument is on the tradition, intuition and the political ideology. The public policy is considered to be the dynamic, complex and interactive system through which the problems are identified like the regulations, and the laws. The public policy is about the continued procedures with feedback loops. The formulation is based on the different actions that highlight on the goal-oriented sectors, decision centric and the mass communication. Some of the policies for the older adults have been:

a. Older American Act (OAA): It is for the reauthorization and offer the prime opportunity with modernizing the aging services to ensure the diversified needs.

b. Extensions for the Medicare Low Income Protections with handling the unemployment Insurance practices 

c. Focusing on the long-term care, with Affordable care Act that highlights on the nursing home facilities.

d. The policies also include the access to the preventive benefits

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