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HC1041 Information Technology for Business Assignment Help

1. Evaluate and justify theoretical and practical knowledge of information technology in a business context.

2. Analyse information technology issues in a business environment and provide solutions to these issues using their knowledge of information technology and practical techniques in a business environment.

3. Apply research skills analysing academic literature and integrating ideas from the literature to the information technology issues in business and in preparation for life-long learning.

4. Understand the ICT profession in information technology.

5. Communicate using effective oral and written communication tools, act in a professional manner.

6. Review and describe the major privacy, legal, ethical and societal issues with respect to managing digital information and information systems.

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The paper will evaluate the role of Information Technology (IT) in the food processing industry that is chosen for this research. In the food processing industry, IT plays a significant role by influencing them to serve their goods and services to various country markets. With the help of IT, the food processing companies can enhance their opportunity by contacting directly with the consumer to know their needs from the firm. For applying IT in business, some procedure is required, and that will be discussed in this context. Moreover, IT causes several risks and benefits in this sector, and it will briefly be discussed in this paper. Furthermore, for monitoring and maintaining IT, several processes are required, and this will also demonstrate briefly in this context.

Need for IT in the food processing industry

With the development of science and technology as well as human beings, most of the food processing industry incorporate IT in their business. Hence, it is clear that IT is needed in the food processing industry not only for making food safety procedure but also make a more convenient way of reaching their consumer base (Tian, 2016).

Significance of IT in business survival

In today's environment, IT provides both intangible and tangible benefits to every business sector. It helps the firms to increase their profit and produce effective goods that can easily satisfy their consumer demands. IT mainly drives the innovation path of business so that the company gets success in the market (Amenta et al., 2015). It creates digital innovation in the business by which the companies do their financial planning, recorder their confidential data and information, reduces technical issues, and also easily communicate with their consumer base. All this procedure improve the technological infrastructure of the companies, which thus influence their efficiency rate of the business. In addition, by using information technology, the businesses have understood their consumer and market needs respectively and thus uses proper technique to fulfill these demands (Rodriguez-Gonzalez et al., 2015). IT has changed the overall structure of the business, and due to this reason, it is an important aspect of business survival procedure.

The requirement for the application of IT in the food processing industry

In the food processing industry, IT plays a significant role, but for applying it in the business, they have to fulfill some requirement. For applying IT in the food processing industry, the management has to concern about the cost structure as the implementation of this process required a huge amount of money (Sundmaeker et al., 2016). Thus a cost structure is made by proper planning so that no financial loses will take place by the organization. In other words, planning is required for the implementation of the software in various department of the firm. Apart from this, designing is also required so that the IT software can incorporate easily in the firm without facing any issue. In the food processing industry, various types of operations are used and thus appropriate designing and planning is required for implementing the information technology procedure in the business (Pang et al., 2015). In addition, training is also required so that the employee can effusively use IT in their department. Hence these are the several features that are required for applying IT in the food processing sector.

Use of IT in the food processing industry

In the food processing industry, the information technology procedure has been using for both external and internal business operation. Most of this company in this sector use IT to communicate with the staff members related to their business (Dora, Kumar and Gellynck, 2016). By using IT internally in the business operations, the firms have improved their relationship with employees, and thus it enables the management to understand their employee problems related to the working function (Pang et al., 2015). IT consider as a medium of communication between juniors and senior staff members by which they easily contact each other regarding any improvement of business facilities as well as products.

In other words, externally the food processing industry uses IT for understanding their consumer demands over their goods and services. With the help of IT, the management officer interacts with the consumers and take feedback from them regarding their goods and services (Troy et al., 2016). It thus influences the firms to innovate their goods as per the customer desires, and it enhances their profitability rate in the business. Following this procedure, the food processing industry has improved their relationship with their customer base. By this way, the food processing industry uses IT in their business operations.

Benefits and advantages of IT in the food processing industry

IT plays a major role in the food processing sector, and thus, the benefits of IT in this sector are as follows:

- Enhances production and reduces the cost of operation- By using information technology, the food processing industry increases their production rate as most of the operations such as packaging, sealing and separating food products are run through technological means (Ojha et al., 2017). This procedure not only saves time but also reduces the cost of operations as the employee number are decreased and machinery work increased. Due to this reason, they spend money on improving the technological means and not on the employee wage, which thus reduces the overall cost of operation (Handford et al., 2015). With the increase in production and decreases in the cost of operations enable several food processing companies to improve their revenue in the business

- Improves communication and flexibility of operations- Information technology main role in this food processing business is to connect employees with each other, with the suppliers as well as with the customers. All these features improve the communication and the flexibility aspects of the firms. With the help of IT, the company innovates various communication tools such as phones, email, instant messaging, and video conferencing method (Handford et al., 2015). These tools enhance the communication process so that the employees easily contact each other regarding any development of products and services as per the people desires. Hence these procedures make the employees more flexibility in their working procedure, and nowadays it is noted that the employee complete their work before the stipulated time frame

Risks of IT in the food processing industry

Apart from all these benefits, IT provides several risks in the food processing industry, which are as follows:

- Security breaches and reduces privacy option- Security and privacy are essential for storing the business information properly of a food processing company, but for the presence of IT, it creates breaching of information and data by the hackers. Most of the food processing companies store their data in remote cloud servers that can be accessed only through online procedure by using a username and password (Mor et al., 2015). Doing these prospects, sometimes the management faces risks because malicious attacking takes place for the presence of a weak password. Due to this reason, security breaches occur by which the data become hacked or incurred by viruses (Ghaani et al., 2016). All these features have reduces the security and privacy of the firm by using IT procedure

- Elimination from job- Presence of IT has replaced many positions of the human in the food processing industry. By upgrading the software system, this business sector doing their several business operations using technology such as accounting, cleaning, and packaging which thus reduces the work of employees (Ghaani et al., 2016)

Process of maintaining and monitoring IT in the food processing industry

In the food processing industry, for maintaining as well as monitoring IT, the management appoints some trained staff members who are specialized in managing the IT system properly. With the help of this specialized employee, the firm maintains and monitor the IT system (Frewer et al., 2016). These employees use cloud computing procedure for recording the daily activities of several IT solutions and then act as per the situation to maintain it. In addition, by using this software, they monitor the IT system also. Hence, these are the processes that help the experts to maintain and monitor IT in the food processing industry.

Conclusion and Recommendation

In order to reduce the risks of IT in the food processing industry, it is recommended that the firm should use a strong password and store a backup of their data and information in the offline procedure. This can reduce their security and privacy risks in the future. Besides this, another recommendation is that the companies of this sector provide sufficient training to the employees regarding the usage of IT procedure. This method can reduce the job elimination rate of workers from the firm.

After reviewing the paper, it is concluded that IT help in innovating the goods of food processing industry as per the market demands. It also helps the firm to make good communication with its consumers and employees, respectively. However, it causes some risks in business operations, but proper implementation of strategy can reduce their issues in the future. Furthermore, it is seen that the firms appoint trained and skilled employee who is specialized in IT procedure so that they can easily monitor and maintain this procedure properly.

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