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Ethical Case Study Assignment Help

Please choose ONE of the following three scenarios:

1. Mr. S has severe mobility issues due to paraplegia and some speech problems but he is mentally intact. He wants to leave the facility for activities independently against medical advice.

2. Mr. A had been diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer and was admitted currently unresponsive. He has a grown son and has been estranged from his common law partner for more than 10 years. Mr. A is now in hospice at your facility and a conflict has arisen in
that his son reports his father "always wanted to die at home without aggressive treatment", while his common law partner insists that Mr. A was "always a fighter and always refused to give up"

3. Mrs. J will not allow the staff to touch her, turn her, or care for her wound. She tells everyone to leave her alone and will not take medication for her infection. She angrily yells at her family and refuses to let them visit or help with her care. Everyone is concerned about her declining health and unwillingness to participate or allow care.

1. Identify your chosen scenario and then identify and describe the ethical principles in conflict (i.e. autonomy, beneficence, etc.).

2. Provide recommendations for management of the ethical dilemma inclusive of the possible choices and resulting consequences as well as who to engage in the decision making

3. Summarize the issues and recommendations in your final paragraph

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The scenario taken to understand the situation is the third one where the Mrs J is in pain does not inclined to actually taken any help whether being from family or from colleagues. The situation can be defined and explained under following aspects in connection with the ethical principles and considerations for this elderly or disabled individual.

1. A) Identify your chosen scenario - Is in reference to the MRS J and her wound to not apply for medications

B) Identify and Describe the ethical principles in conflict

- In context to the Autonomy - Which explains that it is necessary to accept the rule of the other person especially in context to the human dignity and the principle value. Therefore, in case if the Mrs J does not want any help in connection of the ethical consideration for the privacy and the self direction it has to be respected in all situations (Zwitter, 2019).

- In context to the Beneficence - Which explains that it is necessary to follow the rule as per medical compulsion which is doing what is especially medically correct for the patient. Therefore, in case if the Mrs. J as a medical professional it is important that the help is provided irrespective of the fact that the ethical consideration for the privacy and the self-direction it has to be respected in all situations(Zwitter, 2019).

- In context to the Double Effect - Which explains that both the aspects are correct and welcoming in its situations and provides positive results. Moreover, following one will lead to a problem for the other and the previous one to the latter knowing none are incorrect.

2. The recommendations for management in case of the ethical dilemma must provide the following elements or options: -

First and foremost, it is very necessary that the management higher an expert / Medical practioners which reduces down the situation and assures that the patient is ready to think in peaceful mind and a much more stable and out of confusion situation. It is necessary that the mid solution must be taken out so that the betterment of both ethical for the given situation. In the given condition health must be controlled by calling a psychiatrist for assuring the treatment and the medical solutions can be provided or explained to the patient(Zwitter, 2019). Therefore, in a situation the best recommendation is on ethical grounds is that the authority must be in the hands of the person who actually in true sense can manage and derive ethical results in terms with the correct situation. Further, it is necessary that the ethical criteria must be to assure proper and appropriate process which weighs the whole situation in a viable and a justifiable manner which must be disciplinary as well as must be within the scope of the patient confidentiality as well as within as complete fair and justifiable.

3. The summarize defines the conclusion in a perspective where it is very necessary to understand that the Paternalism and the Limited resources must be taken into account which assures the level where in the former case the parents must take initiative to assure that the medical unfit person must be taken care by the former. At the same time assure that the all the healthcare resources and the non-discriminatory and objective manner. Hence, as per the current analysis it is evident that the balanced solution is the need of the our where the ethical situation in the given condition must be adopted which is highly correct and is agreeable by both or is more suited for MRS J and her health situation.

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