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HIM 217 Electronic Health Records

HIM 217 Electronic Health Records is a course that deals with the structure, capture, use, storage, and retrieval of health information in paper, hybrid and electronic formats. The students will also deal with the electronic health records (EHR) project management along with the scope, goal, strategic planning, workflow analysis, functional needs assessment, and implementation. The students have to deal with the financial aspects of EHR along with the consumer and the nationwide health information network perspective for the same. They require to obtain a grade higher than C to complete the course.

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The course HIM 217 Electronic Health Records is all about the use of EHR in health information management as it is very useful for the same. The students pursuing the course have to study all about the EHR, along with the financial aspects of the same. The students have to attend all the classes and lectures to get all the skills and knowledge of the EHR. The problem arises when they miss the classes and lectures due to their personal reasons, and after rejoining, they find it very difficult to follow their professors.

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