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COMP 20012 - System Administration Assignment, Middle East College, Oman


Task - Write report on ABC Company Case Study Questions.

Introduction -

The technological advancements have been facilitating the operational processes of a majority of the organizations and as a result of the same, prior to making any changes with respect to the organisational or administrative processes, it has become significant to determine the various possibilities that can either facilitate or affect the introduction of new technological systems and solutions. In the following discussion, the provided case study of the multinational organisation, ABC, has been evaluated to determine the effectiveness of the low cost solution of Linux core. Furthermore, the advantages of the technology as well as the challenges and issues associated with the system has been explored as well.

Q1. Do you think implementing the low cost solution proposed by Mr. X was a success? If "yes" provide appropriate justification or if "no" then provide appropriate reasons.

Answer - Success of Implementing the Low Cost Solution by Mr. X

The low cost solution that has been proposed by Mr X was appropriate for the objectives that have been pursued by the ABC company the solution was implemented at a fraction of the cost of that of the Windows based propriety, which was the equivalent of the proposed solution of Linux core (As excerpted from the case study). The solution that was proposed by Mr X has a desktop that was based on KDE kiosk-ised so as to minimise the administrative expenditures and complexities. One of the advantages of using or implementing the suggested solution was that the Linux based solution acted as a switch to the narrow client workstations that access software running on two central application servers. As a result of the same, this system allowed all of the prevailing PC hardware to be reused without the necessity of any kind of upgrades (As excerpted from the case study). Furthermore, with the help of the proposed solution, when the computers boot, they no longer require the use of local hard drives as they downloaded copies of the Linux Terminal Server software, directly from the central server. As a result of that, they became the clients for the application servers (As excerpted from the case study). In addition, instead of making significant expenditures of amounts of money on the upgradation of the hardware, this system aided in prolonging the life of the workstations. Furthermore, with the integration of the new proposed solution, there was no requirement of the hard drives, noise outputs as well as power consumptions. Moreover, the new system reduced the load on the local landfill sites due to the minimisation in the requirements of the new hardware that would have been needed for hardware upgradation if any other system or solution was to be implemented (As excerpted from the case study). As a result of the new system, the organisation was able to make sufficient savings from it, which otherwise would not have been possible if Windows based system would have been implemented, instead.


Q2. Discuss how the low cost solution can be further enhanced with some more services.

Answer - Enhancing the Low Cost Solution

The low cost solution that has been implemented has been highly beneficial for the ABC company as it has aided in financial savings as well as in avoiding any kind of additional expenses associated with the integration and upgradation of the new system. Furthermore, the solution had also facilitated the installation system and the same has taken place within very limited time, thereby avoiding any kind of delays with respect to the work or the rest of the system. In addition, the Linux based system had ensured that the integration of the new system is within the budget, thereby avoiding any kind of overlay of the ICT hardware and the software provision (As excerpted from the case study). Although the proposed low cost solution of the Linux has been a suitable option for ABC company, there are a few enhancements that can be made with respect to the proposed system which would further improve the entire system to another level.

With respect to the integration of cloud solutions that are offered by Linux, the improvements that can be made with respect to the storage architecture. The storage architecture of the system can be improved with the help of a high level storage architecture that would facilitate the entire IT system as well as the information system of the organisation (Linux Foundation, 2016). With the help of the cloud based storage system, the organisation shall be able to integrate the storage system such that it would further reduce the necessity of physical computers as the entire system van be shifted towards the virtual systems. At the bottom level of the storage servers, the necessity of the physical storage devices or hard drives can be replaced by the integration of the virtual storage system (Linux Foundation, 2016). The improved system can be represented with the help of the following illustration.

System Administration Assignment.png

Q3. How selecting the Linux based solution technically helped the company.

Answer - Technical Advantages of Selecting Linux Based Solution

The Linux based solution that has been suggested and implemented with respect to the current case study of ABC Company has the following advantages:

  • Agility and flexibility: The open source Linux system that has been integrated in the system of ABC company has provided the advantage of agility and flexibility for the organisation. The open source enables the technology of agility, typically that offers multiple ways of solving problems. The open sources have been aiding keep the IT systems from getting blocked due to the particular capacity. One of the great advantages of open source is the capacity of taking the community versions, get started, understanding if they are able to solve the business issues as well as begin delivering the value at the moment (Congdon, 2015).
  • Cost efficiency: Open sources of the Linux is more cost effective than any other kind of the propriety solution. The open source solutions have the ability of being typically more inexpensive in any organisational environment for the superior or equivalent capability. However, these also give the organisations the ability of starting the small and scale (Congdon, 2015). Furthermore, the most significant cloud computing benefits with respect to the terms of the IT cost savings.
  • Solid information security: The commercial open source has a very high information security and same is very much significant for the current world that is filled with cyber threats and hackers. The security that is offered by open source for the information and network, have been determined to be very helpful in protecting the confidential data as well as the integrity of the information of the organisation. The manageability that is associated with the security, makes it further secure for the use (Avram, 2014).


Q4. Critically evaluate the security issue and challenges that you feel still in proposed solution.

Answer - Security Issues and Challenges Associated with the Solution

The major security challenges and issues that are associated with the Linux based cloud and open source can be listed as follows:

Privacy: The cloud computing uses the virtual computing system and as a result of the same, the personal data of the users are scattered in varied virtual data centres, instead of staying within the same physical location, as is the case of the traditional computers. As a result of the same, there may arise leak in the hidden information, while accessing the cloud computing servers. The attackers are able to evaluate the critical tasks depending on the computing assignments that have been submitted by the users (Kumar and Goudar, 2012).

Security: The common security issues that are associated with the solution, include phishing, botnet, data loss, which are the major and serious threats that are to be considered with respect to the data and software of the organisation. The use of the multi-tenancy model as well as the pooled computing resources with respect to the cloud computing have various other challenges such as shared resources, malicious resources and so on (Kumar, et al., 2019).

Selection of the perfect cloud set up: Selection of the suitable cloud mechanism as per the convenience of the business is highly necessary and there are three kinds of cloud configuration that include private, public, and hybrid. The fundamental aspect that is to be considered while selecting or implementing cloud is selecting the appropriate system of cloud. If the section of the cloud is not made correctly, the same may result on serious and dangerous issues (Kumar, 2018).

Real time monitoring: Constant and real time monitoring of the entire set up may be required for suitable progressing with the business as well as continuously monitoring the same. This would also aid in managing the inventory system (Kumar, 2018).


Q5. Considering the above case study do you think single technician could now administer something between three and five separate company if they all used cloud based systems like those in place at ABC Company.

Answer - Role of Single Technician

The previous system that was followed at ABC Company was completely based on Windows and therefore, there were too many processes and procedures that required all time maintenance. As a result of the same, the ICT technician was required to work for about 12 hours and as a result of the same, there was overload of work on the technician. However, the integration of the Linux based technology for the cloud server has simplified various processes and as result of the same, the technology does not demand any kind of additional work which reduces the load from the technician, there reducing their working hours as well (As excerpted from the case study). To compensate the work load, the organisation would have required recruitment of more technician. However, with the help of the Linux based cloud technology, the workload of the entire system reduces and thereby eliminates the necessity for additional staffing, thereby saving costs and additional expenses (As excerpted from the case study). Therefore, it is also possible for the single technician to administer something between three and five companies if all of them used cloud based system, similar to that of the ABC Company because the system simplifies various aspects and minimises the entire workload.


Based on the discussion that has been presented above, it is evident that use of open source and cloud technology of Linux, simplifies various of the technical and technological requirements of an organisation, thereby simplifying the entire operational processes, as well as reducing the financial expenditure. Furthermore, it can also be stated that the integration of Linux open system and cloud services is suitable for network security as well as similar other processes.


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