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Employee Engagement and Organizational Effectiveness Assignment Help

Write an analysis of the article discussing how employee engagement is related to organizational effectiveness. Provide a real-life scenario of how you have seen engaged or disengaged employees impact, either positively or negatively, an organization. Use an organization you work for, one that you are familiar with, or one that you would like to work for in the future. Keep in mind this is academic writing, and should be written in the third person and should not include unsubstantiated opinions, but rather facts and theories.

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Analysis of the article

According to the provided article it is observed that nowadays all the business organizations are very much cautious about the creation of employee engagement in order to obtain organizational success and effectiveness. It is studied and observed for a long period an all the business organizations are very much willing to augment the employee's enthusiasm to be attached and engaged with the business organization. It helps employees to be happy in both of their personal and organizational life. In this way, they become more productive and enthusiastic to fulfill all the organizational commitments In this way, organizational goals are also fulfilled in a well-mannered way (Kataria, Rastogi, & Garg, 2013). Engagement of employees with the organization helps the employees to be attentive to each and every small tasks of organizations in a proactive way, a great desire to be present in the organization in all working time without any absenteeism and help the organization to accomplish its goals. In this way, it is proved that organizational success and employee effectiveness are highly related to employee engagement. As the engaged employees have a great aim to fulfill all commitments and goals of their organizations so it helps the organization to drive their businesses with effectiveness and profitability along with their effective employees.

It is another thing that, engaged employees are very much attention towards fulfilling the challenging goals and aims of the organization. Engagement among the employees with their organizations helps employees to be situated in the right position from where employees become able to evaluate their effectiveness in the aspect of organizational progress and profitability. In the context of, an organization, employee engagement, the most related term with organizational effectiveness is a complex and dy6ynamic process which helps their employees to become focused, passionate, and active with positive energy to fulfill the expectations of organization properly (Richardsen, 2019). It is also observed in the article that, engaged employees have some basic characteristic features also which helps them to be active in the organizational context. All the engaged employees are very much co-operative in nature, and there engaged working procedure helps a lot in team management and their voice is also very discretionary in nature to help the organization in maintaining the effectiveness. All of these things of a proactive employee help in business productivity, profitability, growth, gaining customers satisfaction along with optimum financial performances. On the other hand, organizational effectiveness is the term which denotes the ability of an organization to fulfill their social, corporate and organizational goals for a long time. There are some basic parameters of organizational effectiveness which are productivity, efficiency, and adaptability of organization and all of these three requirements are very closely linked with employee engagement. Employee engagement is sometimes observed as a special psychological state or behavior of employees where they are always ready to fulfill all the expectations and goals of employees. Employee engagement occurs through the assembled nature of their dedication towards work, vigor towards the organization and power of absorptions of all kinds of stress and pressures for their organization. All of these three basic things help the organization to gain their flexibility, productivity, and adaptability respectively according to the Hypothesized model as discussed in the given article. The vigor of employees towards the organization is very crucial, which is the willingness of employees to invest they're all efforts to fulfill the organizational goals, expectations and help the organization towards productive and profitable. This willingness, dedication and positive energy of employees help them to materialize organizational goals. In this aspect, the organization gets the scope of being productive for a long time along with organizational effectiveness for their employee's engagement.

Exemplary discussion in context of Google Inc, for employee engagement and organizational effectiveness

In this context of employee engagement and organizational effectiveness, Google Inc, is the best example. In this organization, employees are engaged only through maintenances of organizational transparency. Organizational executives break down all the hindrances in the workplace environment by promoting employees creativity, and expanding the working nature along with co-operative mentality of employees. Organizational culture is another great requirement which helps Google to gain the engagement of employees. It helps the employees to develop their discretionary behavior to work in an effective manner, help other team members, share the knowledge and idea among themselves, and finally help the organization to accomplish their goals (Gabel-Shemueli et al., 2019). Google has promoted the culture where there helps them to be attached to the organization from its core of heart. It is very helpful to facilitate creative value among the employees. Value of Google is lying under its culture and in the organizational concept of culture is to make its employees aware of its entire corrigendum, policies and others without making anything hide from employees for organizational profitability. In this aspect, employees also feel like the part and parcel of the organization. In Google, it acts as the most pertinent thing that transparency helps employees to get all kinds of ideas to be attached to the organization. On the other hand, in Google, there is the system where organizational employees have their own portal for social expression exchanging, troubleshooting and others. In this aspect, it helps the employees to make a clear relationship with organizational employees and it helps to build up a friendship, and collaborative relationship. When all the team members act in an assembled manner, it also helps them to accomplish the organizational goal in a proper manner (Meng & Berger, 2019). Above all, in Gooogle, there is the hierarchical organizational structure and all the units in this hierarchy get a respectful behavior from their own. From this entire discussion, it is observed that employee engagement in Google comes from emotional attachment with their organization. It does not always relate with the monitory amount as the salary of employees but it sometimes comes from intrinsic motivation where the employees work for the organization from their own desire. In this way, Google Inc and all other global organizations continue a great relationship with their employees. Motivated, passionate employees work for the organization from their heart and help the organization to be profitable, productive and effective through a smooth business drive along with socio-economic growth and development.

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