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Communication Systems And Network Elements, University Of Southern Queensland, Australia

CIS8009 Management Of Business Telecommunications


Question: This assignment continuous the story of the two organisations you had selected in the first assignment (preliminary work) and uses the basis of the second assignment (research paper 1).

In this third assignment (research paper 2) you now need to address how these two organisations can improve business operations by changing their communication systems and network elements and by adopting new network technologies and/or improvements to management thereof.

Answer: Introduction: While thriving in competitive business environment, companies should never be focused intensively on their formal business structure that they ignore the informal ones. As opined by Lee et al. (2016), few years back, the leading manufacturers and designers of office products across the world became decisive about the necessity of the organisational overhaul. Organisations that have been plagued due to their sluggish decision making approaches decided that in such a scenario decentralization is the only remedy. Companies that has been suffering from inflexibility, poor communication and incapability to pull expertise and product offerings together should try to break down the barriers which is making business units and functionalities to operate as silos.

In such a scenario, the communication systems and network elements of two Australian based companies namely Employment Hero and Commonwealth Bank has been analysed. Depending on the analysis the strategies for gaining competitive advantage through infusing change in organisational structure with network understanding has been reflected. As discussed by Laudon and Laudon (2016), through a hard inspection at the network level prior to make a leap at the major dynamic programs, there organisations will learn more innovations in management information system through cellular networks. By adoption of innovative network technologies and implementation of improvements will opportune the companies thereof. It has become vitally important of having a better understanding of the methods, which will be effective in delivering organisational services. The report will address the innovations necessary for both the Australian companies, Employment Hero and Commonwealth Bank, in connecting various components for providing these services. The communication mapping has to be done through stepwise maturation concepts that will outcome in ethical flow of network processes and maintenance of technical and business communication. This eventually requires a balance, which will ensure a customised workable solution.

Strategies for gaining competitive advantage: Communication systems are considered as the various processes in terms of informal and formal, with the enforcement of which information can be passed between the employees and managers within an organisation, or between the organisations itself and externally as well (Donate and de Pablo, 2015). For gaining competitive advantage, Employment Hero has to be decisive with little bit of Machine Learning that can be good for every aspects within the business processes. For the IT consulting and outsourcing firms the necessity for collaboration and global growth across business units in various regions has been relatively new and emerging concept. Strategizing emerging communication technologies will opportune Employment Hero with changing the way small groups within the organization are carrying out their interactions. Apart from making work visible, it will also speed up decision-making approaches with the purpose of delivering best services among these small groups in an organization (Suchman, 2016). Technologies like internet and intranet are easy to deploy and they cost less yet they speed up communication within an organization.

Communication Network.jpg

Figure 1: Communication Network

Organisations must communicate within their businesses and throughout their workdays forever by strategizing changing technologies and appreciate the good chances that will prolong to revolutionize at a rapid pace (Mao et al., 2016). With the advent of Cloud Computing Technology, within the business processes of Common Wealth Bank will pave the way for greater efficiencies, better collaboration and more processes that are effective accompanied by streamlined business practices. Let us explore some of the innovative ways that cloud-computing technology facilitates for better communication, irrespective of the size of organisations.


With an ever-increasing number of office locations and labour force, leveraging to work remotely along with virtual teams emerging to be more commonplace, strategic adoption of video conferencing will be an effective element at Common Wealth Bank to keep their teams connected through powering collaboration. This cloud computing innovativeness will not only facilitate video conferencing for connecting teams to one another, moreover, it will connect teams to their prospective customers (Herring, 2015). Video Conferencing will allow face-to-face interaction in a personal way, help in fostering the improvement of better customer relationships through more valuable meetings as well as collaboration sessions. This will help in getting things done with more perfection with more effectively outcome that will project insights for their future endeavours.

Cloud Computing Technology.jpg

Figure 2: Layers of impact due to Cloud Computing Technology

The goal of any communicative form in business has to be acute towards promoting appropriate understanding of the message. However, certain breakdowns in communication might occur at various steps within the process. In this regards the business managers at Employment Hero necessitates better understanding and elimination of their common obstacles that avert effective communication. For effective communication, Quick Information Processes can be an effective strategic implementation within the organization. In certain organisations having a diverse variety of informal and formal objectives to achiever using Online transaction processing (OLTP) will ease the process of gathering input information, information processing and updating existing information for reflecting the gathered and processed information (Mukherjee et al., 2016). In such a scenario, Employment Hero can make use of "Database technology" for effective management of this sequential process. The significance is that databases, which support OLTP, are most often referred to as operational databases.

Next to OLTP, Online Analytical Processing will favour quick decision-making processes. With an effort of achieving organizational goals, decisions are necessary to be made faster in Common Wealth Banks. The process of making a decision is associated with collection of facts and further evaluation of lucrative alternatives (Vassiliadis and Marcel, 2018). For speeding up the processes, communication technology has become imminent. The uses of online analytical processing (OLAP) will also opportune Employments Hero in the manipulation of their valuable information that will eventually support strategic decision-making. OLAP is fundamentally an IT-based annexe, which is acute in creation of information through diverse analytical processing (Benatallah and Motahari-Nezhad, 2016). With the enforcement of OLAP, Common Wealth Bank can increase their range of performing various queries on a database for determination of customers who are having overdue accounts through employment of sophisticated artificial intelligence techniques. There are various other tools associated in this process are genetic algorithms and neural networks for gaining effective solutions against complex problem and turn it into an opportunity of gaining advantage.

In case of Employment Hero, cloud-based video conferencing can be backed up by messaging platforms, which will allow the Company in moving away apart from wading through endless emails seemingly filling their inboxes. Companies can strategize messaging platforms throughout the day and every day in their personal lives being extensively relying on text messages, Facebook Messenger iMessage and all the related likes for establishing communication with family and friends. From a business point of view, messaging platforms will offer much convenience opportunities as well (Anderson, 2016). Through the implementation of Microsoft's new Teams product, GChat, Slack or some relevant messaging platform will opportune in getting swift as well as straightforward solutions to queries and even having easy group discussion sessions will outcome in getting questions answered fast, making prospective plans and email avoided.

For establishment of effective communication flow that will leverage employees and deliverance of proficient customer services in Common Wealth Bank, some innovation is necessary to be strategized for accessing the huge and diverse customer base. In such as scenario, decentralised computing is an effective environment by which an organization can easily split their computing power and afterwards institute those in functional business areas and on desktops of knowledgeable employees (Best et al., 2018). This will ascertain employees within an organization in acquiring easy access to shared information due to decentralized computing. With this process of communication in Common Wealth Bank, the communicative process can be made less expensive in addition of more effective as all computers will be accessible to a centralized database for gathering all the required information (Ally et al., 2016). In parallel to that, small companies such as Employment Hero can set up websites by virtue of which workers can easily login as well as access indispensable data and communicate with other employees working within the same online platform.


Improvement of business operations by changing communication systems and network elements

Improvement of business with the change and improvement in communication systems:

Improvement of Social Intranet: The intranet improvement for the Commonwealth Bank and the Employment Hero can be of huge beneficial for their improving communication. The social intranet has multiple facilities. The intranet services can be enhanced with the aid of enhanced presentation in the home page of the organizations involved. Images that are highly attractive in nature can bring value to the sites and promote the idea of customer engagement. Visual attraction of the sites is also escalated to a higher level. The home page of the intranet should be intriguing for the customers. Accumulation of the information in the form of statistical data of the most used pages and putting them in the home pages will generate greater attraction. This will also make the search program for the users easy (Dingsøyr, 2019). The intranet can improved with the promotion of featured content. The section of the intranet generating greater attraction should be promoted with heavy considerations. The aspect of navigation gets higher with the period. Cleaning the navigation with regularity and duly help in bringing lesser items for navigation and enhances the engagement of the customers.

Improvement of Data Security: It is one of the most pivotal aspects by which grounds of the networking communication of the organization can be boosted. In the current scenario, various hackers are coming up with modern and innovative tool and techniques by which the servers of various companies are being breached. Breaches in the personal data of the customers can be detrimental for the growth and success of the organization and tarnish their reputation to greater level. Thus, it is important to maximize the protection of the data with utmost regard. Employment hero and Commonwealth bank should take active measure to identify the data having the highest importance. The data that are of greater value should be protected in the first place. After the valuable data are recognized, the access to it should also be limited by the organization. Development of stronger and complex password within the networking domain and the web servers also enhances the security of the valuable data (Vandana, 2016). Stronger passwords will make the lives of the hackers difficult, as those data will be hard for them to hack. The crucial data should be monitored and backed up with regularity. Implementation of this exercise will minimize the threats of the cyber attacks as the data can be retrieved efficiently. Backing up of the data with regularity highlights the importance of the data security within the wall of the company (AlSabah and Goldberg, 2016). 

Improvement of traffic Networking: Efficiency in the management of the congesting of the networking can speed up process of communication within the networks of the business. There are multiple ways by which the networks can be boosted and one of them is to provide education to the staffs and the employees by for the usage of the resources of networks. With ample education of the behaviour of the use, the employees will limit the usage of the networks for personal recreation during their working hours. User behaviour in the form of practices that involve transferring of large sized filed to different receipt can be a cause for the network to slow down. If the files are compressed and sent to the recipients, it won't cause traffic in the networks (Ma et al., 2017). With the use of the VLAN, the congestion can be reduced drastically as the resources of the network are segmented in to different partitions. Partitioning will help in dealing with the pivotal traffic with greater importance.

Improvement of the business by the adapting to new technologies: The aspect of communication is one of the pivotal factors by which business organization across the globe is supplemented towards their growth and success within a shorter period. By the virtue of establishment of proper and significant communicative skill, the stakeholders for the business are addressed accordingly. Improved communication the two organizations Commonwealth Bank and Employment Hero to stay connected with their customers, business partners and their staffs on a 24*7 hour basis. In the modern day scenario there has been radical growth in the fields of technologies. Thus, organizations are able to improve their business process with the aid of this technological improvement on the grounds of networking. The booming technologies that will boost the development of the organizations are as follows:

1. 5G Internet Facilities: One of the latest trends in the field of the network technologies is the introduction of the 5G internet facilities. The mobile network for the development of the business processes of the two organizations can be escalated with the implementation of the 5G network. It is the latest technology in the field of the mobile communication, which can provide high-speed data for faster business operation within their network. The speed of the data can reach up to a mark of 100Mbit/s. The execution of the 5G internet facilities will provide the users with an uninterrupted communication and will help them in interaction on the virtual platform with seamless video calling. By the virtue of implementation of high speed, 5G networks the business processes of Employment Hero and Commonwealth Bank will be accelerated. This is mainly because it will help their management in conducting video conferences in a smoother manner. Conducting important business meeting in the virtual platform will eradicate challenges for operation and help in taking faster decision or in assist them in strategic planning for business developments (Dong et al., 2017).

2. Cloud Computing: One of the most significant and the sought after trends in the new age networking process are the process of the Cloud Computing or the services based on the Cloud Computing. The implementation of the cloud computing helps in boosting the overall sector of the networking sector as the transfer of the data for comprehending various business processes through cloud services is less complex and less time consuming. The idea for the development of the cloud services was generated to mitigate the attacks form the cyber world. With the aid of the cloud storage, the important and the relevant data of the Employment Hero and Commonwealth bank are stored securely in the online platform. The standards of safety in the Clouds have greater prominence than that of the local storage. For the transfer and the receiving of the data via the clouds the efficiency of the organization are radically enhanced as lees amount of networking resources are required (Yan et al., 2015). It also does not require greater amount of power of the processor from the networking gadget. The execution of the cloud computing services in the networks also helps the organizations to implement greater number networks of VoIP and eases the transaction of the capacitive traffic within their networks. The aspect of cloud computing encourages the idea of sharing storage which improves the networking process of the organization and provide satisfactory services to their customers. With the execution of the idea of shared storage the services of the organization are marketed with takes lesser time in reaching to their customers (Hashem et al., 2015)

Virtual Reality and Augmented reality: Another significant advancement in the field of technology of networking is the rise of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. This is a very innovative and highly intriguing tool, whose proper application within the structure of the networks will attract large number of customers. Larger number of customer can be engaged as various application associated with the business processes can be enhanced with the use of AR and VR (Gavish et al., 2015). With the implementation of AR and VR, the facilities provided by the two organizations can be portrayed efficiently in a 3D view to the new or the potential customers. By this, new investors can also be attracted who will significantly invest in the organizations.


Recommendation: Improved communications in the field of networking will aid Employment Hero and Commonwealth Bank to comprehend their business processes in a smoother manner. By the virtue of effective communication, more customers will be attracted and goals of the organization can be met within the stipulated period. In order to gain competitive edge in the market both the organizations need to analyse the situation of the present market scenario with proper measures. Assessment of the market will help the organization on identifying their loopholes. Identification of the drawback is important s they can make strategic planning of the developments of the business with efficacy. In order to boost their potential and mitigate their challenges Employment hero and Commonwealth Bank should develop their network communications largely. Both of the companies should heavily indulge in the idea of improving their communication to and improve their existing techniques. Improvement should be made on the factors such as security of the data and the social intranet. The organizations should also negate the congestion in the traffic of their networks in order to maintain smoother flow of business operations. The aid of the advancement of the modern technologies should also be adhered by the associated organization by which they can change their system for communication. Modern and improved technology in the form of AR and VR, 5G internet and Cloud Computing should be taken into account by these organizations. The supplementation of these innovative technologies will not only improve their network communication but also help the business to generate greater productivity (Hu, et al., 2015). Thus with greater productivity Employment hero and Commonwealth Bank will be able more customers and generate increased revenues.

Conclusion: After studying various aspects of communication systems and network elements it can be inferred that the strategic enforcement of communication technology can easily simplify the easy flow of information in between organisations and its stakeholders such as investors, employees, suppliers and customers. The communication system of Employment Hero and Common Wealth Bank can be made for strategic with profitable outcome by incorporation of cloud computing and various technologies associated with it. Implementation of acute technology for appropriate business processes can promisingly improve the innovation level in organisations both externally and internally. However, it can be concluded that corporate organisations and its processes must be flexible aligning the line of adaptive systems. Most trending technical developments should be anticipated in a better way through taking an active participation in process of shaping the business model of the Companies. A well-integrated communication systems and network will ensure transformation in organisations business model and corporate culture, which will eventually eland to critical success factor for both the companies in their future endeavours.

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