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Radiance International Case Study Assignment Help

Radiance International (RD had spent more than half a decade becoming a global leader in managing pollution, hazard, and environmental protection projects for its worldwide clients. It maintained ten offices across the world with approximately 150 people in each office. Its projects ranged from a few hundred thousand dollars to a few million dollars and lasted from six months to two years. When the downtum in corporate spending began in 2008, RI saw its growth stagnate. Line managers that previously spent most of their time interfacing with various project teams were now spending the preponderance of their time writing reports and memos trying to justify their position in case downsizing occurred. Project teams were asked to generate additional information that the line man- agers needed to justify their existence. This took a toll on the project teams and forced team members to do “busy work” that was sometimes unrelated to their project responsibilities.

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1. Is it a good idea to remove all the line management slots?

Project management of the global level that was conducted by this organisation was one of major significance where it is important to ensure that strategic management concepts are used (Kerzner & Kerzner, 2017). In the case of this case study associated with Radiance International. There was elimination of the line management slots because the management wanted to introduce pool management. It was a trigger mechanism to ensure effective work culture in the organisation, which actually paid off. Line management becomes redundant in all such situations where pool management has been brought in (Rothaermel, 2013). It was a good idea because the risky business of the shift was possible because of the excellent, experienced and mature managers were present in the organisation. Hence, it can be opined that in the case of Radiance International it was not a bad idea at all.

2. If the pool management does not work can, line management slots then be reinstated?

There was reduction in the staff after the shift from line management kind of project handling to pool management concepts. The concepts of pool management and line management are very diverse and shifting from line managerial way of handling to pool management is a risky concept. In the case of this company the managers were very mature and the process of the shift was done in a systematic way. There was tremendous high motivation among the workers and this led to the concept of working with effectiveness. If the management had decided to shift back to line management kind of a system then the morale of the efficient employee and the good managers would have been lost largely. This would have led to some talented people leave the organisation.

3. How important is the corporate culture to the pool management concept?

The corporate culture of any organisation is a main blueprint that has the image effect of its cultural practice spread over its entire concept (Schneider, Ehrhart & Macey, 2013). The concept of pool management is associated with maximisation of all kinds of resources and hence in order to ensure that the pool management structure works effectively it is important that collaborative thinking is encouraged. This is only possible if the corporate culture is supportive. High employee motivation is a direct fall out of good corporate culture and thus in a pool management concept where there are close sharing of resources it is essential that a supportive corporate culture is present in the organisation where such a major shift is taking place (Binder, 2016).  

4. Are there project sponsors at RI?

Yes, there were sponsors in Radiance International from the very beginning, till the very end before it was taken over by the large construction company. However with the continuous success of the pool management concept, there was change in the culture and the work culture became so effective that the concept of sponsorship was virtually eliminated. It was there on a very basic level. The sponsors were hardly associated with the activities in the organisation and they were literally of no circumstances. accepts instant and short deadlines order for Radiance International Case Study Assignment Help – order today for excellence! 


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