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Evaluation of Ethics in Leadership Assignment Help

Based on the response to Hurricane Katrina, what is the relationship between inefficiency and ethical behavior for leaders? How could the response to the Hurricane Katrina disaster have been more effective, and thus more ethical?

In considering the BP Oil Spill, what circumstances would ethically justify a government or private company in restricting information made available to the public during a disaster? At what point might other companies have an ethical right to intervene regarding environmental disasters?

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Discussion: Evaluation of Ethics in leadership

Ethics makes up an important and essential role in the functions of leadership of any organization. Professionalism and display of integrity are essential requirements of ethics. So indifference, inefficiency and apathy are some of the ethical elements that leadership cannot forego from their essential characteristics in delivering their responsibilities. Regulatory and sustainable market approaches also make up considerable role in deciding and enforcing ethical compliances of leadership functionalities (Lawton & Paez, 2015).

Hurricane Katrina is a good opportunity to review the relationship between the inefficiency and implications to ethical aspects of situation. The consequences of the hurricane Katrina disaster would have been seriously affected. Consequences of Katrina are very severe, lots of people got displaced of their homes, their farms and lands became useless. There is severe loss of property and lives too. The consequences of the impact are also unseen; there are implications to the health of the people. One thing that is observed is the failure of the mechanism, inefficiencies in the system and unwanted delays in help due to procedural problems; All of them have impacted the situation miserably. Inefficiencies in such vital emergency systems can be associated with poor ethics of the leadership. Though it may be unintentional but the consequences of inefficiency resulted in severe and unpredicted loss to the people, hence I believe inefficiency is unethical response of the mechanism and it should not have been so. If the system is made well prepared and emergency response system is more effective and the consequences of the damage would have been reduced much. Working in this direction with dedication and commitment would have shown more integrity and dignity and last but not least the ethics in the leadership.

BP Oil spill is another similar instance which was not seen before in the context of environmental impact in the society. The government and other responsible authorities can restrict information access to the general public only when the information access to the general public becomes difficult for the smooth flow of the protection measures. It may be possible that the mitigation of the oil spill impacts and the consequences if getting impacted by the general people access to the region and by any other indirect consequences, government may take control to restrict the access of information to the general public. However in all normal circumstances, it may be not required by the government to take up the measures to control the information access to the public during a disaster. Other companies can have once again an ethical right to intervene regarding environmental disasters, if the consequences of the impact or if the consequences of the mitigation effects impact them either directly or indirectly. These consequences may be not good for sustenance of the organizations and in all such occasions, yes there is right for the impacted organizations to intervene in the actions related to the environmental disasters.

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