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BN109 Web and Multimedia Systems Assignment Help

- Prepare a website documentation prior to developing a personal website to show case their talents to prospective employers.

- Analyze client needs and create effective navigation for Web sites.

- Apply good design and coding practices to ensure the standards-compliance, presentation, and usefulness of Web and multimedia content.

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In the web designing process, we use the different methodology for creating a website. Web designing has numerous processes like graphic designing, architecture of the web page, content writing and designing etc. Web designing is a part of the whole web development process.

Websites are developed using a language of mark-up named HTML (Hypertext Mark-up Language). In the HTML (Hypertext Mark-up Language), there are various links and tags, which is used by the designer to create the pages for the website and separately define the Meta data for every pages included. The look of the web pages like colour, buttons, highlighters etc. are created with the help of the CSS (cascading style sheets). 

Some web designers prefer websites with hand code while others prefer “WYSIWYG" software. This editor type offers a visual interface for web page layout design and the software produces the respective HTML and CSS code automatically. Another common way to design websites is through a WordPress or Joomla content management system. Such facilities provide various website templates which can be used as a starting point for a new website. 


My website's name is "Mike." It is why I chose my name as the name of my website because it's going to be a private website. I'm Mike and I'm a registered infant. I will be accountable for caring for the ancient individuals in the nursing home as a registered nurse. It will contain all the data about me on this website. A total of six web pages will be available on the website and an overview of six web pages will be defined below:-

Home Page: The home page will comprise the headline of my website, including a short paragraph trying to introduce myself and pictures of me as well. It will also include the navigation bar that will make it easy to move between pages. It will also contain my connections to social media.

Education Page: This page will encompass all my education data. Beginning with my education up to what I'm doing.

Digital Images: This page will include collage of the pictures of mine including pictures with my friends and a short description about every.

Digital Video: This page will include mine video produced during the job of the laboratory.

Skills: This page will contain all the data about my abilities and what I have done and accomplished effectively in my career.

Contact Us: This page contains all contact details, including my email and contact number, which makes it simple to contact me.

Content Design

This segment needs a comprehensive overview of our website's overall page layout and why we chose this layout. 

As we understand the page layout demonstrates how the consumer interacts with the website and that's why the page layout has a lot of effect on users of the website. The page layout I will use on my website is 900 * 600, a normal size of the website. In addition, I will use a flexible design that can be adjusted to the screen size. The reason for selecting a flexible design is that the content adjusts to the screen that does not affect user experience and increases effectiveness. I have also performed studies on this and after learning from separate locations I come to understand that the contents can modify their place in responsive design in order to adjust to the screen.


Each web page on our website should include a wire frame created digitally. Following attributes are included in the wire frame:

Fonts (fonts name will be specified in the wireframe like times new roman, Calibri, Cambria math etc.), type of the content like text , audio, video format, font size and colour of the text, appropriate headings with font size, font type and colour, size of the footer and its colour, the colour scheme used in the wireframe must be explained in the hexa-decimal format, background colour and figures.

Home Page
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Digital Images
Digital Video
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