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Defense Mechanism Assignment Help

Use complete sentences and separate paragraphs to address the following: 

Describe two situations in which m have used a defense mechanism. For each situation, include the name of the defense mechanism, the general situation, and how the mechanism helped you to cope.

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It happened during my college time, when I was suddenly asked about my Father dead date and I was not able to recall the date and time as I was so deeply into the remorse feeling. With this question, I underwent a feeling of the repression and instaneoulsy felt the painful feeling which caught my mind with the thoughtfulness that have evidently been created as an awareness (Fradella, 2009). I have faced this type of defense mechanisms of repression, which I was unable to recall and even relate how exactly the daya and the time of the father's funeral was which made me felt deeply regret and repent the situation.
In another zone of my life, I was an alcoholic and was not ready to believe that I was sinking into the zone. It was always away from the acceptance stage of the core reality and it had become evitably too painful. As an example, I can recall, how I was given warning from the police multiple times, but still I was always in a denial state to understand if I had a problem with an alcohol issue. Also, I feel sometimes I persistently wants something badly, but I am always in a denial stage of being called an as obessesed person, which has created a ruckus in my life. I was going through defense mechanism of denial during that stage of life.
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