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SBM3204: Sustainability and Ethics Assignment Help

This is an individual assignment, and by week 2, students have to choose a business case organization. Based on the chosen case organization, students have to critically review how the business case organization is applying ethics to its business decisions. In doing the critical review, students have to cover the following topics:
1. The relevancy of ethics for business decisions - Literature review and discussion (30%)
2. How ethics is relevant for business decisions in a chosen case organization (30%)
• Examine and analyze the case organizations rules, policies to ethics in business
decisions making.
• Include decisions or cases that shows how the organization is considering ethics
in its business decision making.
3. Is ethics relevant for small businesses? (30%)
4. Clarity and citation (Harvard style referencing) (10%)

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The topic of this assessment is sustainability and ethics in business. Woolworths is considered as an example for further analysis and study of business ethics. The assessment consists of ethical challenges along with the ethical policies required by the selected company to achieve improvement in organizational performance. The implementation of good ethics in the workplace leads to the reduction of personal and inconsistent management morals. Tennent (2013) stated that a decent ethical code obviously helps Woolworths to outline the responsibilities and rights of the employees. Accordingly, the management can offer protection in preempting and defending against lawsuits. The assessment had shown how business ethics is useful in enhancing the loyalty, pride, and morality of the employees and promotes market efficiency especially in areas where the laws are weak and inefficient. The assessment also consists of ethical training decision that would help Woolworths to achieve competitive advantages.

1. The relevance of ethics for business decisions

Literature Review and Discussion

Business Ethics Overview

In business, ethics is a complex hypothesis. According to Sama and Casselman (2014), ethics play a significant role in leadership and business. Besides, this current literature is concerned with the various ethical policies applied in the business of Woolworths. Ethics are implemented throughout all the operations and aspects of business with the company. Most of the organization cannot perform ethical management due to incongruous management control. Without the suitable communication system within Woolworths, unethical and illegal conducts cannot be instantaneously managed and conveyed. As stated by Grace, Cohen and Holmes (2017), the recruitment of one employee with an unethical value system can corrupt Woolworths, without an ethical hiring system.

Ethical decision-making challenges in Woolworths's business

During a business operation, Woolworth may experience various ethical challenges. The fundamental ethical challenge in Woolworth's business is that the business may face issues with trust and integrity. Besides, integrity consists of ideas that conduct business affairs with commitment and honesty for treating every client fairly. According to Shaw (2017), an organization may face decision-making issues without the implementation of ethical policies inside the business. The decision-making technique in Woolworth's business should center on the protection of customer rights and employees. On the other hand, the decision-making process should make sure that all business operations are carried out fairly, protecting the common good and belief of the workers.

Impact of business ethics on the decision-making of competitive advantages

As indicated by Velasquez (2015), ethical companies like Woolworths performs competitive advantage far better than their competitors like Tesco, Coles Group, LIDL, and Amazon and so on. Woolworths have a unique benefit in demonstrating their ethics. The managers and owners of this company are more visible than the leaders of other organizations. Besides that, they can easily exemplify as well as set the tone for others to follow. The organizations that are concerned more about implementing ethical policies inside their workplaces attract skilled and competent employees as well as lead all management and employees to a higher satisfaction level. Moreover, the employees who will know that their salaries will be the same as others will look out for ethical corporate companies. Brunell and Buelow (2015), stated that a good ethical decision inside a workplace help the management team to retain their skilled and competent workers and reduces annual employee turnover issues. Additionally, good business ethics delivers a positive working environment which in turn leads to great competitive advantage. Thus, we can say that business ethics are significant for Woolworths to attract skilled employees and achieve competitive advantages.

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Application of decision-making tool on business ethics

Genesis approach is a decision-making tool that helps Woolworths to achieve pellucidity in huge projects. This methodology makes express all likely options and follows each substitute to its suspicion in a single point of view. Also, it gives more data to the employees so that they can easily carry out their activities inside the workplace. Therefore, it brings a decent variety of experiences and perspective to the decision method. It is furthermore helpful in improving and updating the nature of decisions. The colleagues of Woolworths should assess each other's reasoning with the goal to avoid each other's mistakes. According to Unal and Maleki (2018), this specific approach is probabilistic and deterministic and it gives key understanding and experiences of a complex organizational issue. Vulnerability and risk management is a key part of any period of an undertaking. Beginning methodology has various differing techniques for supporting risk evaluation, risk the board just as risk ID from probabilistic investigation through to proceeding with risk extenuation support. Then again, it helps in expanding employee responsibility and acknowledgment towards a specific responsibility. Cooperation causes a business to expand employee fulfillment and acknowledgment. This particular approach expands authenticity in business. The decision making procedure made in a group ought to be dependable with law based standards.

2. Impact of ethics in the business decision-making process of a company

Analysis and examination of the case organizations policies and rules to ethics in business decision making
Woolworth needs to conduct some ethical principles in their business in order to grow their business and bring sustainability inside the workplace. In day to day business activities, all the employees observe and follow local rules, regulations, and laws of the nation and it is mandatory for every business of the United Kingdom. Some of the organizational ethical policies and rules are described below:

Accurate Records

According to Brooks (2015), Woolworth mandates that all the record of the organization at all places be accurate as well as maintained in accordance with the QMS requirement. However, QMS requirement is derived from predictable and standard business activities internationally. Apart from being accurate, this UK Company needs to retain business documents and record to guideline the organization's control of record technique. Woolworths has to appoint a finance manager whose responsibility would be to ensure that weather organization's records and documents are accurate or not. Consequently, it helps the company to ensure proper check and balance of every office of Woolworths. Other than periodic internal audits, the company also needs to conduct external audits for ensuring best practices inside the workspace.

Conflicts of Interest

The organization must try to avoid conflict between the internal employees due to personal or official issues. Tapas (2012) stated that the employees of Woolworths should declare data and information which impede their capability to follow this regulation as their daily operation. This would ensure compliance with the rules and regulation of the business. Moreover, the company should carry out business activities neutrally and honestly and no concerns to be provided for an altercation of any personal achievements. This also relates to receiving presents and gifts which can have an effect on the improvement of organizational performance and competitive advantages.

Confidential Information

Woolworths should protect internal information of the business from the outsiders. Confidential information consists of a letter, manuals, contacts, and e-mails. If required, the management should also protect these documents from internal employees. Correspondingly, any information and data obtained from the customer are not be disclosed outside the business enterprise. No employees should be given permission to disclose any company's trade secret to the outsiders or even inside the workplace. This obligation may also encompass to a static period of time after an employee leaves the Company as well.

Include cases or decisions that shows how the company is considering ethics in its business decision making

Suppose taking an example of a case or decision like training of employees. According to Brooks (2010), the fundamental objective of Woolworths is to accomplish upgradation in the quality and performance of employees inside the workspace. During the training of employees, organizations like Woolworth's needs to make ethical decisions for achieving the objective of increasing organizational performance. Few managers realize that almost every UK's business decision has ethical consequences without having been trained in philosophy. Gong (2016) stated that the individuals who are employed in companies with dignified training in ethical behavior have more optimistic perceptions about their ethics and superior job satisfaction inside the workplace. Some of the ethical steps to train the employees inside the workplace are provided in details:

• The management should conduct a six-month training process for the newly recruited employees regarding the reinforcement of the significance and exploration of ethical issues in business. Therefore, training a long-term employee to lead ethics training sessions is indispensable so as to share stories on how the code of ethics in Woolworths was upheld in problematic situations.

• The management of Woolworths should develop a code and make ethical performance a strategic priority. Applicable ethical conduct, policy, and code set clear standards, expectations and objectives is a key requirement for ethical performance. Fu and Blazenko (2017) stated that code needs to be reinforced by anemphasis on ethical performance in broader decision making. Thus, we can conclude if the management of Woolworth implements ethical training on their employees, then they would experience improvement in their work quality and their employees would be satisfied to a great extent.

• According to Lee (2013), the company should communicate, train and engage their workers such as investor, regulators, suppliers as well as consumer communities by means of informative and effective communication. Consequently, management can reduce the rate of employee conflicts and bring sustainable development in the workplace.

3. Is ethics applicable to small businesses?

According to me, ethics are significant for small businesses. Like large scale organizations, small businesses also face ethical issues but the implementation of ethical policies in small businesses impacts positively inside the workplace. Ethics in small business helps to build a positive corporate culture and increases the confidence of the customers. Moreover, it helps in reducing the financial liabilities and potential lawsuits of the business. An organization such as Woolworths defer to advantages for making policies and techniques that enable good ethical practices which in turn leads to the development of a positive corporate culture. Pardo and Siemens (2014) stated that the morale of the group member progresses when the professionals feel guaranteed against countering for personal feelings. When Woolworths would take time to recognize what is basic to buyers and its goal advertises it is better prepared to set regard explanations and traditions to fulfill higher ethical principles.

The vital commitment of Woolworths would be to make a reduction in sales. The second domain of budgetary hazard exists with potential lawsuits. No organization is prohibited from a disappointed specialist or customer who claims partition. Besides that, sexual discriminations in the workplace are costing CEOs, government authorities, and well-known individuals their activity since they are not legitimately overseeing charges and goading claims. Organizations must keep up policies and procedures watching out for various types of incitement and isolation. Thus we can conclude that sexual harassment and discrimination can be reduced within the workplace with the implementation of the good ethical practice.

On the other hand, a practice of good ethics inside the workplace leads to the minimization of inconsistent and personal management morals. A good ethical code explicitly helps the organization to outline the responsibilities and rights of the employees. Consequently, the management can offer protection in preempting and defending against lawsuits. It is also useful in enhancing the morality, loyalty, and pride of the employees and promotes market efficiency especially in areas where the laws are weak and inefficient.


Ethics in business are critical for each organization. Moreover, they protect specialists, help exchange and connections between organizations stay legit and reasonable, and by and large make for better products and enterprises. In the literature review section, a genesis approach has been described which shows that a good decision-making process is useful to maintain a decent ethical policy inside the workplace. The ethical policies that are described in this report are an accurate record, conflicts of interest and confidential information. According to ethical principles, any information and data obtained from the customer are not be disclosed outside the business enterprise and no employees should be given permission to disclose any company's trade secret to the outsiders or even inside the workplace. Recognizing what an organization will and won't represent isn't generally the equivalent for every association, except realizing what rules should be pursued help stay with a fair and beneficial.

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