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Creativity and Innovation in Organizations Assignment Help

 Relate the impact of perception on thinking and concept development to innovative action

 Identify a range of creative thinking tools and debate the application of these to the innovation and entrepreneurial process

 Determine appropriate creativity and innovation strategies in a business setting

 Assess the principles underpinning the impact of perception on thinking, concept development and innovative action

 Appraise barriers to creativity in individuals and organisations

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The basic law of entire nature is change. In this fast pacing world, change is inevitable, and the business world is also not far behind. According to Dentchev, et. al. (2016), creativity and innovation has become two most importantdeterminants of successful running of a business. There have been several discussions on the concepts of creativity and innovation. Creativity is the capability of conceiving something unusual or original. Creativity is a combination of curiosity to conceive new ideas, imagination and evaluation. According to Gino (2018), the greater the level of curiosity and knowledge, the better the ideas a person or business can achieve, which then correlates to invest in creation of innovative products and services. On the other hand, innovation is implementing those creative new ideas.

However, as opined by Ali Taha,Sirkova&Ferencova (2016), the discussion on the correlation between creativity and innovation has been long where it is conceived that creativity requires adequate knowledge to produce useful ideas, whereas, innovation is considered to produce both useful ideas and implement them at later stages. There have various definitions and arguments proposed by researchers to identify the relationship and differences between creativity and innovation. This essay emphasizes on the issues of what creativity and innovations means to different people, situations and organizations.

Creativity and Innovation

According to McRobbie(2018), creative people perceive themselves to be capable of producing creative ideas and later implementing them. They claim that creativity and innovation cannot be measured even when they are two different concepts. The primary difference between creativity and innovation is having the right focus. Creativity refers to conceiving new ideas with the power of knowledge base and curiosity. According to Torrance (2018), human minds are often experimental with their creative ideas which can be hard to measure. Innovation, on the other hand, refers to introduction of change into relatively stable systems. Innovation is measurable as when the ideas are implemented, people do need to ensure its viability. Innovation comes into light when people or organizations identify the need to fulfill an unrecognized and unmet demand. Organizations use innovation to apply their creative resources to identify solutions to derive the desired results. However, even when creativity is an important aspect and organizations must conceive creative ideas, they need to pursue innovation. According to Godin(2017), the concern is not lack of sense of creativity or producing appropriate ideas, but the concern is to implement those ideas where necessary. As creativity and innovation are considered to be two different concepts, it is also assumed that innovative ideas can only be coined when there is a need to fulfill an unmet demand.

According toPerry-Smith&Mannucci (2017), human progress is the contribution of creativity as it allows them to develop a tangible product, performance or simply an idea which is different from previous ones. The relationship between creativity and innovation, their dependency on each other and how they work with each other is critical for running a successful business. For instance, Apple is one of the most innovative companies and Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple has shown his creativity in combining different products to create one.

This forward-thinking ability and identifying new connections between different things that has allowed Apple to create highly inspired and products of value. The company maintains the level of its creativity and innovation in terms of simplicity and functionality of the products (Safian, 2018). Therefore, creativity and innovation go hand in hand as both the concepts are important for organizational success. Innovation in organization can only be fostered in the presence of creative ideas. And likewise, there is no commercial value of creativity if the creative ideas are not implemented into practical and real-world application. Businesses where creativity and innovation are considered as important determinants of success, such workplaces create better ideas, develop them, let them grow implement them which successful execution. Therefore, the healthy mix of creativity and innovation allows organizations to contribute to some valuable and.

Organizational Creativity and Innovation

Organizations that know how to innovate do not necessarily invest in research and development, instead they inculcate new ideas and changes that decides success and failure of those organizations. Creativity is nothing more than bringing new ideas to life and adding economic, social or aesthetic values. Research indicates that creativity is not limited to only few people, but everyone can have some level of creativity that helps them to create something new and useful for themselves and the society. Over the last decades, creativity and innovation has increased the need for resolving management problems that require creative insights. Since there is no innovation without creativity, organizations must allow themselves to look at things from a different perspective. Creativity allows organizations to explore completely new unknown territories that result in increasing the overall productivity of the organizations. Creative thinking is often generated from the minds of curious people who could think outside of the box and identify solutions to certain given problems. Companies like Tesla and the CEO of the company Elon Musk has a very unique way of thinking that has helped him as well as his company to become a pioneer in automobile industry. Today, Tesla has huge breakthroughs in terms of its technology, science and vehicle design. Elon Musk's creative leadership and his image as a visionary has led him to enjoy incredible success for his entrepreneurial ventures (Denning, 2018). However, creativity can sometimes have debilitating consequences. This can be identified from the creative but being transparent attitude of Elon Musk, which led him to serious public relations and legal controversies (Bomey, 2018). Therefore, even when his creative leadership has helped the company grow to what it is now, his transparent attitude could not be overlooked. It is often considered that people having creative ideas become better leaders in an organization as they recognize ideas outside of the box, have an open attitude and know how to implement those creative ideas into the management of the organization.

Successful organisations understand the significance of creativity and innovation management in business. As mentioned earlier, Apple is one such company which has effectively implemented innovation management to achieve new heights of success. Innovative management involves making changes in planning, creating new ideas, improving technical abilities and production of resources in a manner cat can make system more functional for people. As opined by Bucciarelli(2015), the primary motive of inculcating the concept of innovation management in an organisation is to improve its operational systems and enhance products and services for end-users. Previously, the management of an organisation where highly dependent on its leaders but in the current scenario, creativity can come from the minds of any person working in the organisation. Innovation forms as a core business value for innovative organisations. Since creativity and innovation are continuous phenomenon for the growth of an organisation, it also helps create an environment that allows every member of the organisation to provide their valuable inputs. In today's world, setting a trend has become so important that when one organization comes up with a creative idea, others tend to follow it. Ford Motors was the first company to adopt line assembly mechanism which was followed by automobile companies for mass production of cars.

As opined by Ahmed, Bilal, Khan& Riaz(2015), technology has always remained the key to setting up of trend in any industry. Successful innovative organisations integrate information technology for seamless sharing of information which results in flow of better ideas and engagement across the organization. One of the most important characteristics of creative organisation is a leadership that inspires its people to have creative thinking in their work processes. The organisations that transitions from top leadership to lower levels of management foster innovative thinking. However, the success depends on measuring the time and money on implementing the innovation in the organisation. These organisations are not reluctant to take risks and they are able to create new products and services with improved business strategies. This challenges organisations to sustain the cutthroat competition and therefore taking risks may lead to success of the organisation. Sometimes, all creative ideas might not be implemented but it allows the employees of an organisation to demonstrate their talent and experiment with them.

Entrepreneurial creativity and innovation

According to Gassmann,Frankenberger& Sauer (2016), innovation, creativity and business is often interlinked as businesses cannot survive without creative thinking. Entrepreneurial creativity involves starting of a business with calculated risks and effective utilization of the resources. Innovation however creates a distinction as it provides a competitive edge to any company. Innovation has the potential to turn small businesses into multinational corporations with billions of turnovers. Creativity is the driving force of bringing innovation in an organization that creates train setting companies like Microsoft, Apple, Uber Technologies, Tesla Motors and Goldman Sachs. The word creativity is often linked with people involved in painting and sculpting, whereas innovation is linked with companies bringing technological advancements in the market. As mentioned above, creativity rise to innovations, but it requires a creative mind start an entrepreneurial venture. The characteristics of entrepreneurs reflect that they want to create something outside of the box independently. Creativity enables entrepreneurs to act on good opportunities in order to remain competitive in the market. An entrepreneurial venture does not need to be bring revolutionary changes, technology, designs or products, but it requires to bring out the creativity from within the entrepreneurs and demonstrate doors ideas in front of the world. Innovation does not come to all entrepreneurs, but it allows them to implement their creative ideas. Several entrepreneurial ventures like Airbnb has been successful because they have identified the needs of the hospitality industry and its customers. Uber Technologies is again one company which resolved the issue of commutation within the city and has been growing since its inception. These entrepreneurial ventures have pushed themselves to create something new and exciting that solves the issues of the society as well as generate profits out of it. The inherited ability of humans has allowed them to become creative in their own ways and inspire others to keep generating new ideas.

Companies with innovative ideas

Innovation and creativity have become an essential part of any large and small company business success and improve market competitiveness. Previously, companies were reluctant to changes and utilised traditional closed innovation models that posed as barriers for implementing new ideas within the organisation. As times has changed, the business world demands more of open models that involves the participation of internal management of organisations and provide the main opportunity of new idea generation. Open innovation model was first identified by Dr. Henry Chesbrough of Haas School of Business. According to him, organisations often take help from external sources with regards to creating something new or adopting a new technology. However, they must involve the participation of their internal management their valuable ideas in order to become a business success. The Open innovation model allows organisations to innovate new ideas exploiting both external and internal resources. Organisations which involve such participation reduce innovation risk, time and costs.

General Electric is one of such companies which implemented the open innovation model (Ludvik, 2017). Their focus was to collaborate entrepreneurs and experts from all over the world and resolve the issues of environment. This creative thinking named First Build became a well-connected platform for GE engineers, designers and creative thinkers to present their ideas, conduct discussion forums and solve different issues. However, General Electric's awards those members whose ideas could bring relevant changes. This not only motivates the employees but continues the process of innovative thinking. Coca-Cola is one of the most renowned companies in beverage sector which has also adopted open between their internal teams and other entrepreneurs. They have also adopted the model between their internal teams and consumers. Coca Cola came up with their Coca-Cola Accelerator Program to help startup companies across the globe having innovative ideas to build the happiness Coca Cola brand (Arthur, 2018). Their innovative and creative thinking allowed Coca-Cola to present freestyle dispenser machines. The idea was to allow users around the world to mix different flavors together and suggest something new for Coca Cola products.

The bottom line is open innovation can help both small and large companies to achieve a competitive position in the market. The above examples illustrate how different companies depend upon creative and innovative ideas to achieve different goals.


The essay emphasizes that workplaces are becoming more complex, performing multiple tasks the demands different skills and expertise of the internal management of organisations. Each and every industry requires continuous change in order to remain in competition.

Organisations that are serious about fostering creativity and innovation have to deal with risks and failure too. However, these risks and failures must not be seen as black mark but organisations must take these as an opportunity and learning experience for accomplishing their future goals. Even when innovation and creativity connote thinking differently, organised must pay attention towards those ideas to achieve their strategic goals. In today's business world, innovation and creativity is always a good practice.

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