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MN601 Network Project Management, Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia


The purpose of this assignment is to build a clear understanding of project management fundamentals and their application, specifically:

Demonstrate project leadership skills; identify and assess risk in designing, executing a major project;

Critically reflect on current project management ethics, research, and theory and practice;


Assignment task

Write a report on the above case that addresses the following issues; and carry out research on project management practice and discuss the ethical implication.

1. Executive Summary : Give an executive summary that gives a big picture of the issues presented in the case study.

Executive Summary

The report is about emotional Charlie Pellerin leadership styles, which he proposed from the experience and expertise gained from NASA Hubble telescope launch project. The Green and yellow leaders with extensive emotional traits are considered the best in managing the complex project and are considered superior to the other forms like blue and orange. The report describes the leadership traits based on emotions and provided significance of the same to the project leader. Further there is discussion about the Ethical issues surrounding Hubble telescope launch and solutions to prevent the same.


Project manager is the key stakeholder whose efficiency and skills will decide the ultimate outcomes of any project in general. The leadership and managerial traits of project manager are very much needed to align with the objectives of the project. A project leader should essentially possess the skills necessary to motivate and extract the best from his team. Apart from professional and technical skills, Emotional quotient and personality driven by Emotions is very much needed for a project manager to be successful in the profession. Charles from his unique and rigorous practical insights gained from astronautic projects of Hubble telescope proposed leadership competency models that are based on two different continuum axes, the first is related with the emotional logical decision making process continuum and the second is the Intuited-Sensed data preference continuum.

A combination of these two different type of continuums are marked in two different stream the emotional driven and the logical driven. The following part of the report is presented based on the case analysis contained in the article, “The best Project Managers are Emotion- Driven Leader” by Claude Emond. The focus of the reflection is on the skills needed by the project managers in general, their significance and how the green and yellow type of leaders do make the difference in the making the complex project do happen. Further there is also discussion on the ethical issues contained in the Hubble telescope launch project, also presented are few solutions to resolve these issues.

2. Leadership issues : Explain the problems that can arise if the project leader is ineffective.

Project Managers and the problems of ineffective leadership:

When a project manager is incompetent in leading the team, the implications can be very severe for the project progression as well as for the sustenance of the same towards the determined goals. A project manager will be the facilitator of the project success and will act as moderator between the project team members and the project ultimate success. A Leader without skills in human relations and exercising leadership simply cannot moderate success in complex projects. Leadership competency of project manager using interpretative structure modelling of about 69 project leaders.


The findings from the studies were statistically analyzed and indicated that the human related characteristics of leadership do have considerable impact over the project performance. Hence the project performance more specifically in the domains like quality, stakeholder performance, schedule and cost performance will get severe impacted and will be related with the people related factors of the leaders. The style of project management can have definite impact over the performance of the same [1]. The findings based on Likert scale analysis and SPSS evaluation indicated that the leadership people skills like directing, coaching, mentoring, delegating and directing do have substantial impact over the project performance. Hence an ineffective project manager will impact the project performance negatively.

3. Leadership styles : Describe the leadership styles articulated by Charles Pellerin.

Charles Pellerin Leadership styles

As per Charles pellerin the leadership styles mainly can be grouped into different categories, based on their inherent qualities of emotional and logical drives. The Emotional intuitive leader or a green leader can exhibit great gratitude towards his team members and there by draws-in loyalty which can contribute to the project performance. A yellow leader or emotional-sensing leader is the one with excellent emotional skills, who can make the leaders feel part of the team and can even mobilize the difficult people become part of the team[2].


He can be ultimate marketer for the team and can enable collaboration to achieve targets even in the complex projects. Logical intuitive- leadership or blue leadership is a trait where in the leaders will have extensive reality oriented optimism and can provide good contribution to the idea creation. Great project ideas can be intuited from these leaders. Logical sensing leader work for the team execution and priroties include ruthlessly delivering the objectives and puts in the first task. However he keeps the task first and is a great organizer and system builder. Blue and orange leaders are based on logical framework and they are often considered next to the emotional traits like green and yellow types as per Charles Pellerin and other sources. Gratifying and including behaviour traits are the most significant attributes of green and yellow leaders[3].

4. Project Success : Explain which leadership styles can build teams that can lead to project success, and why?

Successful project leaders:

Complex projects need extensive co-ordination from different types of human beings, who are distinctly different in personality traits and the emotions. A right leader is one who can execute extensive control over the emotional management of the team. He himself will be a highly emotional driven personality and he never forgets the gratifying the contribution as well never forgets to include a person in the team. People performance and productivity will get hiked with such leaders and even the difficult and complex projects can be performed quite successfully with such emotionally empowered leadership. Emotions are most powerful forces and emotional leaders do make up the successful leaderships[4].

5. Ethical issues : Research and describe the Ethical issues in the Hubble telescope launch case? What were the possible solutions to these Ethical issues?

Hubble telescope launch project and Ethical Issues:

Some of the ethical issues in the Hubble telescope are absence of research integrity and moral conduct. Inspite of being the most cost intensive and never seen before project with about $3 billions of investment, the level of commitment is not upto the mark from the participants. A very simple spherical aberration of the lens was not set right before the launch of the Hubble telescope. Which subsequently required further investment and the service missions to make it working? These things would not have happened if sufficient brainstorming and advanced scientific interactions existed in the team members of the teams [5]. Lack of right project leader with moral and ethical compliance to bring out the change in commitment and dedication of the researchers to get the best outcome and performance is not just a managerial deficiency but an ethical failure too. The leadership failed in ethical obligations to do the project right[6].

It might be competency lacking in leading the team towards the best performance, however the underlying ethical failure for the top management to appoint right team leader and the team and also the team leader ethical failure of his obligations made it one of the most costly project ever with unwanted expenses. The solution to these questions contained in the case itself, it may be possible to prevent the occurrence of these complications again by deputing the right emotionally intuitive[7] and emotionally sensing leader who can make everyone a great contributor to the project and every researcher can be made sensed as part of the team and great contributions would have been enabled. Also remarks of the few committed researchers who alerted the caution of the possible failure during the launch and warned to stop the launch [8] were actually ignored by the leaders; this should not have been happened.


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