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Consequence of Consuming Fast Food Assignment Help

Impact of Fast Food on Community Members

As you know the essay has 3 parts. introduction body and conclusion. the introduction has a hook, connecting information and thesis statement. In the body paragraph you are going to discuss the points that you put in thesis statement that are 3 paragraphs. 

Then in the 4th paragraph you will discuss the opposite. if you are talking something positive. you have to speak something negative that somebody said. Afterwards, you are going to support what you are discussing in the paragraph, you are going to defend it, and in paragraph 5 it has to be an interview. You have to enter the interview in paragraph mode. like 4 or 5 questions and some expert has to answer them. Then the conclusion. 

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“Fast Food” is defined as an eatery that can be prepared and served in a fast manner to sustain the busy routine of daily life. It is considered as one of the easiest and cheapest modes of food in terms of preparation as well as purchasing. In modern culture, people want readymade food which should be tasty and could be assisted quickly. Fast Food is served with no waiting time and is consumed instantly. There are various forms of fast food available to people such as pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, ice cream, chips, fried chicken, sandwiches, and chicken nuggets. This eatery is viewed differently by various types requirement of people. Some customers are stuck with fast food because of their inability to cook food in that house, while some other people prefer fast food to get a new taste from their routine food (Fortin, Bernard, and Myra 130). On the other hand, some people do not like such food because of its associated adverse health consequences from the intake of high calorie and salt content. Both proponents and opponents hold their point of view for justifying their position, but down the line, fast food is always considered as unhealthy and unfit for the human being. The present report outlines the various aspects and viewpoints linked to the consumption of fast food. The thesis statement for the report is “consequences of consuming fast food”. The report further includes an interview session from an expert in the field to analyze their point of view.

Main Body of the Report

The fast-food industry is rapidly developing and penetrating most of the target population in the market. Most of the people are unaware of its associated health consequences. With increasing demand for fast food, fast food restaurants and caterers are found to often compromise with the hygienic standards. The food handlers and other workers involved in the production of food are least concerned about maintaining personal hygiene practice (Cortese, Rayza Dal Molin, et al. 180). This, in turn, increases the risk of food contamination. In addition to this, some fast food outlets have minimum cooking space. They cut and prepare chicken, beef, and pork in a small enclosed place and increases the risk of foodborne illness. For quick food preparation, most of the owners prefer to refrigerate the cooked food. During the time of service, they prefer to fry or microwave that food and provide to the customers. Moreover, the kitchen counters and equipment are rarely cleaned by the staff. These acts of fast food retailers violate food safety laws and cleanliness standards (Frash Jr, Robert, and Wayne 412). Eventually, the health of customers deteriorates and results in raised healthcare expenses to the individual families at the national levels. It is therefore important to conduct regular inspection of the kitchen areas and dining areas of these fast food outlets.

It is evident that the health consequences associated with fast food reduce the human lifespan. They are not only nutritionally imbalanced but also a risk to good health. Fast food is, in fact, more than only food, as it contains some chemical preservatives, artificial coloring, and monosodium glutamate. Consumption of these agents leads to heart palpitation, headaches, nausea and if it is consumed in a slightly high quantity can even stimulate brain cells to death (Herforth, Anna, and Selena 508). It contains high fat, salt, and sugar which stimulates specific parts of the brain and are thus considered as physically addictive, just like the drugs do. These food are a reservoir of calories which are derived from high saturated fats and sugars, that eventually clog blood arteries. Furthermore, consumers also suffer from diseases like diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, and heart disease. Fast Food also lacks some of the major dietary fibers and essential micronutrients such as protein, minerals, and vitamins which are necessary for the proper functioning of the human body (Frash Jr, et al. 416). A single fast food meal has the capability of adding 310 extra kilocalories in the daily intake of young children. For children, consumption of 3 to 4 times of this food in a week can result in constipation, addiction, lower Energy, sleep disturbance, depression, and hyperactivity. Conclusively, the intake of high-calorie fast food disrupts the normal hormonal functioning the human body.However, as discussed above fast food saves time but it has also negative health consequences, which can cost in terms of medical charges. The customers who prefer fast food occasionally, eventually get addicted to it. The reason is that most of the fast food outlets use monosodium glutamate (MSG) for enhancing the flavor and preserving the food. It enhances the savory and umami flavor of the food. Umami is the fifth basic flavor, apart from sweet, sour, bitter, and salty. This MSG performs the task of taste additive, just like drugs.

However, this leads to excessive glutamate within the human brain end results in excessive stimulation of nerve cells (Wijayasekara, Kaushalya, and Jagath 139). It is even claimed that MSG contributes to headaches, asthma, and brain damage. Children's get easily addicted to this flavor and they cannot stop themselves from asking more of these. The person addicted to fast food will have to bear the harmful consequences in the future. Children who are addicted to fast food and deprived of a balanced diet are found to be suffering from obesity and diabetes. Apart from this, these foods also contain synthetic additives, preservatives, thickeners, stabilizers, and emulsifiers which can increase the level of stress. The presence of these materials in the food acts as a powerful stimulant for the body, which is an immediate cause of stress.

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On the other hand, Vijayakrishnan, Krishnanunni, and Clark (2018) state that the provision of fast food service is a boon for the present generation. Fast Food significantly saves a lot of time as well as money of the consumers. They provide food within minutes which is tasty and even pocket-friendly. For further assistance, some outlets also allow the customer to place the order beforehand, which helps them to some customers efficiently even in busy schedules. Most of the branded fast food retailers are nowadays providing the option of healthy alternatives for their health-conscious customers. It comes in handy through home delivery service for those individuals who have tight work schedules and cannot prepare traditional food in their home. After the implication of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, most of the outlets are posting calorie counts on their menu boards. Hence, there exists opportunities for customers to make their food decisions based on low-calorie intake. Apart from serving customers, it has also another positive side; providing employment opportunities. For instance, global fast food retailers like McDonald's, Pizza Hut Domino's and KFC offered employment the thousands of employees all over the world, and thus, improving their standard of living. The provision of healthy alternatives is found to be costly in most of the outlets. Despite of providing calorie count information, customers (especially children) are often seen to make decision-based on taste. The employment service provided by this industry is on an hourly basis. According to a report, this industry provides many job opportunities as because the demand of such food in the market is higher (Zota, Ami et al.1525).

This section has been represented as a paraphrased report on the basis of information collected from one of the owners of a fast food shop, in conjunction with the above argument based on fast food. Some of the open-ended questions asked to the respondent include: 1) Do you think customers demandmore for fast food? 2) Do you consider customer health while preparing food? 3) What additional features do you provide to attract more customers? Based on the collectedinformation, it is realized that customers choose fast food, as ithave good taste, and is cost-effective food solution. Moreover, the fast food service are providing a sufficient quantity of food to their customers, which also attracts them. According to the information of shop owners, they maintain adequate cleanliness and hygiene in their cooking products and processes. Finally, to attract more customers they are allowing an online ordering system to get food at their doorstep. They are also encouraging customers to participate in mobile applications to get coupons and discounts, thereby giving quick and beneficial access to the customers (Gruner, Jessie, et al. 239).


In summary, the present report can be concluded that fast food has both merits as well as demerits. With these discussions, it is realized that consumers should try to order healthy options such as low-calorie foods or low salted foods in fast food outlets. Despite, of being more time consuming and slightly expensive, traditional food preparation at home is certainly healthy in the long run. It is identified that despite of the negative health consequences, customer’s preference to fast food is higher, which is a motivation for this industry. The customer’s decision of fast food purchase are mainly affected because of its high taste, quick preparation time, and reduced wait time to access the food.

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