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ISSC361 - Information Assurance :- This course ISSC361 - Information Assurance is a study of the discipline of Information Assurance that study focuses on protecting information assets by ensuring availability, authenticity, confidentiality, integrity, and non- repudiation. This ISSC361 course delves into the deliberate engineering, planning & implementation of the five major areas in any enterprise: hardware, software, networks, people, and policies. This ISSC361 course meets the topical requirements of the DoD Directive 8570.1M Information Assurance Management (IAM) Technical III, Management II and Management III categories.

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The course is accessible and comprehensive in the study and is the Elementary Information Security provider which provides the whole and all the topics which are required for the US Government certificate course NSTISSI 4011. This leads to developing the students an urge to learn and analyze a variety of security problems while getting the experience of the trade-related tools.

The course covers both non-technical and technical points of information security and uses real-life and practical examples.

The chapters are properly and adequately divided in the course, like in starting chapters students will get to learn about the small LAN and basic computers and in later chapters, they will get to learn the internet and the distributed site security.

There is the use of mathematical concepts throughout the study of the whole syllabus and their various tutorials are used to make the things learn and grasp the things with ease.

The main aim of the course is not on memorizing the things, but rather to make things learn to the students by the use of the basic tools and tutorials.

It is not an easy task for the students to learn the course particulars and they will be facing certain problems such as:

There is a set concept and the pattern followed by the foreign universities that, they assign weekly, monthly or daily class-based assessments which are required to be done by the students in any of the situations. These assignments and assessments play a vital role in the evaluation process of the students at the end of the semesters. The main focus is laid down by the universities is on the assignment making is because these are the tools to check the students practical and theoretical knowledge about the course particulars.

There is a long list of assignments given to the students sometimes during the starting of the sessions and sometimes during their semester's exams. This makes their schedule so hectic and creates a problem for them.

It is the compulsion on the students that, they have to submit all of their assignments, projects, assessments and homework whichever is given on the restricted deadline mentioned. It very compulsorily to be kept in mind to submit within the timeline mentioned else exceeding may lead to grades deductions and negative markings.

There is a set of rules and rubrics which are given by the university to the students irrespective of the course and the degree program they are in. They need to work accordingly but sometimes it becomes tough for the students to manage it and do the work. There are many other pieces of work, which are to be done by the students in their daily routine life. So it becomes difficult for them to manage it and deal with the problem.

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